Color Blocks QAL

I literally just put the final stitches in the binding of my January Color Blocks quilt!! Wooooohooooo!

I popped outside to take a few pictures before putting it in the wash (I couldn’t find the clips I’ve been using to hang the quilt from the fence so it’s just draped over)

I followed the suggestion from Debby Brown to quilt a spiral design, it was a little tedious on those first 3 or 4 rounds but after that it got a lot easier and once I was on the large circles it went pretty fast!

And here are a few indoor pictures before it got dropped in the wash…I used leftover strips from the 16-patch blocks to make the scrappy binding ❤ ❤ ❤

Debby has release the fabric requirements for the February quilt (but not the pattern), I’ll need thirty 16-patch blocks… I guess I better get back to those gray/black scraps I cut up last week 😉


Inauguration Day is coming up… I’m trying to stay away from social media to keep my anxiety in check because I’ve seen some horrifying things online about what those white supremacy groups are saying & planning. I pray to God every day he keeps us all safe!! I never thought I’d have to worry about my safety in the USA, times certainly have changed 😦


Have a great rest of your weekend… I’ll be cheering for the Browns & Buccaneers today 😉

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