Little by little

I’ve been working on my February Color Blocks for Debby Brown’s QAL. I had already pulled my gray/black scrap bin and cut a ton of 2.5″ squares. Last week I finished piecing them into 4-patches, I just needed to press the seams open and pair them into sets of four to be pieced into 16-patch blocks.

I’ve put two together here… I love the little pops of color in some of my squares!

I have this bin sitting on my sewing table with all the groups stacked together, a finished 16-patch is hanging over the side waiting to be pressed. I got side-tracked with another project which I’ll show you next…

My niece messaged me yesterday morning with a link to a mask asking if I thought I could make it for her. She’s been told she will be going back into school in March and she wants to be prepared with extra masks – even though they tell her she’ll be given PPE. The link provides pictures and videos of the mask being made along with a template and measurements.

I got so excited I made a prototype within an hour! Pink is not her color so this one is mine 🙂 This mask is incredibly easy to make – the hardest part is cutting out the fabric with the template…and that’s not really hard at all!

She asked if I had any sports themed fabric – she’s a PE teacher – unfortunately I have NONE, Zero! I pulled a few ‘fun’ fabrics from my stash and sent her a picture… she chose three of them: Jacks, Dino’s and Buses. Each of these was a FQ but due to the size of the template only the Jacks fabric was cut large enough to get two masks.


My draw to social media has started to diminish each day now that I don’t fear what new catastrophe might be awaiting. It’s going to take some time for that ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ syndrome to subside! I’ve started to get back on Instagram more regularly to see all the beautiful quilts others are posting….ahhhh, now THAT’S my happy place!! 😀

I’ll be watching the NFC & AFC Championships today… I’ll be rooting for Buffalo and Tampa Bay – Ha, we shall see!

Have a great rest of your weekend and Stay Safe 🙂

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