Happy Valentine’s Day

Not much going on around here regarding VDay… we’ll exchange cards and chocolates but we’re not going out to dinner like we typically would. Although all the restaurants are open, I’m still not comfortable eating indoors with 100% capacity – yes, SC is open at 100%! No biggie, we can eat dinner out once the temps warm up enough to dine outside 😉

I haven’t made a lot of progress on the February Color Blocks project. I wasn’t a big fan of the pattern layout provided – it’s a bit too traditional for me

I’ve been mulling over how I’d like to change it up… plenty of ideas danced in my head and I think I’ve landed on this one. My original thought was to border each section with 2.5″ strips but that would end up measuring 44×56 and I don’t like quilts that are that much longer than the width. Now I think I’ll just sew all the blocks together in this layout and border the whole thing with 4.5″ strips – that would end up 48×56… yeah, that’s more like it!!

In other news, I recently received a call from a good friend in our old community – her 80 year old mother has decided it’s time to clear out her sewing room and get rid of her unfinished projects. After she went through them, my friend wanted to have some of the quilts finished for her mother… hence her call to me! I received a box late last week with several items it in, most are standard size quilt tops that need basting, quilting and binding:

This is a whole cloth top and backing… should be pretty easy to finish
Pretty pastel rail fence blocks
This top is so much longer than the width but I love the scrappy pattern!

There is one project top that needs some finishing… a wedding ring quilt! I have this laid on my ironing board still folded

I have never made one of these so I’m a bit apprehensive. It only needs the four patches added to the outside edges and I’m pretty sure that part wont be a big deal… it’s the quilting and binding that have me feeling nervous. My friend doesn’t have any suggestions for that either… ugh, it’s so hard to finish someone else’s work!!!

When I’m ready to tackle it, I’ll send her some pictures of quilting ideas within my skill set and she can pick from those 😉 The other hard part about all of this is determining how much to charge. I’ve not finished someone else’s work before – I’ve only priced things I’ve made from start to finish. I don’t really have a set ‘price per hour’ I charge and I’m REALLY bad at keep track of time spent on things…ugh, guess I’ll have to get better at it!!

That’s all for now, have a great rest of your weekend! Stay safe & stay strong!

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