I started!

I finally decided on a quilting design for the Double Wedding Ring quilt I’m finishing for a friend. I searched images online for far too many days but I found one that I think will work well. It’s a quilt I found on Etsy

This one is echo quilted inside and outside of the rings and it has a decorative flower in the large open space. I sent the link to my friend and she liked it too so… I got started basting. Whoo boy, what a feat! As a reminder this measures 90×114.

I pulled my oversized ironing board out into the living room and started basting the top side. Eeek, there are a lot of ripples and warped seams… I did my best to make it work. I basted the center 60″ on the front & back and then turned the quilt 90 degrees to baste the overhang on each side.

I’ll be doing FMQ for the echoing and the flower but I decided to make a template of the flower that I could outline with water soluble marker.

It’s just enough to give me guidance so the flowers will all look similar 😉 I may draw in a few extra dotted lines on the first couple, just until I get in a groove.

I plan to get started while I watch the Men’s French Open Final this morning. It’s Novak Djokovic vs. Stephanos Tsitsipas…in my mind it’s an even match that could go either way.


And now for a little bit of ‘awwww’… I captured this picture last week of two ducks resting in our front yard! There is no water anywhere near our yard so I can only imagine they were just tired!

Have a great rest of your weekend!!

2 thoughts on “I started!

    1. Haha, my shoulders are already hurting trying to maneuver that quilt through my machine. I had to move to the dining room table to have adequate support for all that fabric! This is going to take me a while…LOL!


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