Family Fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed having my niece and great-niece visit this past week. It was SO AWESOME to see them face-to-face and give them a big old hug ❤

They flew in on Monday morning and back out on Friday morning. We spent a few days at the beach and at our neighborhood pool… the rest of the time was spent playing and enjoying each others company.

Here are a few highlights

We also spent time at Savannah’s Playground. I had no idea anything like this existed and if it weren’t so hot the few days they were here we would’ve gone back a couple of times :-p Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of her at the playground…she was moving way too fast and I was trying to stay in the shade!! LOL

Here are a few more pictures I downloaded from her Momma’s FB page 😉 Oh yes, we definitely had to get ice cream one afternoon too!


That’s about all for now. I’ve been spending the last few days getting the house back in order – a 3.5 year old can wreak havoc, in a good way!

Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

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