Finished quilts of 2021

Two posts in one day? I figured if I didn’t post this now I never would…so here goes!


Wow, such a slow year of quilting for me… if it wasn’t for Debby Brown’s QAL I might not have finished anything 😦 I kept up with the monthly patterns until June and then I made the Sept pattern.

I also spent time working on these quilts and double oven mitt I finished for a friend whose mother has stopped sewing

And I did finish a few other small projects…

All in all, not a very productive year by my standards 😦 Here’s to hoping 2022 will be much better ❤

2 thoughts on “Finished quilts of 2021

  1. You did fine by my reckoning! Especially finishing that troublesome Wedding Ring quilt – that really was a challenge! I hope in a little while you will be able to look at all the photos you’ve shared in this post and feel much more positive about what you did achieve in 2021 – all against the backdrop of caring for your precious pet as her health deteriorated.

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    1. Thanks Allison 🙂 Yes I have to agree, finishing that wedding ring quilt was probably by biggest accomplishment last year. I really had no confidence in my ability to do it so that one puts a big smile on my face.


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