Woven Star progress

I finished quilting on Woven Star this morning. I chose to do straight line quilting in the star following the ‘woven’ pattern and then did free-motion meander in the background.

I pulled a couple pieces of remnants to audition for the binding and decided on this chunky stripe.

I should have this finished today and it will be off to the washer to rinse out the glue basting.

I’ve also decided I’m going to finish one of my UFO’s this month… and since it’s Feb I thought this one from Sept 2018 would be fitting

I have plenty of that blue print fabric for the backing so I’m making do with what I have!


My self-imposed retirement date (April 1) feels like it’s rapidly approaching. I’ve got all the big things covered like health insurance and our finances are in order. I just feel like I’m missing something… I’ve checked with so many people and if there’s something I’m not doing, I can’t figure it out!!

We’ve already got travel plans made for the week of April 4 – we’re meeting some friends in Tampa, FL to celebrate Hubby’s 70th!! Then we’re talking about visiting other friends in Maryland in May… no rest for the weary, hahaha! Hubby has entered his Z06 Corvette into a show in June but it will depend on how hot it is that weekend whether I go sit with him. We went to this event many years ago and it was so hot I literally felt like an egg frying on the pavement… NOT doing that again!!

One thing that’s just dawned on me that I’ll need to change when I retire is to stop trying to ‘multi-task’ everything. When I stop working I’ll have 8-9 hours a day that will be freed up to do other things, so I need to shift my thinking from ‘what can I do while I’m doing X’ and shift to doing one thing at a time. I’m sure it’ll take some time to ‘un-do’ this pattern of thinking 😉


I’m still putting seed/food out for the squirrels and yesterday I had a visit from a flock of wild turkeys – I snapped this photo from inside through the blinds LOL… I knew they’d run off it I opened the back door.


That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

5 thoughts on “Woven Star progress

  1. What a beautiful quilt, Sharon! Congrats on your April 1 retirement!🥂🎉💫 I predict you will love easing up on multi-tasking, and finding your own rhythm to each day. A great way to kick off the celebrating with a trip to Florida ☀️😎. So happy for you!

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  2. Woven Stars’ quilting is awesome, great job and what a wonderful binding you selected! Smart you are planning on day to day life when you retire before you retire. I am still taking a break for work (not sure if it is early retiring or just a break) but I find that I do need a schedule/plan for each day. Have fun in Tampa for your hubby’s birthday!

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    1. Thanks Tierney! It looks like I’m going to be adding another trip to my schedule in late April. Hubby just got an email about his favorite car show in Charleston on 4/30. Wow, my calendar is filling up fast LOL!

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