This time next week I will be officially retired!!! Omgosh, I only have 5 working days left and I’m a free bird 😮 This will be the first time in 43 years I have not had a job…not been responsible to a company, boss or team… yikes, I have no idea what this is going to feel like but I’m looking forward to it!!

I’ve been thinking about all the “me” things I’d like to incorporate into my day/week/month like fitness, nutrition, hobbies, travel, pampering, etc – I’m so bad at doing things just for me… this is going to take some effort! LOL

In the meantime I’ll continue sewing & quilting and watching tennis… my two favorite past times! Speaking of sewing and quilting, I’ve made good progress on the Little Pink Houses pattern from the Color Blocks QAL

Omgosh, how stinkin cute is this??!! I just need to cut the horizontal sashing, piece it all together and add one 2.5″ border. That will bring the size to 52×60 – the pattern calls for two more borders but I’m leaving those off, instead I’ll bind it in a dark hue so it has a nice frame.


I had a couple rough days this past week, really missing my Sammie girl. No clue what triggered it but I guess that’s just how it’s going to be 😦 ❤

In one of the cards from the vet or the crematorium I received a heart-shaped piece of felt that holds wildflower seeds. I’m going to plant it this week between two bushes Sammie liked to chew on… I’m no gardener so I can only hope something will grow!!


That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Countdown…

  1. Hugs and congratulations, Sharon! Your quilt is beautiful as always. I can relate to missing your fur baby. My mini schnauzer Maxie died in 2012 and I still get triggered if I see a pup that looks like her. Planting seeds sounds like a lovely tribute and time for reflection. ❤

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