Officially Retired!

It’s here… it finally happened… I am retired!!!! Woooohoooo! Let the FUN begin πŸ™‚

I had a nice last few days at work, they threw a couple virtual parties for me. One with my direct team and another they opened up to anyone in the company that wanted to drop in to share a few memories. Both were great and of course we did the whole ‘back when I started…’ thing, LOL!! My boss made up a Jeopardy style trivia game and one of the categories was 1979, the year I started…Ha, I didn’t know any of the answers LOL

The company sent me a crystal vase with a nice inscription on it… I joked I could use it as a ‘cocktail’ glass!

But the best gift goes to the two women in my department, they sent me a very generous gift certificate to 5bucksayard. This is a fabulous small business in TX that sells fabrics at a remarkable price – I cannot wait to dive in and buy a ton of fabric!!

We’re leaving tomorrow for a road trip to Savannah for one day, then on to Tampa for the rest of the week. We’re meeting up with some old friends to celebrate Hubby’s birthday and my retirement… let’s hope we have good weather!!


I finished the top for the March Color Blocks qal called Little Pink Houses. I decided against the extra borders in the pattern because I didn’t want to wrangle a quilt that big through my domestic machine.

This measures 52×63. When I posted pictures on FB one of my neighbors said she’d like to purchase it!! Wow! I’ll ask her input on backing fabric and quilting design as I finish this off.

They released the next number for the APQ UFO Challenge… and April’s number is 9. Squeeeeee, that’s my Sugar Blocks top from May 2017… I’ve been wanting to get this finished for a long time πŸ˜€


I finally got hubby’s Medicare Part B all sorted out!! Phew! Early last week I found a phone number to our local Social Security office and spoke with a very nice lady there. She pulled his records and said his case had been assigned but she would take care of it immediately so everything would be ready for April. Wooohoooo, the very next day the website was updated to reflect his Part B would start 4/1. Then we enrolled him in the supplement plans… so now we’re all set!! Yay, but it really should not be this difficult!


That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

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