Sewing block?

Not a whole lot of sewing this week… I did get the back made for the Little Pink Houses quilt but that’s it.

I had wanted to have an equal amount of the leaf fabric and the pink grunge fabric in each section but of course I forgot to allow for the overage I’d need for basting & quilting… ugh… so that first leaf section will be smaller than the 6″ pink section, oh well :-/

As to why I’m not spending more time sewing… it’s as if I’m waiting for something else before I’m ‘allowed’ to spend countless hours in my sewing room. I can’t really explain it better. Every time I think ‘I’m going to sew all day today’ I come up with all kinds of excuses why I ‘should be’ or ‘need to be’ doing something different. But, Ha, do I do those things? No! WTH is going on with my brain??!! I’m hoping with more time I’ll be able to work it out 😦 Here I am retired and I can do ANYTHING I want with my time and I’m still not doing what I want to do, UGH!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on our screened porch enjoying the view and reading. I’ve pulled out my old Kindle Fire and have finished 4 books over the last month. I guess that’s something! Check out that adorable Elvis Gnome hubby got for his birthday 😀

Hubby came down with something this past week, he’s all stuffed up and has been in bed for most of the last 4 days (not unusual for him when he doesn’t feel well!). He will not let me test him for covid so I have no idea if that’s it or just some common cold bug. I’ve been wearing a mask whenever I’m within 20 feet of him but I’m not sure that will prevent me from catching it. I started feeling ‘something’ last night and I still feel it this morning…. F***!!! If it turns into anything I will definitely test myself 😦


That’s all for now… enjoy the rest of your weekend and…

7 thoughts on “Sewing block?

    1. Thanks Tierney 🙂 unfortunately I did come down with the bug DH has. I tested myself yesterday and it’s covid 😟 I’m starting to feel a little bit better today but DH is recovering slower. We’re both vaxxed & had 1 booster.

      As for sewing, I think you’re right about treating it like a job. I think I need to do the same for exercise 😉

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  1. Sorry you have come down with Covid. Hope you both recover well.
    I think you will need more than a few weeks to adjust to retirement! It’s a big change! Sitting enjoying that lovely view from your porch and reading books sounds like a good start. Just a few structured things in a week helps with motivation to do things like sewing too. Maybe you’ll get to meet up with a group of sewists for regular sewing days?

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    1. Thanks Allison 🙂 We’re starting to feel better, just dealing with lingering sinus issues and hacking cough :-/

      I think you’re right about needing more time to adjust to retirement. I plan to check out a few guilds in my area and may join one to get some group sewing time 🙂


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