QAL updates

I started making the adorable Tall Tales blocks last week for the Summer Book Club QAL from Kate Basti and now I have a dozen! I’ll admit the blocks are a little fussy but I think I finally have the tough parts down. The blocks are paper pieced and I decided to try using the freezer paper method so I didn’t have to deal with ripping all that paper out. Yeah, that took a little bit of trial and error too, but I really like it!!

I still need to add the sashing to most of these…

These ‘book covers’ don’t have any specific meaning, I just went through my FQ stash and pulled out the prints I thought would look good. Some folks in the QAL are matching their fabric to a specific book or genre – my stash is not that prolific 😜

The second QAL I’m following is “Positivity 2022” and the cutting & piecing starts this week! I’m using a cherished layer cake of Sun Print 2019 for this one and I can’t wait to dive in!!

I’m also trying to keep up with the APQUFO challenge. This month they pulled #1 for the project and oh boy, that’s a big one for me! It’s my rainbow postage stamp quilt that’s been sitting in the “to be quilted” pile since June 2019! I ordered wide backing fabric a few years ago and it’s been sitting with it…so, it will be interesting to see what progress I can make on it with these other projects I’ve started 😉

Not to mention, I STILL need to quilt Pink Houses which has been basted for over a week – oy! 🤦‍♀️


Outside of sewing I’ve been trying to avoid the daily barrage of bad news by reading. I recently picked up 16 books at my library’s $5 bag of books sale and I just finished the first one: Janet Evanovich’s Fortune and Glory. I’ve read and liked a few of her other Stephanie Plum books but this one seemed a bit ‘corny’ to me.

I started another book yesterday: A Stanger In The House by Shari Lapena. So far, so good 😊


That’s all for now… enjoy the rest of your weekend!

2 thoughts on “QAL updates

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Wow….after reading your post I realized we both like to hoard Alison Glass fabrics! I just recently finished a custom order for a table runner and placemats and used my Sun Print 2016 fabrics! They turned out beautiful! I always buy some Alison Glass fabric whenever she introduces a new collection. She’s one of my favorite designers! Have a wonderful week!

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