Reverse quilting

Ugh, I spent 2 hours doing straight-line quilting only to end up with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My instincts told me stop after the first pucker but did I listen? Nope! I told myself “you can ease it in” then “it will blend in when it’s washed” Hahahahaha!!! So I spent several more hours reverse quilting = ripping it out!! LOL

I think the issue is some of the fabrics were cut on the bias so I’ll be doing a nice ‘forgiving’ meander on this instead!! I guess it was meant to be because I really didn’t like this quilting design on this quilt after I stood back and looked at it πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

In other news, I bought some more fabric…just because it was on sale!! I got these Alison Glass prints from 5bucksayard. They weren’t $5 but they were on sale for $8.25/yard which is still awesome!

I finished all the Positivity blocks but now I need to decide on a layout…here are the two choices I’ve landed on for now. I realize the rainbow order one needs some repositioning but you get the idea 😜 One of my neighbors has expressed interest in buying this quilt in the rainbow order, if she’s really serious I’ll make it in that layout… if not, I think I’ll go with the scattered layout!

I finished the enlarged Tall Tales sample block and I really like it! I enlarged the pattern to 130% and with sashing it measures 10×12.5. Now I need to print the pattern on freezer paper and make more!! I’m thinking about changing the fabric I use for the ‘pages’ so there is some contrast… hmmm, we’ll see!


DH is doing better now but he was not well on Monday so we went to urgent care. They checked him out, did a chest xray and said he had early signs of pneumonia 😲 Darn good thing we didn’t wait any longer!! They gave him 2 different antibiotics to take for seven days and by Wed he was starting to feel better. Each day he improved and he was feeling MUCH better yesterday – now he just needs to build his stamina back up. I continued to wear my mask in the house until Friday and it must’ve worked because I didn’t catch it!! Yay!!!


I forgot to mention the gift I got from my niece while we were in Maryland. Her wife is very talented and likes to make crafty things. They gave me this canvas print for Sammie and I found a place to hang it in my sewing room so she’s always with me ❀️

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!!

8 thoughts on “Reverse quilting

  1. The Sammie drawing is amazing, what a sweet gift!
    Sorry to hear DH has pneumonia but so good you caught it early, hope he recovers fast.
    Oh yes “un-sewing” or as you called it “reverse quilting” – never fun but worth it.
    I like that fabric on that book quilt block – I had access to some scraps of that at the quilt retreat I went to and made a little wallet out of it!

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    1. Hi Tierney! I finished the Little Pink Houses quilt yesterday and as much as I hated ripping out the quilting I’m so much happier with it now!!

      I’m excited to make more of the enlarged books as a surprise for a good friend but I’ve got to get that Positivity top pieced so I can clear off my design wall 😜

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