Happy distractions

Our friends from Florida reached out late last week to tell us they’d found another house in our area they were very interested in seeing. They asked if I would do a video walk through on Sunday and if they were impressed they’d drive up to see it for themselves. I love walking through houses so I had no problem saying Yes!

We spent about an hour walking through the house and they really, really liked it so they drove up on Tuesday (8.5 hours) and saw the house on Wed… and made an offer to buy it!!!! 😯 After a little negotiating back and forth, their offer was accepted with a Dec 9 closing date!! Woo hoo!! Of course now comes all the hard work of selling their house in FL and packing and moving – ugh – I remember how stressful that can be! We’ll help however we can.

We went out to dinner Wed night to celebrate and as expected they had a little too much to drink (I was the designated driver!) DH also had too much! Later that evening the discussion spiraled into politics…never a good thing! Thankfully no one got out of hand but my anxiety was on high alert…which means the next day I was totally exhausted 😕 Our friends left early Thurs to go home so I basically sat on the couch all day in a fog…what a waste of a day!


I finished the last two Swoon Sixteen blocks and decided on the layout

I did finally find some useful information on YoutTube about the camera on my Pixel 6. There is a ‘temperature’ slider that can make the photo feel more warm or cool and that has helped a little with the colors, yay? Anyway, the colors above are as close as I can get to true 😉

I’ll be using sashing around each block to make the top 60″ square. I bought some Century Prints Hopscotch by Alison Glass in Smoke earlier this year and I think it will add some interest 🤞🏼

I’ve been keeping up with the Sewcialites 2 QAL from FQS and finished Block 3 yesterday… Ha, I’m still questioning the yellow background! This is going to be a very bright quilt!!!


How about some cuteness overload? My neighbor got a new puppy and of course I’ve taken every opportunity to play with Lily 😉 She’s a 14 week old Corgi and yesterday one of her ears started standing up

That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

8 thoughts on “Happy distractions

  1. Congratulations to your friends finding their new home finally!
    Yes if people have strong differing political opinions, I will listen for a while but then I need to talk about another subject as it stresses me out also. Especially if its a group and they get in a debate. Not a fun kind of evening for me.
    Lovely blocks for that quilt and that puppy is VERY adorable!

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