Catching up

I had fallen behind a few blocks in the Sewcialites2 QAL so I made sure to get caught up this week. There’s only 5 blocks left… so close to the end! Well, to the end of making blocks…then I have to figure out what fabrics I’m going to use for the setting – eeek!

I got all the blocks made for my Modern Irish Chain quilt – woohoo!!! I posted a few videos on tiktok of my journey with these blocks if you care to watch.

It’s funny, when I stand in front of my design wall the chains are not so prominent but when I take a photo I can see them plain as day πŸ˜‚ I’m going to start putting the top together today, I plan to sew them into 9-patch blocks so I don’t have long rows or columns to sew. That makes it feel like it’s going faster!

This week I had a little outing with the Sewing Club ladies from the neighborhood. I had been Googling to see if there were any quilt shows in my general vacinity and I stumbled upon a display at our county museum!!! It’s going to be there the whole month so I texted the ladies and asked if anyone wanted to go…two of them said Yes. We settled on this past Thursday which turned out to be a lovely day weather-wise. There were about 40 quilts on display, most of them QOV. There were a few others that were quite old and well loved. Sorry, I didn’t take any photos!! UGH!

After walking through the whole museum we went to lunch at a new-to-all of us restaurant… and we all liked what we got! It was a great day spent with new friends 😍

And as luck would have it, our Sewing day scheduled for tomorrow had to be cancelled because the neighborhood clubhouse is having repairs done and its closed for the time being.


I finished another book last week. I came across this one in a tiktok video from the author and she was offering the e-book for $2.99 so I decided to try it. It was a cute coming-of-age story with a few twist and turns. I enjoyed it.

At last months neighborhood book club meeting they asked for volunteers to lead for March as no one had stepped up yet… and because I hate awkward silence I finally spoke up and agreed to do it!!🫒 I’ve had a book on my TBR list for a while so I suggested that book and they all breathed a sigh of relief πŸ˜‚

I ordered a copy off e-bay and started reading it last week – I sure hope it’s good!!! I’ve already Googled book club questions but I haven’t read any of them yet because I don’t want to stumble upon any spoilers πŸ˜‰


Daylight Saving Time started overnight…my bedside clock changes automatically so when I woke up at 8:44am I couldn’t believe I had slept so late!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Then I realized it was really only 7:44. Now I need to get used to the time difference, hopefully it won’t take too long!


That’s about all for now… enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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