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I started the week with a low grade sinus infection – UGH! I came down with ‘something’ over the weekend – not covid, I tested negative twice – but I could tell it was turning in to a sinus infection so I called my PC on Monday and they were able to fit me in that same afternoon!! Color me surprised!😯

The Dr agreed it was the beginning of a sinus infection and gave me an antibiotic. He said if I felt fine after 5 days I could discontinue it – he knows I hate taking pills if they are not absolutely necessary. By Friday night I was feeling much better to I’ve stopped taking them. Yay 🥳

I didn’t do any sewing for the first few days but I was back at it later in the week and I have a few flimsy tops to share!! I pulled out my APQUFO challenge for this month (#11) which is my Weight Loss quilt. I evaluated what I had put together so far and what pieces I had left to decide what kind of top I could end up with. After ripping out some blocks then adding a few more pieces I now have a top that measures 45×58 – good enough!!

I’ve already pulled some remnants from my stash to make the back and hopefully I’ll get that done today, then she’s ready for basting. I’m very hopeful this will be done by the end of the month 😉

The other top I finished this week is my Modern Irish Chain – I follwed the tutorial from Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict to make 16-patch blocks. The blocks came together relatively quickly and once they were all laid out I put the top together using a 9-patch method, here’s a picture montage of that process

A few key learnings from making this top: 1. I wouldn’t use the bold orange & white chevron fabric again…I feel it interferes with the white chain. 2. Since I pressed all my seams open, I would use a smaller stitch length so the stitches stay more secure when I cross-cut the blocks. Otherwise I’m VERY happy with the result! The top measures 70.5 square so it’s a very generous throw. For now it will sit in my WIP box until I figure out what I want to use for backing. I’ve already got an idea how I want to quilt it… I’m thinking orange peels in the ‘chains’ but I’m not sure what to do with the areas in between🤷

Sewcialites2 Block 20 was released Thursday afternoon and I stitched it up on Friday – a first for me! Only 4 more blocks, then I’ll decide if I want to use the suggested layout or come up with one of my own.


I finished The Midnight Library for my Book Club. This is the first time I got to choose the book and I’ll be leading the discussion. I really liked this book, it starts out a little dark & depressing but the whole story is very uplifting and inspiring. I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5. The book club meeting is on the 28th so I’ve got time to gather discussion questions from the internet.


DH will be going to Maryland for a few days next week so I’ll have tons of time to myself for reading, sewing & quilting – woohoo!!!


Here are a couple shots I took the other day of all our bushes/plants blooming in the back yard – Spring has sprung!


That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!!

5 thoughts on “This and that

  1. When I read the phrasing about the orange and white chevron print I had to go look a bit more closely to see what was bothering you. That is a great lesson because I wouldn’t have thought it would be an issue but that extra white does ‘confuse’ the chain a bit. Not a huge deal and only noticeable because it was pointed out.
    Hope your feeling back on track now!

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    1. Thanks Bernie! I gave no thought to using the chevron print until I started assembling the quilt. It still looks fine but I would make a different choice if I had it to do again 😋 I’m feeling back to normal now – Thanks!!!


    1. Thanks Tierney! I plan to donate the orange chain quilt for the Hands2Help event in May so I’ve got some time to get it quilted😋 And I’ll be interested to hear what my book club thinks of the book too😉

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