WBOYC March 2023

Joining the linkup again this month but I’m going to organize this post with a focus on my Word Of The Year (WOTY): EXPERIENCES (DOING things rather than acquiring things)

Early in March I was searching Google for any quilt shows in my general vacinity and I found our county museum was having a Quilt Gala this month displaying all kinds of quilts with an emphasis on Quilts of Valor. I asked the ladies from the neighborhood sewing club if they wanted to go and two of them said Yes. We spent almost two hours looking at the quilts and exploring all the other displays at the museum – it was great! Then we picked a new-to-all restuarant for lunch and we all liked our meals – Yay!

Unfortunately our neighborhood Sewing day was cancelled this month due to the clubhouse needing emergency repairs ☹ It seems the front door hinges were somehow broken and the door almost fell on someone!! Thankfully, it was repaired within a week so there shouldn’t be any issues for next month. As fate would have it, I came down with a bug that turned into a sinus infection (not covid, tested negative twice). Luckily the Dr could fit me in the same day I called and I got an antibiotic. A few days later I was feeling good again 🙂

DH went to Maryland for 5 days which meant I had the whole place to myself and my time was all my own! There’s something to be said for having that kind of freedom…but I did miss him 🥴 I accepted invites twice to join some neighbors for Happy Hour drinks and I actually cooked dinner for myself using an air fryer recipe for salmon filet – it was really good!!

The neighborhood Book Club meeting was this past Tuesday and I had volunteered to pick the book and lead the discussion. Last month the organizer pleaded for someone to take on March and because I hate awkward silence I finally chimed in and agreed to do it!!! I’ve only been meeting with the club for about 4 months so I was a little apprehensive. I chose the book ‘The Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig (review below) because it had a really high rating on Amazon… I had no idea what the book was about! I ended up liking the book but it got mixed reviews in the club. Some folks were turned off by the first few chapters and others just don’t care for ‘fantasy fiction’. But all-in-all we had great discussions and since other leaders had brought a snack for the meeting, I decided to bring Angel food cake… if you’ve read the book you might get the tongue-in-cheek connection 😉


Yeah Maybe by Joey Hodges 4⭐

This book is technically YA, but I enjoyed it. It’s a great coming-of-age-story that perfectly captured what it’s like to be in high school and unsure of yourself and everything you thought you knew. 

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig 4.5⭐

I enjoyed it. The end was predictable, but it didn’t detract from following Nora through her potential other lives. Who hasn’t had a regret or two about the paths we’ve followed or left behind? The character of Hugo was a nice touch to help illustrate how the midnight library is different for everyone. Overall, an enjoyable story that left me thinking afterward.


I completed the top for my Modern Irish Chain quilt in orange & white. This pattern was provided by another quilter who coordinates the Hands2Help challenge. The Challenge ends in June so I have time to choose a backing and get it finished. I also finished the APQUFO challenge for March, which is the blue and white quilt with pink circles. I’m not quite caught up on the Sewcialites2 QAL blocks, I still need to complete numbers 21 & 22.

And of course I started a new project… because… why not!!! LOL This is a free pattern from Moda called Dos Cuadrados and I’m using a FQ bundle curated by Ellie at Mojave Farms Quits.

March was a relatively quiet month for me, and that’s OK. I’ve got two trips scheduled in April so hopefully I’ve have more pictures to share 😉


I’m linking up with WBOYC hosted by Donna from Retirement Reflections, Jo from And Anyways…, Sue from Women Living Well After 50 and Deb from Deb’s World.

13 thoughts on “WBOYC March 2023

  1. Thanks for sharing your March comings and goings as well patchwork ‘doings’. It’s a great idea to visit exhibitions with people and try new things together – a good way of getting to know one another better. I’m glad your sewing group is flourishing and able to negotiate the unexpected – broken doors!

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  2. I really liked The Midnight Library but can see how it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Lucky we’re all different! Your quilts really are lovely! Thanks for linking up with us for #WBOYC and I understand about the time alone, I had a week recently and really enjoyed it!

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  3. I’m new to your blog, and you can imagine my delight in seeing that you’re quilter too. (I have a separate blog for quilting, because I’m either an idiot or compulsive about organization. Maybe both!) Your quilt projects are beautiful. I’ve been tempted to try Dos Cuadrados myself. Sounds like you had a great month overall.

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    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting! I follow quite a few blogs of other quilters and I’d love to visit your quilting blog, please provide the link 😊 Dos Cuadrados is a great pattern but it’s challenging my skills with narrow sashing LOL!


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