Quilting is piling up!

As if I don’t have enough quilting I should be doing, I just had to take a pause and whip up some blocks. First up is the April block for The Honey Pot Bee called Starry Sky designed by Kylie @APerseveringMom. This is a paper pieced block and I really enjoyed making it – don’t you just love how all the points are so precise!!


Next, when the call went out from @Devotedquilter for block donations I just had to answer. A senior’s home across the road from her burned down. All of the residents got out safely and have been placed in other care facilities or are staying with family for now, but they lost everything. She has graciously committed to making a quilt for each of the residents but since there are 21 of them she needed 882 blocks!! She decided upon a simple box block and posted her request for the quilting community to help…and you know how generous the quilting community is!!!! As of today, she’s had to stop taking offers to make blocks but she is still in need of backing fabric and batting.

As soon as I saw her request I started pulling fabrics; 7 of the seniors are male and she asked that at least some of the blocks lean toward masculine colors. By the end of Wednesday evening I had already put together 22 blocks and I still had many more fabric combinations to go 😀


I finished the rest on Thursday evening and shipped a box off to Leanne on Friday with 42 blocks (enough to make one quilt) along with some remnants she can use for pieced backings. It feels so good to help out a worthy cause ❤


I guess all that piecing got me itching to start something new (ugh!) so I pulled out two Olive’s Flower Market charm packs that had been collecting dust on my shelf and opened up The Half-Square Triangle book from Jeni Baker. I decided upon “Triplicate” but took a few liberties with the pattern & design. Her pattern calls for 4″ squares and I didn’t want to cut down the charms so I started with 5″ squares. And of course that means my blocks turned out larger so I had to reduce my layout to 5 blocks across by 6 down…that will still give me a finished top measuring approx 65×78 – plenty big enough for me!


Once I had the block size figured out, I realized I didn’t have enough of any one fabric to use for the blocks and the background so I pulled all my white/low-volume/tone on tone fabrics and had just enough to make it work…whew!

Because I changed the size of the blocks and number of blocks, I had to play with the design as well. Here it all is up on my design wall…I’m not 100% sure I love it so nothing is sewn together yet.


I plan to spend the day in my sewing room doing some much needed quilting…here’s a sneak peak at the quilt I started working on for a friend. The meandering boxes take much more concentration than regular old meandering!

Ians quilt

I hope you have a wonderful day and a Happy Easter 😀


**Edit 4/16 @ 8:30am

I can’t believe I completely forgot to mention that I went for a run yesterday! The first time in I can’t remember how long :-s  Yeah, it was rough and it was pretty darn short too!


Weekly summary…

Lots of sewing and quilting going on here!

First up: As I’ve mentioned before, Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict is hosting Hands2Help again this year and there’s still plenty of time to join in the fun! I’ve had my leaders/enders sitting around for quite some time and they were supposed to get addressed back in February when the APQ UFO Challenge pulled #8 but, ahem…nope. So, I decided to pull them together and use them for the H2H event.

At first I was going to sew them all together for one rather large quilt but Sarah suggested I could make two smaller quilts and double my donation…BRILLIANT! This first picture is when I tried to get them all up on my design wall – ha! I couldn’t even get it all in the pic and I still had two more vertical rows to add to the left.

big scrappy

Once I decided to make two quilts, I divided them up and chose border fabric. This beautiful teal green is left over from a 8 yard purchase from a Craftsy sale – I think it adds a bit of a masculine touch (eh, maybe?). This now measures 61×65 and is ready for quilting.scrappy1

And for the second quilt I chose a light purple border, this definitely has a more feminine vibe – it also measures 61×65. I’ve got lots of quilting in my future!! LOLscrappy2

I also finished up my MQG Fabric Challenge using Creative Rockstar from Riley Blake. I put the finishing touches on the quilting and binding yesterday – took pictures and submitted it for consideration! This is the first time I’ve ever submitted any of my work – I’m both excited and very nervous!!

I titled this “Go Your Own Way” after the Fleetwood Mac song and that’s exactly what I did with the design and the FMQ…I stitched whatever I was feeling at the moment!

It’s a mini size quilt measuring 30″ square…no idea what I’ll do with this but it does look kinda good on my dining room table!


Along with all the charity tops that need to be quilted I’ve taken on a friend’s request to quilt a gift she made for her grandson’s college graduation. I’ll share pictures once I get started but I’m a little nervous because we chose a quilting design I’ve never done before…I call it meandering squares…looks kinda like this (not my drawing):


I’ll need to practice on paper and on a practice sandwich before I put needle to quilt!


I strained a muscle in my back earlier this week (ironically while I was exercising!) so that limited my movement for a few days…needless to say, no running again this week 😦 I tried to do a little bit of exercise each day by pulling up a ‘walk at home’ video on YT. I couldn’t do some of the twisting moves but I got through the rest ok…at least I was moving, right?!


Still going strong with my bullet journal (bujo), I start and end my day by reviewing what needs to get done in the morning and in the evening I check off what I completed and make a list for the next day. It’s really keeping me motivated!

As you can see I didn’t get much ‘strength training’ in after straining my back but I was able to keep up with very light cardio 😉 Love how my rainbow is coming together but I gotta do better with the bottom half, lol

[sorry about the blurry pic]


Next week’s spread is ready to be filled in…nextwk

That’s it for now…what’s going on in your world??





Doggies are done!

Get ready to be over-loaded with pictures of The Doggies!! I put the finishing touches on this quilt last night so I’ll spare you those ‘bad lighting’ pics. I went outside this morning to get better ones in natural light – ha! I really need to hone up on my picture taking skills 😉

Out back on the deck, the colors are a little muted…



On the front porch in full sun…yep, the colors really sing!


Here are in-progress and up-close shots of the quilting…I decided to go with my standard quilting motif – all over meander!



The only thing left to do is run it through the rinse cycle to get the basting spray out and I’m SUPER NERVOUS, worried the backing fabric (Island Batik in Branch Blue) might bleed so I’ll be throwing in about 10 color catchers just to be safe 😉

I worked on a few other things this week, like one of the Bonus blocks from The Honey Pot Bee QAL. I still need to make the bonus Crown block! I’m using all Blueberry Park fabrics for this QAL…my absolute favorites!2017

While at QuiltCon last month I picked up some free fabric for a mug rug challenge to be entered for more prize giveaways from Marcus Fabrics and Studio 37 Fabrics. I finally pulled that out and made a WINE rug from 4 layer cake squares of beautiful batiks.


[Off topic…speaking of wine, I had my first glass of Pinot Noir while in Savannah and really enjoyed it so now I’m trying different brands to find my favorite (is ‘brands’ the right word when talking about wines?).]


I really love doing a tracker in my bullet journal…it helps me stay focused and when I complete a lot of the tasks it’s just so pretty! For March I used random colors for each habit but for April…


I gave it a little more advanced thought and I’m using a ‘rainbow’ of colors…If I keep up with all my habits this thing is gonna be gorgeous!!!



No running again this week but I started taking my dog for 20 min walks every day…she needs to lose weight too 😦


That’s all for me this week…what have you been up to?




A quiet week

I’ve been a little low-key and semi-unproductive this week. I did work on a couple of projects that have been sitting around collecting dust, otherwise not much happening.

The APQ UFO Challenge number for March is 12 and that corresponded to a Cozy Christmas project that has been waiting to be quilted since Christmas. It’s a small project so I tackled that this week; I decided on free-motion twinkle stars (that’s not the official name but that’s what I’m calling it!). It quilted up in one evening and then it took another day to figure out what I wanted to use for binding – I settled on plain red fabric…DONE! And I just love my new labels, makes it look so professional 😉



Next up I’ve started quilting on the MQG Fabric challenge mini/wall quilt. I did straight line quilting in the ‘arrows’ but now I’m stuck on what to do on the rest…grrr! I want to use a more dense design to hopefully allow the arrows to stand out but nothing is coming to me so, now it sits waiting…




That’s all the quilting/sewing I’ve done this week. We had a friend come for an impromptu visit so that distracted me a bit. She left yesterday morning and I used the fair weather to go out on the deck and baste the Doggie quilt. The customer chose a lovely dark blue Island Batik, I think it helps balance all the ‘noise’ on the front. Now to decide on how to quilt this…I’m thinking of ‘organic wavy lines’ in my go-to Aurifil Dove Grey 2610…we’ll see if I stick with that idea once I get it under the needle!



I’ve got my Bullet Journal all setup for April – I took some time this week to review which spreads and layouts I’ve really liked over the last few months and what I wanted to adjust. I made a list of those spreads and the order I wanted them in for April and started building…sqweeee, now I’m all excited to start using them 😉



As for running, nope. I do want to get back into it – my running buddies have take a little hiatus too so I don’t feel so bad :-/  I’ve been doing YouTube cardio videos every morning so at least I’m moving and maybe it won’t be so hard to get back to running…yeah, hopefully!

That’s all for now. What are you working on and how’s it coming along?

What a week!

I knew I needed to get focused on sewing and quilting since I’d lost so much time being sick pretty much since I returned from QuiltCon (no reflection on that trip!).

I first decided I would get caught up on The Cookbook QAL with Amy Gibson so I pulled my solids and dove right in. I’m happy to say I’m all caught up and ready for the next block – tomorrow!

Block 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11



I also needed to get in gear for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge using Riley Blake Creative Rockstar. I’ve had the fabrics for many weeks and decided I would also use some Confetti solids to make HST…then I spent the last two days playing with a layout. I kept moving them around until I was happy and this is what I landed on…I’m calling it “Go Your Own Way”. It’s a play on the Fleetwood Mac song and most rock stars tend to make their own path. This is a mini/wall size quilt (approx 33″ square), I have the backing all picked out and a rough idea for quilting.


And fresh off the sewing machine today, I FINALLY finished the Cheeky Pumpkin Halloween quilt!! A friend already called first dibs on this when she saw my in-progress shots a few months ago…(wow, can’t believe I started this thing that long ago!). I’m really happy with the quilting…I did a large spider web using black thread and finished off the outside row with an oversized zig-zag.


I have another Halloween quilt in-progress…hopefully I can get that one done before Oct!! LOL

…in other news…

I finished another book this week, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Wow, some things seem so obvious after I read about them. This was a short book but it’s packed with valuable information. If you’re struggling at all in your romantic relationship I would HIGHLY recommend this book!


I’m still using my bullet journal and for most of last week I completed the SAVERS. The last two days I’ve slacked off a bit, I just felt like I really needed the extra sleep and then once I was up I kinda felt like I missed the opportunity to do my SAVERS…weird, what can I say! Tomorrow I’m getting right back on track!

I think that’s enough for now…what are you working on – I’d love to hear about it!!


Hands2Help Charity Challenge

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is hosting the 7th annual H2H challenge. You can get all the details here.

I was late to the party and participated for the first time last year. It’s a very well organized and fun event and there is plenty of time baked in to finish your quilt and get it shipped off.

Last year I made a lap size quilt using diamond shapes in earthy tones so it would be suitable for male or female; I chose to send my quilt to the Happy Chemo charity.


If you love to make quilts and want to help out some great charities (and have a chance at some wonderful giveaways) you really need to click over to Sarah’s blog and get signed up!






WooHoo!! The top for the commissioned Dog Gone Cute quilt is done!!

This first shot is indoors on my design wall


For the next two pics I went outside to get some natural light…yes, that background fabric is pretty busy & bright but it’s what the client wanted 😉20170311_11394020170311_113833

Next up is choosing a backing fabric and quilting. I think I may go with organic lines like Lorna does on most of her quilts.

I got caught up on The Honey Pot Bee blocks for Feb & Mar. They issue multiple blocks each month but I’m only choosing one. The interesting part will be putting all the blocks together at the end of the year as they’re all varying sizes.


I’ve fallen behind on the Cookbook QAL but hope to get caught up this weekend by making all 4 blocks…fingers crossed!


No running in the last few weeks instead I’ve been doing low-impact cardio videos…I started out with 10 mins a day and have increased to 30 mins. I alternate between these videos and repeat them to get at least 30 mins. I can feel I’m getting better but for beginner workouts they’re pretty robust!


I’m still using my Bullet Journal…it keeps me focused on the things I want to do and helps me stay accountable to DOING them! It seems the act of just writing it down really motivates me … yay!!

Here’s my combined weekly/daily spread

This is my Mood Vines…doing a mood mandala is just too much for me and I saw this idea on the Boho Berry Tribe Facebook page so I’m using it!!

Lastly, here’s my March Tracker…most of the things I’m tracking are health/exercise related cuz that’s where I need to focus right now. As you can see…no C25K running at all this month, at some point I’ll get back to it.

What projects are you working on and how’s your progress?