Slow going

I only worked on my April Color Block quilt a couple times this week so I didn’t make much progress. I spent time one evening squaring up all the blocks which made this pretty pile of confetti strings!

Yesterday I started sewing the diagonal rows together – here’s the top left all pieced.. just the bottom right to go


In other news – I decided to re-join WW, again… ugh! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve done this but honestly it’s the only way I’ve been able to successfully lose weight in the past and not feel deprived. I’ve got to do something to stop this slow gain that’s been happening over the last few years.

Here’s my lunch from one day last week, it was so yummy! I made this salad with radishes, carrots and Deli Fresh Rotisserie Chicken and I used regular Ranch dressing but only 2 tsp (yes, I measured!). So far I’m doing good on the plan, I picked up more fruits and veggies from the store today for this week.


That’s about it for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

April progress

I’ve got all the parts cut & pieced for the April Color Blocks quilt design and I’ve laid them out on my design wall

Next step is to square up all the blocks and then start piecing it in diagonal rows. Once that’s done I’ll add a 2.5″ border which will make the top 49×60. This QAL is so great because not only does Debby give you the quilt pattern each month, she also suggests a quilting motif that can be accomplished on a domestic machine. This month it’s an all-over swirl in varying sizes, like shown here in her sample


Off topic… have you ever used GoodRx? I had not until just recently because I have medical benefits and I just ASSUMED I was getting the best prices on prescriptions – OH BOY WAS I WRONG!!! If you take any meds I would recommend downloading their app and checking the prices in your area. I’m on a hormone replacement patch and I take a progesterone pill with it – I had to refill in January and because it was the beginning of the plan year I paid $250 for 90 day supply. I called my insurance provider to ask why it was so high and she was the one to suggest GoodRx!!! We went online together and holy moly… I could’ve gotten both at a different pharmacy for only $98!!!!! Wow!

I swear this is not an ad… I’m getting nothing out of sharing this other than I hope to help save someone else. The only thing to know is that if you use GoodRx instead of your insurance those dollars will not count toward your deductible – that’s it!!

I’m due for a refill again and I’ve already transferred my Rx to a different pharmacy to get the better prices. What boils my blood is… if they can do this at one pharmacy why the H*** can’t they all offer those same prices!!???

Ok, back to quilting related stuff 😀


Actually, that’s all for today! Have a great rest of your weekend and stay safe!

More color blocks

I’m really enjoying Debby Brown’s Color Blocks QAL… each month she releases a new pattern and I’ve completed three quilts so far! For the April pattern she used bright fabrics to offset the color blocks and since I have very similar shades in my stash I’m doing a close duplicate.

Here’s her sample:

…and here’s my color pallete


I made a small upgrade to my design wall this week. Hubby and I put it up when we first moved in (it’s just insulation board covered with white flannel) and I’ve been frustrated every time I hang blocks or a quilt because I can never get it straight or level without several attempts and repositioning… so… yesterday I got out a level and drew some guide lines! So simple but it’s taken me 2 years to do it!! LOL

Now, unfortunately I didn’t plan the size of the squares before I started… I just used the width of the level as my guide so the squares are a smidge bigger than 2.5″. It’s ok, I wasn’t planning to use them as any kind of measurement… just a guide to hang my blocks 😉


In other awesome news… both hubby and I are totally vaccinated!! Yay!!

Hubby’s appt was Tuesday and I went with him. I was scheduled for the next day and when we shared that with them they insisted they could give me my second shot now instead of coming back, so that’s what we did!

The only side effects I experienced were a sore arm (although not anywhere near as sore as with the first shot) and I suffered with a headache starting that night, continuing the whole next day. It finally subsided around 9pm Wed night – whew! Hubby didn’t have any issues at all!


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

Stay safe and

Monkey Wrench

The March Color Blocks quilt is complete. The design is called Monkey Wrench and I added the borders at the top & bottom using the bonus HST’s from making some of the blocks. I decided to follow the suggested quilting design and even though it’s just a smidge too dense for my liking I think it turned out great.

It was a tad windy the day I took these photos so it was pretty hard to get a good picture. This quilt is now sitting in the pile to be donated. Speaking of…

I’ve participated in the Hands2Help challenge hosted by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict for several years. Visit her blog for all the details on how to participate… I think this year I will find a local charity to cut down on the shipping expenses.

In the past I’ve made quilts from the designs Sarah suggests but I just loved the idea of using up my scraps in the Color Blocks QAL so all these quilts will be sent off for Hands2Help. It’s not too late to join the QAL…it’s going on all year long 🙂


The pollen here has exploded over the last couple of weeks and it’s no fun spending time outdoors. Everything is covered in a layer of yellow/green dust… we need some rain really bad 😦 I’ve been wearing a mask when I walk to cut down on the amount of pollen I breath… ick. Later today I’ll be hosing down our back patio even though I know it’ll be covered again in another week; at least it will cut down how much we track inside.


Yesterday we drove back to our old neck of the woods to attend a memorial service for a dear friend. We did it as a day trip because we didn’t have anyone to keep our dog overnight. We left at 9am and got back around 6:30pm. Our neighbors came over to let Sammie out about every 3 hours and gave her treats. She was so happy to see us when we got home… poor thing was so confused!!


That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

Stay safe and…

Making changes

I decided to make a change, actually its more of an addition, to my March Color Blocks quilt top. When you make the ‘Tri block’ you’re left with bonus HSTs; I already have some left over from February and I didn’t want to add to that. As I was scrolling through the FB group I happened upon a top another quilter made for March where she put her bonus HSTs into a border…. ah-ha!!!

I had to use quite a bit of math to get these borders to come out right – oy, not my strong suit. In the end they were about 1/8″ off but I made it work, LOL! I’ve got it basted with a pretty blue floral fabric and will start quilting on it today.

I’m going to use the suggested quilting motif Debby Brown included with the QAL – a loopy flower meander – here’s a sample of it on her finished quilt. I usually stick to neutral thread colors but this time I’m going to use blue thread for quilting, cuz why not!! 🙂

Regarding the Double Wedding Ring quilt I’m finishing for my friend… she ordered some pretty Henry Glass Prairie Vine in Teal and had it shipped to me. Unfortunately when it got here it’s a bit more blue than it appears online 😮 She’s not thrilled with it for the back…so she’s going to keep shopping!!


I’ve been continuing with my plan to walk 20 minutes a day – most days. It’s been a little chilly here (for Myrtle Beach) so instead of walking outside, two days this week I used YouTube to pull up a Leslie Sansone 20 min walk and did that!!

Nothing else much happening here…

Have a great rest of your weekend!! Stay safe and…

March top progress

I’ve got the top finished for the March Color Blocks QAL. I only deviated from the pattern a tiny bit this month by using a larger border on top & bottom to have the quilt be rectangle instead of square… although in this picture it still looks square LOL

I received more fabric from my old neighbor, it was delivered by another friend visiting Myrtle Beach this weekend. This time there were no quilts to finish, it was just a big ol bag of scraps!!! All for me!!!

I haven’t emptied it out yet but it’s crammed full – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can’t wait to play with these 🙂

We ventured out yesterday to one of our old favorite restaurants that does not have outdoor seating… I guess I’m feeling a bit more confident now that I’ve had my first covid shot.

We went at 4pm to beat the crowd although it appeared many others had the same thought as most of the tables were taken. They had installed plexiglass partitions on back of each of the booths which made me feel a bit more comfortable and everyone wore a mask unless they were seated.


I went for a 20 minute walk 4 out of 7 days this last week… starting small, trying to build up to full on exercising. The pollen count here is astronomical and after my first walk I suffered with a headache, coughing and sneezing. The next day I decided to wear a mask while walking and WOW what a difference!! I’m sure everyone else thought I was worried about covid but I don’t care!

That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend…Stay safe and

Finished February

I put the final stitches in the February Color Blocks quilt. I switched up the layout of the blocks and called mine Fish Tails. I used a ‘wave’ stitch for quilting with the most perfect Teal variegated thread in my stash. I’m super happy with how it turned out 😀

I’m still ‘on hold’ with working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt for my friend. She’s going to shop around for some different backing fabric – I sent her a few options I found online as well.

In the meantime, I started working on blocks for the March Color Blocks QAL and as of yesterday I have the blocks I need. The pattern calls for 20 blocks but my blue scraps only made 16 so I cut a bunch of green scraps and I’ll use four of those blocks to finish the corners. Also pictured here is the sky blue fabric I’m using for the background.


In other news… I got my first COVID vaccine shot!!! Here I am later that evening

It happened rather randomly, when we went for my husband’s appt last Tuesday we asked if there would be any ‘left overs’ that I might be able to get vaccinated. She told us they had to fulfill all the appts first so I’d need to come back at the end of the following day and wait in line. We went back at 4pm the next day and by 4:30 I had my shot!!!! Whooooo Hoooooo! DH goes back 3/30 for his second shot and I go back 3/31. The location where we got our shots used the Moderna vaccine – the only issue we had was a sore arm the next day which gradually faded away by the end of day 4. I’m so thankful we’re getting vaccinated at the same time!!!

Last but not least… SPRING is coming!! We went for a walk the other day and I just had to snap a shot of this beautiful tree in full bloom … unfortunately I have no idea what kind of tree it is!! Any ideas?

Have a great rest of your weekend… Stay safe!

Finishing quilts for a friend

I got started working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt for my friend. Just as a reminder, her 80 year old mother has decided to stop sewing and there are several quilt tops that need finishing. I decided to start with the largest, most difficult one because this top just needed some finishing around the outside. She sent along a baggy of 4-patch units and I thought “Oh, hard can this be?” Um, until I actually sat down to start I didn’t realize it meant I’d be working with Y seams!! (cue me screaming!)

I didn’t take any pictures in progress, it took all my concentration just to get them pinned and stitched into place because the patchwork was not quite precise. I cursed my way through getting those eleven 4-patches added and then laid it out to measure…this puppy is 90×114! And unfortunately…ugh, it does not lay flat… not sure how I’m going to baste and quilt this thing without puckers – eeeeek!!! And some of these seams are SO bulky…I’m going to have to use a quilting motif that will allow me to avoid them!

I would appreciate any and all advice for dealing with this.

I’ll be quilting this on my domestic which will present even more struggles due to the size…I’ll probably need to move my machine to the dining room table to have adequate support for the quilt.

I decided to forge ahead and get the backing ready, when I measured the fabric she sent along with the top I had exactly 7 yards. I did some quick math and it’s not enough!!! 😦

Check me here… the top is 90×114, I like to have at least 2″ extra all around so that’s 94×118. The width of this fabric measures 42″ selvedge to selvedge so I used 41″ in my calculations, that gives me 1476 square inches per yard. 94×118=11,092 divided by 1476=7.51 yards. If I were buying the fabric, I’d get 8 yards just to have some wiggle room… regardless, it’s just not enough for this back 😦 I called my friend to let her know and she said she had found some other large pieces of fabric in her mother’s sewing room so she would check those and let me know what she finds. For now, this project is on hold!


The weather here in Myrtle Beach has been absolutely beautiful the past few days… we’ve been able to go out to eat many times!! We haven’t had Mexican food in so damn long (cuz in my opinion it just doesn’t do well as take-out) so that was the first place we went. They have a small outdoor patio and it was perfect – sunny, 72 degrees with a light breeze!! Yes!!! In fact, I think we’ll go back there today :-p

Otherwise not much else going on… I finally got DH an appointment for his first dose of the vaccine, we go Tues at 2pm. I won’t qualify for a little while longer (there’s a 9 year age difference between us) but that’s ok, I’ll just continue to be very careful.


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend! Stay Safe 🙂

Fish Tales top

The February Color Blocks top is finished, I’m calling it Fish Tales. This is not the pattern layout provided in the QAL, it was a little too traditional for me so I played with the position of the blocks until I liked what I saw. I added 4.5″ borders and called it done at 48×56, it will make a nice child size quilt.

I auditioned a couple fabrics from my stash for the backing and chose this gray/black print. I think it compliments the front very nicely and there’s enough left over to use for binding as well!

I’ve been watching the Australian Open this past week, unfortunately my favorites did not win. If you don’t know who won the tournament yet… look away now!!!

~~~~~~Spoiler Alert~~~~~~~

I was cheering for Jennifer Brady in the Women’s final and I was hoping Nadal would make it to the final but he did not. The winner on the Women’s side, Naomi Osaka and for the Men, Novak Djokovic was unbeatable!

That’s about all for today. I have not started working on the quilts my former neighbor sent – I want to finish Fish Tales first 😉

Have a great rest of your weekend – Stay safe & stay strong

Happy Valentine’s Day

Not much going on around here regarding VDay… we’ll exchange cards and chocolates but we’re not going out to dinner like we typically would. Although all the restaurants are open, I’m still not comfortable eating indoors with 100% capacity – yes, SC is open at 100%! No biggie, we can eat dinner out once the temps warm up enough to dine outside 😉

I haven’t made a lot of progress on the February Color Blocks project. I wasn’t a big fan of the pattern layout provided – it’s a bit too traditional for me

I’ve been mulling over how I’d like to change it up… plenty of ideas danced in my head and I think I’ve landed on this one. My original thought was to border each section with 2.5″ strips but that would end up measuring 44×56 and I don’t like quilts that are that much longer than the width. Now I think I’ll just sew all the blocks together in this layout and border the whole thing with 4.5″ strips – that would end up 48×56… yeah, that’s more like it!!

In other news, I recently received a call from a good friend in our old community – her 80 year old mother has decided it’s time to clear out her sewing room and get rid of her unfinished projects. After she went through them, my friend wanted to have some of the quilts finished for her mother… hence her call to me! I received a box late last week with several items it in, most are standard size quilt tops that need basting, quilting and binding:

This is a whole cloth top and backing… should be pretty easy to finish
Pretty pastel rail fence blocks
This top is so much longer than the width but I love the scrappy pattern!

There is one project top that needs some finishing… a wedding ring quilt! I have this laid on my ironing board still folded

I have never made one of these so I’m a bit apprehensive. It only needs the four patches added to the outside edges and I’m pretty sure that part wont be a big deal… it’s the quilting and binding that have me feeling nervous. My friend doesn’t have any suggestions for that either… ugh, it’s so hard to finish someone else’s work!!!

When I’m ready to tackle it, I’ll send her some pictures of quilting ideas within my skill set and she can pick from those 😉 The other hard part about all of this is determining how much to charge. I’ve not finished someone else’s work before – I’ve only priced things I’ve made from start to finish. I don’t really have a set ‘price per hour’ I charge and I’m REALLY bad at keep track of time spent on things…ugh, guess I’ll have to get better at it!!

That’s all for now, have a great rest of your weekend! Stay safe & stay strong!