Two more paintings

It seems I’m on a roll.  Here are two more paintings I completed last week.  The first one is titled “Hearts a Glow” and the second is “Wash Over Me”.  I wanted to try painting with a specific color pallette on each rather than just mixing random colors.  I really like how Hearts a Glow turned out; the shades of red, orange, pink and white really jump off the canvas.  Wash Over Me is a bit more subdued with shades of blue; I also used a different technique to apply the paint – a spatula – which made the wave like textures.  ttfn.

Getting started again…

I seem to have put my painting on hiatus for the last few weeks.  I haven’t looked at the painting course online and if I’ve bothered to go upstairs to try to paint I only stay there about 30 mniutes and leave again.  I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.  The online course is free and it appears to be valuable information so why haven’t I logged on there for so long?  I want to do something creative and I do enjoy painting but when I’m doing that my mind wanders to other creative things I would like to do such as song writing or crochet or singing.  And as you may have guessed when I’m doing one of those things my mind wonders too…what the heck is wrong with me?  Why can’t I just focus on what I’m doing while I’m doing it?  Sorry to be asking so many questions but I guess I’m hoping someone will have the answers…or maybe they will magically come to me if I put them ‘out there’. Ha!

So it’s just about bed time for me…maybe the answers will come to me as I sleep – I can only hope.  ttfn

Daily Posts

I’m still trying to get the hang of this ‘blog’ thing.  This is my first blog and I started out with the intentions of writing about my journey to become a better painter but I find that I don’t paint everyday and if I want to post everyday I’m going to have to write about other topics.

Today I spent some time playing with the theme or background of my blog page – I’m still not sure I’ve settled on ‘the’ one so it could continue to change.  I also spent some time rearranging the items on my desk to get a more cohesive feel, again not sure I’ve got it down.  There seems to be a recurring theme of ‘not being sure’ of what I’m doing…I’ve felt that way a lot lately.  Maybe it’s menopause or maybe I’ve just lost my ‘mojo’.  Either way I’m tired of it so I need to force myself to just do something and if it’s wrong I can just do something else. :-p

Thanks for letting me rattle on…

Lesson 4 – Drawing Lines, part 1

1st attempt

Draw an outline of your hand without looking at the paper – only looking at your hand.  It’s harder than you might think.  Mine were pretty ugly.  The first 4 attempts were done without looking at the page.  Attempts 5 & 6 I was allowed to look 50% of the time and the last attempt I could look as much as we wanted.

2nd attempt
3rd attempt
4th attempt
5th attempt
6th attempt
7th and final attempt


Part 2 is to copy a drawing from a master artist’s work (Alphonse Mucha).  I will start that on another day when I’m not so tired.