Another quilt finish!

I put the finishing stitches in the binding after last week’s post and went outside for some pictures. Really happy with how this turned out 🙂 This was April’s pattern from the Color Blocks QAL, called Cheer.

The quilts I made in Jan, Feb and Mar and now this April one are all in a box waiting to be shipped out tomorrow to Little Lambs Foundation as part of the Hands2Help Charity drive.

I also made a few more blocks for the May pattern called Gemstone. I’m making 7 blocks from 5 colorways of scraps… so far I’ve got sapphires, emeralds, rubies and amethyst. One more color to go and I’ve decided I’m going to use white/gray to represent diamonds. I’m still deciding what I want to use for background but I know I want something dark so I’m planning a trip to my LQS to do some browsing 😉

I made the blue & red blocks using my new Singer Patchwork and she worked beautifully – but I used my Pfaff for the purple ones cuz I just needed to sit down and sew. I’m going to have to find a place for my Singer where I can sit & sew if I want to use it for more than just a few blocks – because standing & sewing is just not for me 😦


Look at these cute nails! These are Impress Press-on nails (not an affiliate) and I’ve been using them since the pandemic started. I just love how easy they are to apply (the glue is already on the back, just peel & stick) and they last me about 2 weeks – depending on how much dish washing I do 😉 They have so many cute colors and designs and run from $7-$10. You can also get them at local stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. As you can see from the background, they also carry a selection of OPI colors!


I had a great week on WW… I was down 1.8lbs!!! Woot woot! Not sure what I did for that big win but I’ll take it ;-p


That’s about all for now…. have a great rest of your weekend 😀

Good news!

My Sammie girl had surgery last Monday to remove an ugly growth on her belly and she came through it with flying colors!! Hallelujah!! Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts ❤

The Dr was also able to remove the growth on her back paw that’s been driving her nuts for months – whew! Sammie was on pain meds for the first 5 days and since she wasn’t showing any signs of pain we weaned her off this weekend. She’s eating and moving and sleeping like normal so all-in-all it’s a success! She hasn’t given the stitches on her belly a second thought but she has tried to take off her sock and lick her paw so we’ve got to keep a close eye on her. She goes back on 5/25 to have the stitches removed.

The poor baby is also still suffering with the Corneal Ulcer on her left eye. We’ve been using drops since May 5th and there does seem to be a small improvement, the Dr will check it again when she has her stitches removed.


In quilting news… I bought another sewing machine!!! I’ve been wanting to get a second machine for a while now so I could work on projects in multiple stages and over Mother’s Day weekend I saw an excellent sale and I jumped on it. I got a Singer Patchwork 7285Q

It came with all kinds of extra feet and even an extension table 😮 It was a breeze to setup and get started sewing – I’ve got her setup on my cutting table and will use her mostly for piecing.

I used my new Singer to start piecing blocks for the May Color Blocks QAL. I had the green blocks left over from a previous month but all the blue ones were made with my new machine 🙂

It was great to have a second machine because my main Pfaff was setup for FMQ to work on the April Color Blocks quilt… and I’m happy to say I finished the quilting yesterday.

I made the binding last night and started putting it on this morning… just one more trip around to secure it to the front and I’ll be done!!


In WW news… I dropped .8lb this week, not bad I guess since I was so stressed about Sammie’s surgery. I haven’t started working out yet even though the weather here has been perfect for walks – ugh!

That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

One step closer

Well I did finally get the April Color Blocks quilt basted but I have not started any quilting on it yet. I can’t decide if I want to use the ‘suggested’ design from Debby Brown or do my own design…so I’m in limbo!

I also finished two more Safelight case sets and I put all 5 in the mail to Carole. She’s already confirmed they have arrived – yay!


In other news, my fur baby Sammie turned 13 last week and now she’s going to have surgery tomorrow to remove a growth on her belly. She’s been dealing with lymphoma for the past 1.5 years and I’m not sure if this growth is part of that disease or if it’s something else but it has just been getting bigger and a few weeks ago it started bleeding. We hoped it would heal up but it’s gotten progressively worse and of course the worry is it will get infected. So even with her advanced age, surgery is the better option. We drop her off in the morning…this fur mama is a nervous wreck!!

She’s been wearing a male doggie diaper to keep the growth on her belly protected, and she’s also been wearing a sock on her back paw for months because of a small growth. The Dr said if Sammie is tolerating anesthesia well, they will remove the growth on her back paw too. The one on her belly doesn’t seem to bother her but the one on her paw drives her nuts…so hopefully that will be gone!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the poor baby has scratched her left eye and has an Ocular Ulcer… so we’ve been putting drops in her eye for the last 3 days.

Please send out prayers and positive thoughts for my Sammie girl for surgery tomorrow and the recovery process ❤


In WW news, I didn’t drop anything this week… probably due to stress! I’ve been staying within my points budget but I’ve been eating more snacks in the evening :-/ I don’t see my stress dropping over the next week or two with Sammie’s surgery & recovery… oh well, I’ll just have to be more aware!!


During a drive in the Corvette last weekend, we stopped at a ‘new to us’ place at the beach called Snooky’s. We overheard someone else order a drink and just had to give it a try.

Crown Royal Peach mixed with sweet tea – O.M.G.!! It’s delicious… and dangerous because it doesn’t really taste like a mixed drink – LOL! It’s become Hubby’s favorite drink 😉


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

Slow going

I only worked on my April Color Block quilt a couple times this week so I didn’t make much progress. I spent time one evening squaring up all the blocks which made this pretty pile of confetti strings!

Yesterday I started sewing the diagonal rows together – here’s the top left all pieced.. just the bottom right to go


In other news – I decided to re-join WW, again… ugh! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve done this but honestly it’s the only way I’ve been able to successfully lose weight in the past and not feel deprived. I’ve got to do something to stop this slow gain that’s been happening over the last few years.

Here’s my lunch from one day last week, it was so yummy! I made this salad with radishes, carrots and Deli Fresh Rotisserie Chicken and I used regular Ranch dressing but only 2 tsp (yes, I measured!). So far I’m doing good on the plan, I picked up more fruits and veggies from the store today for this week.


That’s about it for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

April progress

I’ve got all the parts cut & pieced for the April Color Blocks quilt design and I’ve laid them out on my design wall

Next step is to square up all the blocks and then start piecing it in diagonal rows. Once that’s done I’ll add a 2.5″ border which will make the top 49×60. This QAL is so great because not only does Debby give you the quilt pattern each month, she also suggests a quilting motif that can be accomplished on a domestic machine. This month it’s an all-over swirl in varying sizes, like shown here in her sample


Off topic… have you ever used GoodRx? I had not until just recently because I have medical benefits and I just ASSUMED I was getting the best prices on prescriptions – OH BOY WAS I WRONG!!! If you take any meds I would recommend downloading their app and checking the prices in your area. I’m on a hormone replacement patch and I take a progesterone pill with it – I had to refill in January and because it was the beginning of the plan year I paid $250 for 90 day supply. I called my insurance provider to ask why it was so high and she was the one to suggest GoodRx!!! We went online together and holy moly… I could’ve gotten both at a different pharmacy for only $98!!!!! Wow!

I swear this is not an ad… I’m getting nothing out of sharing this other than I hope to help save someone else. The only thing to know is that if you use GoodRx instead of your insurance those dollars will not count toward your deductible – that’s it!!

I’m due for a refill again and I’ve already transferred my Rx to a different pharmacy to get the better prices. What boils my blood is… if they can do this at one pharmacy why the H*** can’t they all offer those same prices!!???

Ok, back to quilting related stuff 😀


Actually, that’s all for today! Have a great rest of your weekend and stay safe!

Finished February

I put the final stitches in the February Color Blocks quilt. I switched up the layout of the blocks and called mine Fish Tails. I used a ‘wave’ stitch for quilting with the most perfect Teal variegated thread in my stash. I’m super happy with how it turned out 😀

I’m still ‘on hold’ with working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt for my friend. She’s going to shop around for some different backing fabric – I sent her a few options I found online as well.

In the meantime, I started working on blocks for the March Color Blocks QAL and as of yesterday I have the blocks I need. The pattern calls for 20 blocks but my blue scraps only made 16 so I cut a bunch of green scraps and I’ll use four of those blocks to finish the corners. Also pictured here is the sky blue fabric I’m using for the background.


In other news… I got my first COVID vaccine shot!!! Here I am later that evening

It happened rather randomly, when we went for my husband’s appt last Tuesday we asked if there would be any ‘left overs’ that I might be able to get vaccinated. She told us they had to fulfill all the appts first so I’d need to come back at the end of the following day and wait in line. We went back at 4pm the next day and by 4:30 I had my shot!!!! Whooooo Hoooooo! DH goes back 3/30 for his second shot and I go back 3/31. The location where we got our shots used the Moderna vaccine – the only issue we had was a sore arm the next day which gradually faded away by the end of day 4. I’m so thankful we’re getting vaccinated at the same time!!!

Last but not least… SPRING is coming!! We went for a walk the other day and I just had to snap a shot of this beautiful tree in full bloom … unfortunately I have no idea what kind of tree it is!! Any ideas?

Have a great rest of your weekend… Stay safe!

Finishing quilts for a friend

I got started working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt for my friend. Just as a reminder, her 80 year old mother has decided to stop sewing and there are several quilt tops that need finishing. I decided to start with the largest, most difficult one because this top just needed some finishing around the outside. She sent along a baggy of 4-patch units and I thought “Oh, hard can this be?” Um, until I actually sat down to start I didn’t realize it meant I’d be working with Y seams!! (cue me screaming!)

I didn’t take any pictures in progress, it took all my concentration just to get them pinned and stitched into place because the patchwork was not quite precise. I cursed my way through getting those eleven 4-patches added and then laid it out to measure…this puppy is 90×114! And unfortunately…ugh, it does not lay flat… not sure how I’m going to baste and quilt this thing without puckers – eeeeek!!! And some of these seams are SO bulky…I’m going to have to use a quilting motif that will allow me to avoid them!

I would appreciate any and all advice for dealing with this.

I’ll be quilting this on my domestic which will present even more struggles due to the size…I’ll probably need to move my machine to the dining room table to have adequate support for the quilt.

I decided to forge ahead and get the backing ready, when I measured the fabric she sent along with the top I had exactly 7 yards. I did some quick math and it’s not enough!!! 😦

Check me here… the top is 90×114, I like to have at least 2″ extra all around so that’s 94×118. The width of this fabric measures 42″ selvedge to selvedge so I used 41″ in my calculations, that gives me 1476 square inches per yard. 94×118=11,092 divided by 1476=7.51 yards. If I were buying the fabric, I’d get 8 yards just to have some wiggle room… regardless, it’s just not enough for this back 😦 I called my friend to let her know and she said she had found some other large pieces of fabric in her mother’s sewing room so she would check those and let me know what she finds. For now, this project is on hold!


The weather here in Myrtle Beach has been absolutely beautiful the past few days… we’ve been able to go out to eat many times!! We haven’t had Mexican food in so damn long (cuz in my opinion it just doesn’t do well as take-out) so that was the first place we went. They have a small outdoor patio and it was perfect – sunny, 72 degrees with a light breeze!! Yes!!! In fact, I think we’ll go back there today :-p

Otherwise not much else going on… I finally got DH an appointment for his first dose of the vaccine, we go Tues at 2pm. I won’t qualify for a little while longer (there’s a 9 year age difference between us) but that’s ok, I’ll just continue to be very careful.


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend! Stay Safe 🙂

February Color Block QAL

I didn’t spend a lot of time in my sewing room this week so I don’t have a lot of progress to show.

Last week I mentioned that I didn’t have enough of the mint green fabric that I really wanted to use for the background so… I ordered more! The pattern calls for 3 5/8 yard and I only had 3 yards so I went through my fabric receipts and figured out I bought it from Since I wanted to be sure I didn’t have any shading differences I went ahead and purchased 4 yards to use on this project…saving my original 3 yards for something else 😉 I also purchased a solid blue and a solid peach for my stash.

That new order arrived on Thursday but I didn’t cut into it until yesterday. I spent the morning squaring my scrappy blocks, cutting the 7″ squares from the background fabric, marking the diagonal sewing lines (one for the scrappy block and another to make a bonus HST), sewing on those lines, cutting and pressing – whew!

31 blocks done (I’ll be saving the extra block in my orphan bin for some future project). The mint green is actually a little better represented in the next picture of the bonus HSTs. I have no idea what I’m going to do with these but I certainly couldn’t waste that much fabric. These were squared up at 6″.

And that’s all folks. I still need to cut the sashing for in between each scrappy block and then decide if I want to follow the pattern and apply a 8.5″ border…hmmm, I’ll wait to make that decision after the top is pieced.


Still no exercise to speak of… it’s been chilly and rainy for several weeks now… at least it’s not snow!! Ha!


I’ll be cheering for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tonight in the Super Bowl and the Australian Open starts later tonight too (Monday in Melbourne) – whoop whoop!

Have a great rest of your weekend! Stay safe and stay strong 🙂

Ready for February

I finished piecing and ironing the 30 blocks necessary for the February Color Block challenge! I pulled fabrics from my gray/black scrap bin and just cut a ton of 2.5″ squares with no idea how many I needed to make 30 blocks… Ha, math prep is not my strong suit! As it turns out, I ended up cutting enough to make 31 blocks!! Wow 😮 now that’s dumb luck for ya!!!

Once all the blocks were done I started looking through my stash for background options… I pulled these and gave them a trial run

Once again the ‘prep’ bug bit me because I didn’t check the fabric requirements to make sure I had enough before I fell in love with one of them! Argh! The pattern calls for 3 5/8 yards – grrrrr! I only have 3 yards each of the green and orange so I have to either take them out of the running or… alter the pattern or… buy more fabric!!! I’ll let you guess what I’ve decided to do 😉


ATP & WTA Tennis are gearing up for the Australian Open to begin in about a week. I’ve been keeping up with several players online and many had to endure a rough 14 day quarantine once they arrived in Australia. They’ve finally been released and now they have a little time to really go hard preparing. The warm up tournaments have started so I’ve been watching a few matches late at night as they’re 16 hours ahead of me!!

Other than that I haven’t been doing much… I stopped running for no particular reason. I missed a few days, then the weather turned rainy and cold which made me miss a few more and before I even noticed – it’s been almost a month!!! Ugh!!! I had gotten up to 3 miles doing run/walk intervals – now I’m going to have to start all over 😦 Damn, that makes me so mad at myself!! There’s just no excuse for it… apathy, laziness, delayed consequences, SMH!

Facepalm Woman Emoji, HD Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

That’s all for now… here’s a picture I took last week when Sammie was stalking me for another treat… she’s got one very menacing stare!! LOL

Stay safe ❤

Little by little

I’ve been working on my February Color Blocks for Debby Brown’s QAL. I had already pulled my gray/black scrap bin and cut a ton of 2.5″ squares. Last week I finished piecing them into 4-patches, I just needed to press the seams open and pair them into sets of four to be pieced into 16-patch blocks.

I’ve put two together here… I love the little pops of color in some of my squares!

I have this bin sitting on my sewing table with all the groups stacked together, a finished 16-patch is hanging over the side waiting to be pressed. I got side-tracked with another project which I’ll show you next…

My niece messaged me yesterday morning with a link to a mask asking if I thought I could make it for her. She’s been told she will be going back into school in March and she wants to be prepared with extra masks – even though they tell her she’ll be given PPE. The link provides pictures and videos of the mask being made along with a template and measurements.

I got so excited I made a prototype within an hour! Pink is not her color so this one is mine 🙂 This mask is incredibly easy to make – the hardest part is cutting out the fabric with the template…and that’s not really hard at all!

She asked if I had any sports themed fabric – she’s a PE teacher – unfortunately I have NONE, Zero! I pulled a few ‘fun’ fabrics from my stash and sent her a picture… she chose three of them: Jacks, Dino’s and Buses. Each of these was a FQ but due to the size of the template only the Jacks fabric was cut large enough to get two masks.


My draw to social media has started to diminish each day now that I don’t fear what new catastrophe might be awaiting. It’s going to take some time for that ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ syndrome to subside! I’ve started to get back on Instagram more regularly to see all the beautiful quilts others are posting….ahhhh, now THAT’S my happy place!! 😀

I’ll be watching the NFC & AFC Championships today… I’ll be rooting for Buffalo and Tampa Bay – Ha, we shall see!

Have a great rest of your weekend and Stay Safe 🙂