Catching up

My last post was about a fantastic day I had with a new acquaintance writing music to go with my lyrics.  Since then I’ve decided I need to learn to play the guitar and I need to work on my voice.  I took guitar lessons about six years ago for about 6 months but I dropped it when we moved to SC and I’m just now picking it back up.  My voice has not been the same since I had a sinus infection two years ago.  I have vocal exercises that I should be doing daily but just like my guitar lessons, I stopped.

I’ve found a new energy and I’ve been doing both daily for about 4 days now…I plan to make it a daily occurrence to practice guitar and go through my voice exercises.  I know all I need to do is just ‘make up my mind’ that I’m going to DO IT and it will happen.  Much the same way I made up my mind to lose the weight and it happened; it took a year but it happened because I decided it would.  That’s really the key to doing anything – you must DECIDE to do it.  If you sit yourself down, have a heart to heart conversation with yourself and determine if you really want to do it, then you must decide you’re going to do it.  This is such an important step and I’ve missed it for so long – I thought all I needed was the desire or wish to do something but all too often that fizzles out and I don’t get where I thought I wanted to go.  I had my ‘Aha’ moment when I decided to lose weight.  It was a very clear moment – I told myself that this was what I wanted and that I was going to make it a priority and I was not going to stop (no matter what obstacles I faced) until I got what I wanted.  And lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.  I felt so good about being able to achieve that goal…it wasn’t really losing the weight (although I feel so much better), it was more about staying committed to doing it.  I’m famous for starting things and not finishing them or following through, so having a weight loss target and staying committed to it for a year was a huge achievement for me.

Now I’m setting my sites on learning the guitar and doing my vocal exercises.  I sat myself down and figured out that was what I really wanted so I decided to do it.

I’ll keep you posted…ttfn.

I had such a great day

Yesterday was an amazing day!  I had written some lyrics to a new song and sang the melody to a back beat a few weeks ago, then I got a message from a new acquaintance who wanted to meet and talk about songwriting.  We exchanged a few emails and I shared my song with her.  We had planned to meet at a little pastry shop in town and at the last minute she suggested we meet at a music studio so we could work on some harmonizing chords to go with my song.  I was so excited!  She is an amazing piano player and singer and within an hour she had recorded a wonderful working tape of my song…it brought tears to my eyes.  Having the lyrics, melody and harmony come together like that was just breath-taking.  I have no idea where this might lead but it has inspired me to write even more and look into taking guitar lessons.  It would be so wonderful if I could put a whole song together (although I really like the idea of collaborating) but I would need to take lessons.  I’ve already checked with a few places and I’m leaning toward a music store that is affiliated with the local NSAI chapter.

I came home and played the song for my husband (actually it was only the first verse and chorus) and he liked it.  I then sent it off to my mother so she could hear it because she had heard the version of just me singing with a back beat.  She was really impressed.  I have made a few adjustments to the lyric and I just about have it where I want it.  Carrie said that when I was done I could send it to her and she would make a new recording of the whole song for me to have.  AMAZING!

Has it been a month?

It sure has!  Wow, I can’t believe how much time has passed since my last post.  And I have a lot to tell you.  I’ve joined NSAI and attended the last meeting (May 10th).  I’ve been working on refining my song “I Gotta Try” and I think I’ve got the lyrics almost perfect.  Now I need to play with the chords more to get a sound I really like and see what that does to the melody.  I’ve been reading books on songwriting and watching the webcasts on the NSAI website and I’m learning alot, I’ve just got to start using it!  I have a 5K to run in the morning and then I’m going to spend the rest of the day working on the chords and melody.  I would like to have a recording of the song for the next NSAI meeting on June 14th…or should I say I “will” have a recording for the next meeting ;-).

There has been a lot that has happened weather wise since my last posting.  We had a horrendous hail storm that dropped hail the size of baseballs on our house.  We got the roof inspected earlier this week and the whole thing needs to be replaced – wow!  Then on Tues night we had a severe thunderstorm pass through the area with 80+mph winds and it knocked over a tree on our fence.  The whole neighborhood has trees down, it looked like a tornado passed through – it was really scary.  Luckily no severe damage and no injuries.

Well that brings you up to date…ttfn

Two more paintings

It seems I’m on a roll.  Here are two more paintings I completed last week.  The first one is titled “Hearts a Glow” and the second is “Wash Over Me”.  I wanted to try painting with a specific color pallette on each rather than just mixing random colors.  I really like how Hearts a Glow turned out; the shades of red, orange, pink and white really jump off the canvas.  Wash Over Me is a bit more subdued with shades of blue; I also used a different technique to apply the paint – a spatula – which made the wave like textures.  ttfn.

Running a 5K

Yesterday I ran my first 5K of this year (this is only my 6th 5K overall) and although it felt good to get out and compete again…I was not very competitive. I’ve let my training slide a bit over the winter and I could tell when I started the race. My legs felt very heavy from the beginning and with the finish line in sight I was worried my legs were going to give out completely, luckily they did not. My finish time was 36:44, not the 33 minute range I was shooting for so I’ve got lots of training to do before my next run in April. Also, I had to stop and walk twice during the race, that’s the first time I’ve had to do that in a 5K. I did stop and walk during the 8K turkey trot on the Thanksgiving but I could reason with that since the distance was longer. Needless to say I’m a bit disappointed but that’s ok, no where to go but up from here!

Daily post

I have been horribly remiss in posting for almost two weeks.  I went out of town for a few days and it appears I’ve let my routine slide.  ~sorry~

As I’m sure most people have heard about the fiasco surrounding Charlie Sheen, I felt compelled to write about it as well.  Not so much about what he is doing but more about how the media and public in general are handling it.  Most people will say they are tired of hearing about it yet the only reason the media continues to cover it is because the public continues to tune in to those stories.  It’s a sick cycle that no one seems capable of breaking; I find myself saying I’m only tuning in to see ‘if’ they are going to talk about it but that’s exactly what they want you to do…advertisers pay big money for spots during those broadcasts and so the cylce just keeps going on and on.  The only way to stop it is to completely stop watching, which is unlikely to happen.  Or the media could say ‘we’re not going to cover that story anymore’ which of course will NEVER happen, so we’re stuck watching what we don’t want to see. 

There are those who get a sick satisfaction out of watching a celebrity self destruct; I guess they figure “we put them there so why can’t we watch them fall”.  It’s pretty sad that this is considered entertainment.

Enough ranting about the media and the general public’s consumption of trash news…ttfn

2nd session with Life Coach

Well today’s session really opened things up for me. I recognized just how much I’ve been stiffling myself when it comes to knowing what my passions are. Singing and songwriting are what really gets me fired up but I’ve been suppressing it because the ‘logical’ side of my brain has been in control. That little voice keeps saying things like: you’re too old, you’ll look silly, people will laugh at you, you’re not good enough…and the list just goes on and on. We talked about how unhappy I am by not following my passion and determined that I’ve got to reel in the logical side of my brain. It’s really been having way too much control over how I live my life. So now that we’ve determined what my passion is and what’s holding me back, we need to create a plan to overcome it and move forward. That’s my homework from this session. We meet again in two weeks and I hope to have my mission statement finalized and maybe even a song or two completed – hey, a girl can dream! ttfn

Daily Post

How long do you think you could go without a shower?

The longest I’ve gone without a shower is 4 days, it was after surgery and I was restricted.  I took what I call a ‘bird bath’ by putting soap on washcloth and hitting all the important parts.  I couldn’t wait to get in the shower and clean up.  Ugh.

Not a lot more to say…ttfn

Daily Post

When you’re feeling down, what music cheers you up?

I prefer pop/dance music when I’m down…something like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.  Their music usually has a very energetic beat and it can pick me up when I’m feeling down.  I can also put on some dance music from the 80’s which takes me back to a time in my life when it was all about partying with friends and happy times…”Play that Funky Music” or “Everytime I turn around I’m back in love again”.  I can’t help but smile when I hear those songs again.  ttfn  😀


What would you do with a million dollars, tax free?

I’d start by paying off all my debt and do the same for my parents and in-laws.  Then I’d find the perfect piece of property on the lake and buy it.  Next I’d build the house of my dreams (it wouldn’t be any more than 2800 sqft) and retire.  I’d travel at least 4 times a year to all kinds of different destinations – some warm and tropical others just for the historical experience.  I’d also do some sort of volunteer work when I’m not traveling so I can feel like I’m contributing to society.  Yep, that’s exactly what I would do.  ttfn  😀