Feeling Ugh and Blah…

Not gonna write a hole lot today…just not feeling it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I did finally finish the two wedding dress quilts and two garters but I haven’t taken pictures so…nothing to show.

The new house in Myrtle Beach is coming along and the appliances are supposed to be installed tomorrow so packing & moving & resettling are looming large.

I need to focus on losing weight and getting in shape – just for general good health but I also signed up for a Half Marathon in October and that’s making me anxious.

I hope things are brighter in your corner of the world ๐Ÿ™‚




UFO finally finished

I’ve had this baby size quilt basted and folded up in a corner for a few months now…yesterday I finally pulled it out, ironed the wrinkles out and finished it off! Woohoo, finishing feels really good…even if it’s not the project I SHOULD be finishing…but hey, that’s another story!


I started this back in December using a Jolly Bar pack from one of the Sew Sampler boxes, it’s nice to have it off my list!20180331_150119


I made some progress on my commissioned projects: both tops from the wedding dress are done & the backing has been cut to size. I also pieced the backing for the tshirt quilt top…now I just need to basted and quilt them all – ugh!

Here are the baby size tops made from the wedding dress; let me just say, working with this material was a bear…I don’t think I’ll ever take another commission like this again!!

Sorry for the horrible lighting in these pictures, I’ll take better ones when I get them basted. Also, these are not squared up or steamed to remove wrinkles – I’ll do that after they’ve been quilted.



Here’s the fabric for the back – it’s a fleece blanket I found at Home Goods several weeks back – I love how it shimmers in the light!



I made absolutely no progress on my March ScrapAttack2018 project, in fact I never even started it!! The month really got away from me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I decided to toss that one back in the box and make a new selection for April’s project, it’s called Squares and Strips and it’s another free tutorial – I swear I didn’t make my choices based on that, I’m just getting lucky!!

April project Squares and Strips


There’s been minimal progress on our house in Myrtle Beach – all the cabinets and granite counter tops are in, all the plumbing and light fixtures are in. The next big hurdle will be having the appliances installed and that’s currently scheduled for April 11 – we’ll see if he sticks with that date or has me push it back yet again :-s

We’re supposed to go to a car show in Charleston April 19-22 and I’ll need to go to Myrtle Beach on the way to drop off my fur baby at a friends house. I guess I’ll see with my own eyes how far along we are at that point – and I’ll take more pics then too.


That’s all for now – I hope you’re having a Happy Easter filled with love & laughter โค


Last week

I received the new shipment of backing fabric last week for the tshirt quilt but I haven’t pieced it yet…so no progress to show on that project.

I’ve finally started working on the wedding dress project…I sat on the floor one evening and deconstructed the dress!! I held my breath doing that first seam but once that was done I was a seam ripping fool!!


I’ve cut a few blocks 12.5 and 6.5 and now I need to decide what layout I’m going to use…start & stop, start & stop…ugh! No clue what I’m going to do with that bodice!?!


I got a new kitchen gadget – an air fryer. I’ve been researching these things for about six months and I finally pulled the trigger. I purchased theย GoWISE 3.7-Quart Air Fryer, model #GW22639ย (I am not an Amazon affiliate but probably should be with all the plugs I give them!).


Our first use was to make chicken tenders and french fries – ha, real healthy! But at least they weren’t cooked in grease :-pย  I cooked the french fries first and was quite pleasantly surprised how nicely they browned and crisped up. I put them in a warm oven to stay hot while I cooked the frozen chicken tenders. They turned out just as good, except I probably would reduce the cooking time by a minute or 2 because they were a little too crunchy ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I pulled the fries out of the oven they had lost some crisp so I popped them back in the air fryer for 2 mins and – voila – they were crunchy again!

airfryer food

For my second time I decided on something a bit more healthy – boneless, skinless chicken breast. I brushed each breast with olive oil and sprinkled them with seasoned salt. I followed cooking times I found through Pinterest (380 for 15 min and 350 for 10 min). The outside was nice and brown although a little chewy but the inside was cooked perfectly. I’ll probably just do 350 for 25 mins next time. I didn’t even think to take a picture until AFTER we had eaten – ‘doh! – but this is all that was left.

airfryer food2


I haven’t talked much about running because I haven’t done any – ugh! I experienced some side affects from antibiotics I took back in January and my ankles are just now feeling better (look up Levaquin if you’re interested). Now I’m struggling with motivation…which is no big surprise!! LOL I’ve signed up for a Half Marathon in October so I’ve got a little time to get back in to the swing…I’ve just got to get started!


The builder is FINALLY starting to make some good progress on our house in Myrtle Beach. DH went down a few weeks ago to have a very strong chat with the fellow…and it seems to have done the trick. In the last two weeks all the lighting has been installed, the driveway has been poured and the plumber has installed the faucets and toilets. The appliances are scheduled for delivery March 28 and as of last week the builder said he would be ready for them (ha, they’ve only been rescheduled 4 times already.), so fingers crossed! The next big hurdle is installing the heat pump outside and then the hardwoods and carpeting…no timeline on that just yet.


That’s about all for this week. I’ll be watching the ATP Finals at Indian Wells today…Go Roger!!


Progress and a setback

I finished a couple of tops this week – first up: the tshirt quilt top…yay! This puppy measures 70×74 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Not the best picture but it’s finally all pieced. In my last post I shared that I ordered the backing fabric and when it arrived I realized I’d made a measuring mistake – AACK!! Because the tone on tone text is directional I needed more fabric to piece the back so the text wouldn’t be going in various directions…smh!! I put in a new order and it should be here early in the week, needless to say I did not get any basting done, ugh!

Instead I focused on getting my Feb scrapattack2018 top completed. You may recall I was putting together blocks for aย Stoplight quilt…and because its scrappy I found it all just a bit too busy for my liking. I played with some layout ideas and finally landed on adding a sashing row in between and a border. I think this gives the blocks a little room to breath ๐Ÿ™‚ย  The top measures 63×73


I’m going to wait to finish this quilt for the Hands2Help challenge put on by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I also have a few other completed tops that I can pull out and finish up for the challenge…we’ll see.

The next big monster to tackle is the wedding dress quilt {{{cue screams of horror!}}}.

I mentioned this project back in January – one of my neighbors has asked me to carve up her wedding dress to make two quilts for her two daughters. The thought of cutting up her wedding dress has just got me paralyzed…what if I can’t make it work? what if she hates the quilts? what if, what if, what if!??? I really can’t procrastinate on this any longer – I need to pull on my big girl panties and JUST DO IT!

So…stay tuned for an update next week…until then have a wonderful rest of your weekend!




Not a lot of sewing

I did not do much sewing this week ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  Again choosing to procrastinate, ugh! I did piece the left and right sections of the tshirt quilt (no picture) and I did order the backing fabric for it…I guess that counts as something!! The customer wanted a neutral for the back and chose this tone on tone text – I love it!

chrissy backing

I also wanted to piece all the blocks for my Stoplight top so I could count February’s Scrap Attach as complete…but no, they sit in a stack mocking me! LOL

stoplight stack

I pulled my next Scrap Attack project for March – it’s called Briar Rose and it’s a free pattern from England Street Quilts. I need to see how much background fabric I have, that’ll determine how big I make it :-p


And finally, I went on a little shopping spree for a new bullet journal binder. I made my first one using a placement from Walmart and some fabric…it’s fine but I wanted something a bit more sturdy with a snap closure instead of elastic. I was shopping online when I stumbled across a 50% off sale at JoAnns on Websters Pages Planners. Their website said they had at least 4 in stock so I hopped in the car…only to find there was really only 1 left on the shelf and not necessarily the color I wanted. But, I got it anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

new planner

This is actually a 6-ring binder so I had to do a little altering to turn it into a travelers cover. I carefully removed the rings, covered the small holes with some matching stickers, then inserted my LT1917 into the back cover. From there I added a jump band and inserted the two other inserts I had in my homemade TN…and I LOVE it!!! It’s not real leather but I actually prefer it that way (no animals were harmed!).


I can always go a little farther by punching holes in the spine and adding actual elastic bands to the binder but I’m good with this for now.

That’s about all for now…I plan to head into the sewing room to get something done today! ttfn…


Little wins

I got a few things accomplished this week on the sewing front, first up is my new table topper for March. I wanted something that said “St Paddy’s Day” without being too obvious…I’m really happy with this.


I’ve made considerable progress on the tshirt quilt (well, it feels that way to me!). I just need to sew on the two side panels and piece the top row. This project feels like it’s taken forever but I’ve really only been working on it for 2 months…in between other distractions (ehem…starting new projects).


I really need to do something about my ‘design wall’. I need to be able to pin these heavier pieces and right now there’s nothing to pin in to :-sย  Since we’ll be moving soon (fingers crossed it will be in April) I don’t want to put anything up now…but the plan for the new sewing room is to use insulation squares under flannel sheets. I can’t wait!!!


This week I took a leap and filed our taxes online using Turbo Tax. I do everything else online so I’m not sure why it took me so long to do this! It was super simple once I had all my documents collected and although it was not free (because I chose to e-file both Fed & State) it was still less than half of what I’d been paying locally to have them prepared…so win/win!!


No new pictures of the house but DH did make a trip down last week to have a ‘meeting’ with the builder. He vented all of his frustrations about how long this build is taking and feels like he made his point…so let’s hope we have a finished house in March.


Still no running for me but I can tell my ankle is starting to feel better. If it keeps improving I’ll restart the C25K program in a few weeks. We’re having a very early spring here in SC – the trees have started to bud and some maples are even sprouting leaves. I sure hope we don’t get a cold spell, no clue what that will do to the trees and plants ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!!



A better week

Let’s start with the best first…my great niece turned 3 months old last week…OMG, she is just too cute for words ๐Ÿ˜€



I did a bit better this week from a sewing perspective…

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d made two big pillowcases from some ‘what was I thinking?‘ fabric to use as a receptacle for scraps too small for me to work with. I finally filled up both and I’ve sewn them shut, they measure 22×34. I contacted a local dog shelter last week and they said they would love to have them! Yay, I’ll be dropping them off this week.


I made quite a bit of progress on my February scrapattack2018 project called Stoplight. So much progress that I’ve finished all the blocks I need for a throw size quilt (approx 54×60)…YAY!!!

And here they all are laid out on my bedroom floor…sorry for the fuzzy picture, I didn’t have my glasses on so it looked good to me at the time!


I made some minor progress on the t-shirt quilt but when I took a picture of my design wall it really didn’t look much different than last time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



We’re finally starting to see some progress on the house in Myrtle Beach…here are some shots our friends sent us on Friday:

All tile floors are installed, this is the kitchen


Cabinets have FINALLY arrived


Showers are being tiled


We’re still pretty frustrated that it’s not done…but progress is good ๐Ÿ™‚

ttfn โค