Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing and quilting…and walking!

First up, I made this table runner for our kitchen table several weeks ago and forgot to post it 😮  The fabrics are from a Tula Pink bundle I got in my Sew Sampler subscription box (can’t find which month it was!). At the same time I made this, I cut the pieces to make a matching table runner for my dining room and…


I finally got around to making it!! Every time I look at these they make me smile 😀


Next up, I was craving a quick finish project so I cracked open my Fat Quarter Baby pattern book and chose Sarah.


The top is not completely pieced in this next picture but it’s the only one I have! I had to switch out one of the blocks (second row, far right) because there wasn’t enough contrast …this is the ‘after’ picture.


Then I finally pulled out a few completed tops and cut the batting needed so I could get to the basting process. Pictured below from left to right: Sarah, More or Less top made from The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson and my scrappy version of Stoplight from Sunflower Quilts


And it was just cool enough this morning to take everything outside on the deck to get them all spray basted…notice my trusty companion standing guard, LOL!



I haven’t gotten back into running yet and I’m not 100% sure I will… but I have been taking 30 min walks almost everyday just to get outside for some exercise.

Garmin Walking July 2018

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of the weekend 😀


Sewing & quilting…no running

I’ve been working on some sewing projects over the last week.

First up is a new table topper I made to represent summer…I love the little quilted clouds!! I had a bit of help from the ‘footprints in the sand’ fabric and the stripey binding reminds me of a beach umbrella so I’d say mission accomplished!


Next up is a WIP I’ve had basted for probably 4 months now! Ugh…I started quilting on it last week and today I finally finished it – whoop whoop!  Here is it laying on the deck in full sunlight…


This is a shot showing the back…before I put the binding on.


It measures 74×84 and to give a size comparison, here it is laying on our king size bed. It’s in the wash now getting all crinkly good…it’ll be ready for the first cool day of fall – ha – hopefully many months from now!!



I have not run – AT ALL –  since returning from my business trip a week ago Friday 😦  It’s been unbearably hot here and although there are other options I could’ve checked into for running indoors…I simply did not do it. The temps are not supposed to get any better in the next 10 days so…I’m going to need to figure something out! Come July, I need to start training in earnest for the Half Marathon in Myrtle Beach in October…and I’m not even sure I could go 3 miles right now.

Happy Sunday! ttfn…

Not much happening…

No sewing/quilting happened this week because I had business travel. I won’t bore you with all the details just suffice to say I was supposed to be home Thursday night but my flight was cancelled so I had to spend another night out of town 😦 After rescheduling with another airline I finally got home at 5pm on Friday… 😦

I did complete two C25K runs this week:

I finished the second round of Week 3 last Sunday…ugh, it was so hot!! I waited until there was mostly shade on my running route but that didn’t help as much as I hoped. Still, I averaged about the same time!

W3D3 again 6.10.18

I ran Week 4 Day 1 while in Columbus…again it was so hot & humid. I blew my average because I started the app too soon – I forgot I would have to wait at the crossing of a large intersection before I would be able to run/walk without stopping – oh well! I did jog in place but of course that doesn’t show up, LOL

W4D1 6.13.18

It’s going to be extremely hot here this week so I’m not sure when or where I’ll be able to run. I don’t have a membership to a gym and our treadmill is buried under moving boxes in the garage…so I guess I’ll just play it by ear 😉

That’s about all for now…have a Happy Father’s Day!!


Moda Love and more

I finished piecing my Scrap Attack June project and it’s only the 10th of the month – woot woot!! It’s good that I finished early because I’ll be traveling most of next week so there won’t be any sewing time 😦

After I finished making the 36 HSTs for the Moda Love pattern, it was time to square them up…ugh, my least favorite part!! They only needed a little trimmed off but if it’s not done the whole top will be wonky, so I can’t just skip it. There are tools that help make this part a little easier like Bloc Loc rulers and cutting mats that spin – my HSTs were odd sized, 7.5″, so Bloc Loc couldn’t help me. But I do have a spinning cutting mat…however I failed to remember that until after I was done and complained on IG about how much I hate trimming, LOL!!! Next time 😉


Here’s the finished top…now I need to figure out what to use for backing and how I want to quilt it.


I also made a couple of sofa pillows from fabric I thought had beach colors or beach theme. It’s been a while since I’ve made pillow covers but they turned out OK. I used the ‘overlap’ method on the back so I can use different inserts, for these I’ve stuffed in cheap standard sized bed pillows from Walmart – works for now!


I did some quilting on the one on the right, outlining the print to add some texture. I opted not to do any quilting for the one on the left. I have just enough fabric left to make one more of each but will need to use coordinating fabric for the backs.


Here they are in natural light and below you can see the back of one of the pillows. I had to add a button closure because the pillow insert was making the back bulge open. I actually used the button hole foot attachment on my machine to make the hole and to sew on the button! Wow, first time and it worked really well 😀


I also made this cute little pillow below to match a few others I made last year – DH wanted a pillow he could put behind his head so I used a ‘quilt-as-you-go’ method to sew strips to rectangle batting pieces and then sewed them together. I also used the overlap method for the back.




I completed all my planned runs for Couch to 5k – another woot woot! I finished up Week 3 but decided to do it again because I haven’t been able to finish the last 3 min run interval without stopping 😦

W3D3 6.4.18W3D1 again 6.6.18W3D2 again 6.8.18

I came really close to finishing that last 3 min run interval on Friday so I’m hoping I can complete it when I run Day 3 later today. Our weather has been pretty hot & humid which I think has been my problem but not gonna let that hold me back!!


Have a Happy Day! ttfn…


Scrap attack and C25K

Now that the focus on the Hands 2 Help challenge has passed, I got back to my May Scrap attack project…and I have a finished top!

The picture on the left is the pattern I chose for the May Scrap attack challenge and my finished top is on the right using my solid fabric scraps. I already know how I want to quilt it but it’ll have to wait it’s turn in line because I have 4 others that need to go first!

I pulled my challenge for June and once again, it’s a FREE pattern! This should go pretty quickly because the pieces are larger.

June Project

I still have so many solid scraps/fat quarters I’m going to use solids again for this one; in fact I already have all the pieces cut and the HST marked for sewing!! I altered the size of the blocks just a little because I didn’t have enough background fabric, instead of 10″ blocks mine are 8″. It will still make a nice size throw and I can always add borders to make it bigger 😉



I’ve been keeping up with the C25K program and I’m really happy about that. I usually listen to upbeat music when I run but I’ve switched it up for the last few weeks by listening to podcasts. And to my surprise, the workout feels like it goes by faster and it doesn’t feel as taxing! I know, I know, it’s all in my head but I’m really loving it right now!

The podcast that I’ve liked the most is called Half Size Me by Heather Robertson and it’s all about sustainable weight loss. Heather lost 150 lbs and has kept it off for 6 years – she’s not a doctor and she’s not selling any products; I really enjoy her style and her message.

W2D3 5.28.18W3D1 5.30.18W3D2 6.2.18


I’m headed back to my sewing room – have a happy day!!! 😀

Back to running…

I’ve been doing C25K for the past week…woo hoo!! And even a few days at the beach didn’t stop me 😉  Not my fastest times but right now I’m just focused on getting out the door!!

W1D2 5-20-2018W1D3 5.22.18W2D1 5.24.18

These first three runs were done in the afternoon/evening at home…the next one was done in the morning in Myrtle Beach – UGH it was so muggy – and it affected my pace.

W2D2 5.26.18

I’m supposed to do W2D3 today and although we just got back from the beach and the weather is a little iffy – I’m still bound and determined to “Get ‘er done”!


I haven’t done any sewing since my last post so nothing to show 😦 Hopefully I can get a little time in the sewing room tonight!!

That’s about all…ttfn

Stops and starts

No running this week – ugh! It’s rained almost every day and I just couldn’t muster the motivation to get out in it…so I no sooner started up the C25K program and I’ve stopped. The weather forecast shows a chance of heavy rain every day for the next 10 days…wow 😦


I FINALLY finished up the commissioned tshirt quilt – can I get a Whoop Whoop! I used the left overs from the backing fabric for binding and got DH to hold it up outside for a good natural light photo. The client was extremely happy and didn’t seem phased at all that it took almost 5 months to complete :-/

tshirt done 5.14.18


I started on my May Scrap Attack project using the design on the left side below. I decided to dip into my bin of solids and I’m using a marbled tan for the center pieces and sashing. This will be a very bright and vibrant baby blanket when finished.

I pulled out my Accuquilt cutter and used the die that came with it which cuts 4.5″ squares…however I ignored the instructions to only cut 6 layers at a time and started folding larger pieces into the squares…ugh! double ugh!! It wasn’t until I started piecing these 9-patches that I noticed something was off. Some of the squares weren’t completely square because all those extra layers of fabric had shifted as I cranked them through the cutter – when will I ever learn not to take short cuts? smh! Needless to say I had to ‘square up’ all my squares, talk about doubling my work 😦

That’s about all for today…ttfn!

Back at it…

I finally got all that ‘bad’ quilting unpicked from the tshirt quilt and I re-basted the back side because the fabric had puckered. It’s bad enough to baste a quilt one time but having to do it twice is just a huge pain in the neck. Any-who…I got back to quilting on it and I’m almost finished! Just one more small section and I can start binding! Ugh, now I’m going to have to decide what to use for binding…decisions, decisions!

20180513_081758 (2)


I started walking last week just to loosen up the old bones & muscles so it was time I gave Week 1 Day 1 a try. To my surprise, it wasn’t so bad!! I didn’t get winded, of course I was only running for 60 seconds at a time, but I think it’s good for me psychologically that it didn’t feel too hard 🙂

W1D1 5.12.18


I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday because I needed more batting, I bought one king size package of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 with their 40% off coupon, and just my luck they were on sale so I got a second one for 30% off. While I was there I shopped their clearance section for backing fabric to keep in my stash and got these lovlies


I also bought some fabric that I thought would be good for sofa pillows when we move to Myrtle Beach


The jury is still out on beach/footprint fabric but I’ll make a pillow cover and see how I like it then.

That’s about it for now…I’m off to finish up that tshirt quilt!!

Week 4, Day 1

Oh my, the weather was just about perfect for my run today! Sunny and low 60’s…woohoo!

My stats are a little skewed because I stopped during the 3rd segment to help with a lost dog…but it all ended well so I’m fine with it 🙂

W4D1 1.20.18

Week 3, Day 3

Finished up Week 3 today and just in time because we’re expecting some ‘white stuff’ overnight! I’ll start Week 4 on Friday when the temps are supposed to be back in the 50s  :-p