It’s been too long…

Wow, I can’t believe how much time has passed since my last post ~ sorry.

A lot has happened since June.  I wrote lyrics to a song called “Twice” that won a contest.  It won me a 1 year subscription to an industry magazine.  I’m still taking guitar lessons (in my 3rd month now).  I feel like I’m getting better, starting to understand how to figure out the fret board and all the possibilities of making music with the guitar.  It just seems to be coming so slow…I’m finding it hard to stay inspired…but I’m trying!

My computer crashed this month…ugh…what a sick feeling when I didn’t have my stuff backed up.  I had done a ‘light’ backup in at the beginning of May that saved some stuff but I lost most of my pictures and a lot of the songs I’ve written since May 1st.  Songs that I finished I had printed and put in a notebook but anything that was still in progress…lost.  So sad!  I had a serious cry over that.  I’ve since gotten a new computer and an external hard drive for backup – and I run a backup every week.  I’m not going through this pain again!!

I submitted another song called “It’s a New Day” in a contest last week .  The contest asked for songs with the theme “things are looking up”.  Those words didn’t have to be in the song but could be used.  The prize is a Larravie guitar!  I find out the results of the contest tonight…let’s hope it doesn’t take me two months to come back here and tell you the outcome.

**Update: I didn’t win the contest  😦  **

Here are the lyrics and a working copy of the melody:

It’s a New Day

I’ve had a change of attitude, things are looking up

My soul is blooming like a rose, it’s fillin my cup

My smile is brighter, I’m shinin like the sun

My mind is clear, I don’t regret what I’ve done

The rain stops and the clouds part

No teardrops, I’ve got a song in my heart


It’s a New Day, things are going my way

I can’t believe I feel this good

Got my mind set, givin more than I get

My plan is workin like it should

It’s all up to me, wouldn’t have it any other way

I’m where I want to be, It’s a New Day

It’s like the cards are stacked my way, they’re fallin into place

Seems everywhere I turn, I see a friendly face

Birds are singin louder, all the lights are green

I’m walkin on air, do you know what I mean?

The rain stops and the clouds part

No teardrops, I’ve got a song in my heart



I can’t control what happens but I control how I react

I can be negative or I can have a positive impact


Hey, hey, I’m where I want to be It’s a New Day

© Sharon Tucker 8/7/11

Not much else on the ‘creative’ front happening…ttfn