Back to running…

I’ve been doing C25K for the past week…woo hoo!! And even a few days at the beach didn’t stop me 😉  Not my fastest times but right now I’m just focused on getting out the door!!

W1D2 5-20-2018W1D3 5.22.18W2D1 5.24.18

These first three runs were done in the afternoon/evening at home…the next one was done in the morning in Myrtle Beach – UGH it was so muggy – and it affected my pace.

W2D2 5.26.18

I’m supposed to do W2D3 today and although we just got back from the beach and the weather is a little iffy – I’m still bound and determined to “Get ‘er done”!


I haven’t done any sewing since my last post so nothing to show 😦 Hopefully I can get a little time in the sewing room tonight!!

That’s about all…ttfn


Hand to Help 2018 Challenge

This is my third year participating in Sarah’s H2H challenge and I must say this year was a bit of a challenge for me! We’re moving in a few months (the date keeps getting pushed back) so I’ve been living in limbo and haven’t been nearly as productive as I would like to have been. Because of all that, I haven’t finished any of the ‘scrappy’ quilts I planned to donate so I’ve decided to pull a few finished quilts from my stash to send off to the charities this year:

  1. Jolly Bar Baby quilt

This quilt will be mailed off to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.


2. Black & White Granny squares quilt

This quilt will be mailed off to Emily of Em’s Scrap Bag for people undergoing chemo.

b&w done

Please visit Sarah’s link up page to view all the beautiful quilts being donated this year!!


Stops and starts

No running this week – ugh! It’s rained almost every day and I just couldn’t muster the motivation to get out in it…so I no sooner started up the C25K program and I’ve stopped. The weather forecast shows a chance of heavy rain every day for the next 10 days…wow 😦


I FINALLY finished up the commissioned tshirt quilt – can I get a Whoop Whoop! I used the left overs from the backing fabric for binding and got DH to hold it up outside for a good natural light photo. The client was extremely happy and didn’t seem phased at all that it took almost 5 months to complete :-/

tshirt done 5.14.18


I started on my May Scrap Attack project using the design on the left side below. I decided to dip into my bin of solids and I’m using a marbled tan for the center pieces and sashing. This will be a very bright and vibrant baby blanket when finished.

I pulled out my Accuquilt cutter and used the die that came with it which cuts 4.5″ squares…however I ignored the instructions to only cut 6 layers at a time and started folding larger pieces into the squares…ugh! double ugh!! It wasn’t until I started piecing these 9-patches that I noticed something was off. Some of the squares weren’t completely square because all those extra layers of fabric had shifted as I cranked them through the cutter – when will I ever learn not to take short cuts? smh! Needless to say I had to ‘square up’ all my squares, talk about doubling my work 😦

That’s about all for today…ttfn!

Back at it…

I finally got all that ‘bad’ quilting unpicked from the tshirt quilt and I re-basted the back side because the fabric had puckered. It’s bad enough to baste a quilt one time but having to do it twice is just a huge pain in the neck. Any-who…I got back to quilting on it and I’m almost finished! Just one more small section and I can start binding! Ugh, now I’m going to have to decide what to use for binding…decisions, decisions!

20180513_081758 (2)


I started walking last week just to loosen up the old bones & muscles so it was time I gave Week 1 Day 1 a try. To my surprise, it wasn’t so bad!! I didn’t get winded, of course I was only running for 60 seconds at a time, but I think it’s good for me psychologically that it didn’t feel too hard 🙂

W1D1 5.12.18


I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday because I needed more batting, I bought one king size package of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 with their 40% off coupon, and just my luck they were on sale so I got a second one for 30% off. While I was there I shopped their clearance section for backing fabric to keep in my stash and got these lovlies


I also bought some fabric that I thought would be good for sofa pillows when we move to Myrtle Beach


The jury is still out on beach/footprint fabric but I’ll make a pillow cover and see how I like it then.

That’s about it for now…I’m off to finish up that tshirt quilt!!

Scrap Attack May

I finally got around to pulling my Scrap Attack project for May…not quite sure I’ll actually get around to making it but at least I have the project identified :-/

I found this photo on Pinterest and just now realized it doesn’t link to a valid page so I’ll just need to figure this one out based on the picture…but it’s pretty simple.

9-patch Scrap Attack May

It’s a 9-patch quilt, I believe this photo is from Red Pepper Quilts but I can’t find any other Pinterest posts with an active link 😦

Oh wait, after more clicking around I found a link to what appears to be the finished Red Pepper quilt, although it looks different than the picture I saved on Pinterest. I like the setting in the picture above so I’ll go with that.




Stress is no fun…

Incredibly stressful last week…last minute travel, unwelcome changes at work, high-maintenance friend came for a visit, the new house STILL isn’t finished and so many things on the list that didn’t get done.

Fingers crossed next week is better :-/



Weekend in Charleston

Each year DH goes to a Corvette Car show in Charleston…he’s attended all 18 years!! Now that’s commitment, ha! I haven’t always gone with him but I did this year and the weather was just perfect for sitting in the middle of an asphalt parking lot – low 70’s, lots of sunshine and a slight breeze.

We drove down on Thursday to enjoy the scenery – these first two pictures were taken at Water’s Edge restaurant on Shem Creek, just over the BIG bridge in Mt Pleasant.

4.19.18 Charleston4.19.18 Charleston2



This picture is from the day before the show after he had wiped the car down several times. There were plenty of other Corvette owners at our hotel so he got to talk cars all day!


Here he is putting the finishing touches on before the judging begins.



Here are two shots of the car show on Saturday – there were over 350 Corvettes at the show – plenty to look at! There were some vendor booths selling various non-car related things so I got to do a little shopping, but nothing quilting related 😦


I finally finished off the wedding dress quilts but didn’t take very good pictures…and the owner has already picked them up so I can’t take more. I was so happy to be done with that project and I will never do another. The fabric is extremely difficult to work with and that’s after all the stress of actually cutting up someone’s wedding dress!!

This is the front & back of quilt #1


This is quilt #2 but I added more lace to the top and bottom edges after I took this picture – it just looked like it needed more.

I also made two garter’s from the dress fabric – a first for me – that project wasn’t so hard but it took a little extra time.

Regardless, it’s done and gone & I’m happy it’s over!!


Yesterday I finally basted the tshirt quilt that’s been in a holding pattern for more than a month. I’m sure that customer is wondering ‘what the heck is taking so long’! I started quilting on it last night BUT…I’m going to have to rip it all out!! Waaaah! I could tell the first bit of stitches didn’t look so great but I thought it was just because I was out of practice, I soon figured out I had the wrong needle it AND I forgot to drop my feed dogs – ACCCKKKK!!!

skipped stitchesripples

So today I’ll be frogging all those stitches and starting over – just as well because the backing also has a few ripples…Wow, I’m really out of practice 😦