WooHoo!! The top for the commissioned Dog Gone Cute quilt is done!!

This first shot is indoors on my design wall


For the next two pics I went outside to get some natural light…yes, that background fabric is pretty busy & bright but it’s what the client wanted 😉20170311_11394020170311_113833

Next up is choosing a backing fabric and quilting. I think I may go with organic lines like Lorna does on most of her quilts.

I got caught up on The Honey Pot Bee blocks for Feb & Mar. They issue multiple blocks each month but I’m only choosing one. The interesting part will be putting all the blocks together at the end of the year as they’re all varying sizes.


I’ve fallen behind on the Cookbook QAL but hope to get caught up this weekend by making all 4 blocks…fingers crossed!


No running in the last few weeks instead I’ve been doing low-impact cardio videos…I started out with 10 mins a day and have increased to 30 mins. I alternate between these videos and repeat them to get at least 30 mins. I can feel I’m getting better but for beginner workouts they’re pretty robust!


I’m still using my Bullet Journal…it keeps me focused on the things I want to do and helps me stay accountable to DOING them! It seems the act of just writing it down really motivates me … yay!!

Here’s my combined weekly/daily spread

This is my Mood Vines…doing a mood mandala is just too much for me and I saw this idea on the Boho Berry Tribe Facebook page so I’m using it!!

Lastly, here’s my March Tracker…most of the things I’m tracking are health/exercise related cuz that’s where I need to focus right now. As you can see…no C25K running at all this month, at some point I’ll get back to it.

What projects are you working on and how’s your progress?





Been a little sick

Ugh…!!! I was so pumped after attending QuiltCon all I wanted to do was get home and make all the quilts on my wish list – HA! Well yeah, I know that wasn’t going to happen but getting a head cold has brought my sewing to a stand still. I got home last Sunday afternoon and have been in bed or on the couch most of the last 6 days – ugh again! Ok, I’ll stop whining now 😉

I did FINALLY get back into my sewing room Friday night and put all my QuiltCon stuff away (I wish I had thought to take pictures of  the fabric I got from giveaways and purchases, but alas nope). I set my sewing machine back in place and did some general tidying up.

I only needed to make 2 more doggie faces to complete the Dog Gone Cute quilt I’ve been working on so pulled the fabric and cut all the pieces…


I was out of energy at that point so I saved the sewing for Saturday…and ta-da, I got them all sewed up.


As a reminder, this is a commissioned quilt top and the coloring of dog faces are modeled after her 3 dogs. She’s been following me on Facebook so she’s seen the progress shots I’ve posted and she’s seemed very happy so far.

After finishing the last two blocks I pulled the rest of the background fabric to make sure I had enough for sashing & borders and OMG I didn’t have enough. I started panicking at this point – what if I couldn’t get more? how the heck was I going to finish this top? and so on. I spiraled out of control for a few minutes then I called Hobby Lobby to have them check the shelf…(cue angels singing) they still had plenty!!! I drove over late yesterday and bought more than I needed…cuz ya never know!!


I’m still keeping up with my Bullet Journal and doing my S-A-V-E-R-S every morning…well, most of them. I haven’t been running at all, instead most days this week I completed a short low-impact cardio video on YouTube; better than nothing, right?

I finished another self-help book this week, The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris


I enjoyed his style of writing and especially liked that he didn’t spout the same old ‘fake it til you make it’ stuff. He delves into some uncomfortable areas and provides real-life tips for dealing with fear and negative thinking. I borrowed this book from the library but I’m seriously thinking about buying my own copy.

That’s about it. I’m hoping I can kick this head cold without it turning into a sinus infection but…if I’m not feeling any better tomorrow I’ll be going to the doctor.



A Couple of Days Late

If you follow me on Instagram (@Sharon1216) you may already know why I’m late with my post… if not, I’ll just say QUILTCON!!

I was so thrilled to get to go to this convention in Savannah, GA. Most of my quilts lean toward the Modern aesthetic and I favor most of the modern fabric lines so I knew attending this convention would be loads of fun.  I was also anxious to meet several of the quilting friends I’ve met online…and boy was I NOT disappointed 🙂

I didn’t take near as many pictures as I thought I would but I got the most important ones…

I got my credentials…


Here’s the first picture I took…the convention hall and all the quilts on display20170223_160332.jpg

This is Matthew Boudreaux – known as @MisterDomestic on IG…he’s a great quilter and has the most infectious personality!img_20170224_100557.jpg

As I started to make my way through the vendor booths…who do I spot? Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co!! I was seriously ‘fan-girling’…she couldn’t have been any nicer and I was surprised by how tall she is, I’d say almost 6ft, she doesn’t look that tall in all her videos! lol20170224_105043.jpg

On Friday I met up with Sarah from “Confessions of a Fabric Addict” or @fabricaddictquilts on IG. I’ve been following her for more than a year and have participated in several QAL’s and charity projects.


Next up I visited the display for #QuiltsForPulse organized by Alissa Lapinsky. They had setup a room made out of corrugate and pinned all the photos of the quilts donated or made by the Orlando MQG. I had no hopes of finding my quilt but somehow I spotted on the first wall I checked!! 20170225_121608.jpg

On Saturday we had a meetup for all the folks that were at QuiltCon who participated and Alissa made a little speech – she got emotional which made the rest of us do the same!20170225_124015.jpg

And of course I had to get a pic!! (still not so good a that ‘selfie’ thing!)20170225_124546.jpg

What follows are pictures of some of my favorite quilts on display:

This quilt won Best In Show – it was stunning! I wish I had snapped a photo of the display card…but duh! I forgot. It was all paper pieced and was 98″ square – her inspiration was a princess cut diamond.


These next three quilts didn’t win any awards – I just liked them


This next quilt was the one I voted for as People’s Choice but it didn’t win 😦  The quilting on this was just AMAZING…I’m sure I didn’t capture it very well – this is one of those you just have to see in person…WOW!


And lastly, I did get a little bit of sewing done while I was there – Yes, I took my machine!! I wanted to get two quilts quilted…but I only got about halfway through one. Here’s a shot of the middle


Ok, this post is long enough…thanks for reading this far…ttfn!


Good week/bad week?

This last week was not as productive as I planned so there isn’t a whole lot to share today…but here’s what I’ve got:

1. Running

I did not get all my workouts in this week – I was planning to run C25K W7D2 on Thursday afternoon but my ‘day job’ got in the way and I couldn’t get off the phone. Since I knew I was running the Charlotte 4 miler on Saturday I did not try to make up that run on Friday.

Speaking of the Charlotte 4 miler, I had a really good run! I was 3 minutes faster than a few weeks ago when I ran 4 miles on Super Bowl morning, so…Yay!


2. Quilting

I made some progress on the Doggie commission quilt, again not as much as I wanted 😦  I made the ‘ears down version’ of the second dog…not exactly sure what breed he is and I didn’t match him exactly but hey, it’s a quilt – not a portrait! lol


I plan to make the ‘ears up’ version today as well as catch up on the QAL’s I’m following (The Honey Pot Bee & Cookbook).

I’ll also be planning and preparing for QuiltCon next week (squeeee!), my first ever quilting convention! I don’t have a lot of planned activities or classes so I’ll just be taking it all in and figuring it out as I go. Since I’m driving to Savannah, I’ll be taking my sewing machine with me and a few quilt tops that have been patiently waiting to be quilted. I figure I’ll have ample time each night to work on them – at least I’m hoping that’s how it goes!

3. Bullet Journal

I’m still using my Bullet Journal daily and I’m still getting things done – yay! I’ve decided to change up my weekly layout – I’ve been using a combined weekly/daily format but I find that it just doesn’t give me enough room to write. Some days I have a lot to write and others not so much, as such I’m going to try separating them and see how it goes. My Daily spread will look a lot like Kara Benz’s until I figure out if I like doing it that way.


We’ll see how this works out but next week might not be a fair gauge as I’ll be traveling and for me, all structure goes out the window when I travel :-p

That’s all for me right now, what goals & priorities are you working on…and how’s it going?


Getting my act together

A couple of things I’ve been working on lately

  1. I started on the commissioned quilt Dog Gone Cute

The client sent me pictures of her three dogs so I could make fabric choices to represent each one. First up is her chocolate mix, this is probably the easiest because it’s the least number of fabrics involved. I’m making 2 sets for each dog – one with ears up and one with ears down. Here are the first two with ears up:


Today I’ll work on ‘ears down’ for this dog. These blocks finish pretty big at 12×18 so I’ll only need a total of 12 to complete this project.

2. Cookbook QAL

I completed Cookbook Blocks 5 & 6 this week; I know that dark fabric looks black but it’s actually navy.

Block 5 is called True North


Block 6 is called Open Sesame…oy, those curves really challenged me!


3. Since I completed my C25K run yesterday, no updates on that today.

4. I’m still using my Bullet Journal and still loving it! If you haven’t heard about Bullet Journaling or haven’t started yet you can check out these resources: from the creator Ryder Carroll himself Kara Benz has fully embraced Bullet Journaling and offers many hints, tips and techniques – she’s also quite creative which provides inspiration.

I’ve gotten so much done in these last 6 weeks  – granted they’re not big, life-changing things but they’re the things I’ve been ‘saying’ I wanted to do for a long time; and now they’re getting done! There’s something magical (for me) about actually writing it down on paper and being able to check it off when it’s done. The Bullet Journal provides a place for me keep everything together – in the past I would write something down but then not look at it again or worse, not be able to find it when I wanted to; no more!

Here’s a look at my spread for next week…now I need to fill it all in with tasks!


5. As part of my new, more organized self I want to start reading more books. They can be of any genre but I’m starting with self-help. I’ve already knocked out two books:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert has been popping up in quite a few blogs I follow so I had to check it out. I blasted through this book in 5 days; she has a very easy, conversational writing style that I found enjoyable. The book didn’t really have any ground-breaking thoughts but was full of those ideas you know and often forget.


This is my second time reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I had forgotten so many great ideas and practices from this book…argh! There are a few areas I really need to work on so I’ll be getting serious about following this.


Ok, I think that’s enough! ttfn…