HST Sampler done!

I put the finishing touches on the binding this evening and I’m calling this done (save for the label)!

I made this quilt following along with Amanda at 3and3quarters who started the QAL back in October. This is my second quilt made with Amanda – I just love her designs and her teaching style is easy to follow, never intimidating.

I purchased a layer cake of Michael Miller Happy Dots from Missouri Quilt Co and used Kona White from my stash for the background. When I was almost done making all the blocks I bought the backing and the binding fabric from 5bucksayard.com. She offers good quality fabric at very reasonable prices (as the name states).

I’m just so tickled with how this turned out!! I did free motion stippling in the blocks and used a straight stitch on the sashing and borders to create a frame for each block (thanks for that suggestion Amanda!). I decided to cut the binding on the bias to add a bit of movement on the edges…this was quite nerve wracking as it was my first time cutting & sewing with bias binding but I think it worked out very well.





Now I just need to decide if I’m keeping this one or offering it for sale…either way this definitely gives me confidence to pull out one of my unfinished ‘sandwiches’ and do more free motion quilting…weeeeee!

ttfn and…G’night

2016 Finish

I’ve already finished my first quilt this year 😉 I started it last weekend and I just couldn’t stop until it was finished.

I purchased a book of baby/crib size quilt patterns called “Fat Quarter Baby” from the Fat Quarter Shop – O.M.G! These quilts are just too stinkin cute!!!

I flipped through the pages about 100 times before deciding on which one I would make first – Andrew, was my choice. It’s a cute little whale shape repeated three times and I had just the right fabrics in my stash to make it…in fact I made it completely from stash fabric, backing and all! I had some blue & white dot fleece left over from another quilt which was the perfect size for this quilt and I used the left over fat quarter pieces to make a scrappy binding…win, win, win!

IMG_2914IMG_2919I quilted this using a Scallop stitch on my Pfaff and modified it as large as it would go to mimic the look of water…I Love It!!!IMG_2915(sorry about the poor lighting – I really must do something about that!)IMG_2917This quilt doesn’t have a home yet but I’m sure I’ll get some interest when I post it on FB.[2.25.16 Edit: Andrew the Whale quilt was sold to a friend in Maryland]

I’m still working on finishing the HST Sampler QAL from 3and3quarters. I’ve got it basted and it’s next in line for quilting. I think I’m going to try FMQ stippling on each of the blocks and leave the sashing alone…at least that’s my plan for now, I might feel differently once I get started :-p


Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!!


Almost done…almost

I’m entering the final stretch in finishing the Quilt-Along-With-Me from 3and3quarters.

Tonight I finished all the quilting by putting some simple straight lines in the black sashing and the border. Then I cut off the excess backing and binding and squared up the quilt…don’t tell my husband but I used our dining room table as my work table – I just couldn’t crawl on the floor any more!

I have no idea what that weird yellow dot is in the middle of the table...must be something in the flash bouncing back, LOL
I have no idea what that weird yellow circle is in the middle of the table…must have been caused by the flash!

Here’s a shot of it all squared up…squeeee!

Completed top squared

While I was finishing up the quilting I decided I would use a scrappy binding of the yellow patterned fabrics that I used in the top. It should frame up the black border and make nice contrast for the soft yellow polka dot backing – at least that’s how it looks in my head!

The blanket is 56″ square so I calculate I need 224″ plus 12″ extra for joining, then divide that by 40″ (WOF) which works out to 6 strips (the fabric is approx 44″ WOF but I like to use 40″ in my calculations that way I always have enough!). I only have three of the yellow pattern fabrics left over so I cut two, 2.25″ strips from each and pieced them together using a diagonal join. Finally, I pressed it in half and wound it up into a nice ball, now I’m ready to attach the binding – tomorrow!

scrappy binding

I’m so excited to be ‘almost’ done. After the binding I just need to add the label…hmmm, what am I going to use for the label? Oh boy, now I need to start thinking about that!

That’s all for now…G’night!

The week that was

This has been pretty productive week for me, both in sewing and running 🙂

I finally finished the four blocks for the “Quilt-Along-With-Me” hosted by Amanda Rolfe of 3and3quarters. Here are two different angles:



After completing the blocks with different patterns of yellow and black I needed to attaching sashing and borders. I mocked up a few different options using my crude PowerPoint skills and decided that black would be the best color – and that was the fabric I had immediately available :-s

I also decided to change up the instructions a tad bit (sorry Amanda). Her pattern calls for a single accent block to be placed in the center of the sashing and since I had four different fabrics it was going to be difficult deciding which one to choose. So…instead of the single block in the center, I decided I would use each of the four fabric to add corner blocks. Here’s a picture of the completed top – I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Top done

I think the black really makes the yellow pop but also adds some balance. Now, for the backing…I’m going to go shopping for some muted or marbled yellow. I’ve also made a mini accent block mimicking the blocks on the front that I’ll work into the backing somehow. It measures 12.5″ square – that probably doesn’t sound very mini, but the blocks on the front measure 23″ square. I also swapped the white out for black which should make this block pop on the yellow backing.

mini block

I’ve already got some ideas about how I want to quilt this…I just need to get the backing and get it basted so I can start 🙂

On the running front, I completed two runs this week and will be meeting my running buddies tomorrow to put in 9 miles – eeks! Our Half Marathon is right around the corner on May 16th!

Monday: I was planning to complete 3 miles but came in a little short

4.27.15 garmin

Wednesday: I planned on 4 miles (if I count the warm up & cool down I made it…lol)

4.29.15 garmin

Wish me luck for tomorrow!!


Block #2 started

I’m following along with Amanda Rolfe in her “Quilt Along with me” series…but I’m a tab bit behind because I had to wait for additional fabric to be delivered. Thankfully it arrived today!! Of course I couldn’t wait to get started…so…tonight I cut all the necessary pieces for the second block and then sewed & cut all the HST. That’s as far as I got before my eyes started getting blurry, that’s when I knew I needed to stop for the night.

Here’s a picture of all the pieces laid out waiting to be sewn into the 23×23 block

Block 2 in progress

Here’s a reminder of what the first block looks like…similar colors but very different pattern


And here are the two remaining fabrics I’ll be using for the 3rd and 4th block…this should be interesting!!

fabric for 3 & 4

I’m not really sure how the fabric on the right will fit in since it doesn’t have any white in the pattern…but time will tell!

I’m off to bed…G’night!

WIPs update

Baby blanket #4 has been basted and is ready to be quilted. I tried a different basting technique this time, I used basting pins – how novel! The few other blankets I’ve made I’ve used basting spray which worked well but I’m a little freaked about using them inside with the fumes and all – and the weather outside has been rainy for the last few days so I couldn’t take everything outside to spray baste.

Because of all that I decided to try pins, plus the blanket is small enough that I didn’t need hundreds of pins so it made for the perfect ‘trial size’. I first lined everything up and gave it a good all over pressing and then laid it out on the floor and started pinning in the middle and worked my way out. It was basted in no time – now it sits on my ‘design bed’ waiting for me to figure out how I want to quilt it.

Pin basted

I just love the all the happy colors on the top as well as the back – and as usual I don’t have an intended recipient. Once it’s finished I’ll post it on FB to see if any friends or neighbors would like to have it for their kid/grandkid.

I’ve also started following a “Quilt-Along-With-Me!” series posted by Amanda Rolfe of 3and3quarters – last night I finished the first block. It’s called the Father’s Choice Block and after watching her tutorial I was so inspired I pulled my fabrics and finished it in one sitting. I still need to make three more and because I was in such a hurry to make it I chose a fabric that I only had enough for one block…so the other three blocks will be made with coordinating fabrics – at least I hope they coordinate! The block is supposed to measure 23″ square…mine’s a little off 23×22 7/8 – close :-p


She gives some really great tips about pressing seams so they ‘nest’ when sewing it all together – I really need to focus on that a little more as I had some issues with my seams not pressed in the right direction. It worked itself out OK but I hope to improve when I make the other three.

That’s all for now…