More Charity quilting

It was a mad dash to finish the quilts for the Hands2Help Challenge coordinated by Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict. This year I committed to making 3 quilts and I wanted to use up my scraps so it was a perfect match. Luckily I already had a head start by cutting and sewing together 2.5×4.5 leaders & enders for a few months now and I’m proud to say I got all three quilts completed – whoop whoop!

Two of them are already on their way to the charities – I just finished the last one late Friday so I’ll put it in the mail tomorrow – whew!

I posted about Scrappy 1 last week but here’s a reminder picture


Scrappy 2 is almost identical except for the border


I tried to use more masculine colors to make the scrappy back


And the third quilt is Scrappy Stars, I made this flimsy before the H2H event started when Sarah was posting her Stunning Stars series and almost forgot all about it…but I pulled it out and got it done just in time



It feels so good to make quilts knowing they will be given to those in need…I hope it brings them a little happiness ūüėÄ

In other sewing news…I made the May Honey Pot Bee blocks. I’m using fabrics from two Blueberry Park Cool layer cakes with silver for the background, I can’t wait to see how all this comes together…squeee



On the running front…I went out with my running buddies yesterday morning and ran the Cannoli 5k! It’s a fun event that I ran last year…it’s part of a local Italian festival and the course is a 1 mile loop. At the end of each loop you have the option to eat a mini cannoli. Last year I ate one after the first loop and immediately regretted it…don’t get me wrong, it was delicious but it did not sit well in my stomach while running! This year I waived off ūüėČ

For not having run in many, many weeks I’m happy to say I finished with a decent time and I’m not horribly stiff today…win, win! I set my C25K app for intervals of 2 min run/1 min walk which worked out pretty well. One little asterisk…it seems there was a different race coordinator this year and a few things were off – a big one was the course distance came up short at 2.88, confirmed by my running buddies too. That’s ok…I’ll take it either way!!


I’ll be spending the morning on the couch watching the ATP finals in Rome…I do love me some Tennis! This afternoon I plan to get started on my next commissioned t-shirt quilt and I already have another request waiting in the wings!




Getting ready

I agreed to run a 5k with one of my running buddies and it’s coming up in a couple of weeks. Normally a 5k is no big deal but since I’ve gotten out of my running routine I figured I best get my rear out the door and do a little running. I looked back at my running log and the last time I ran was on April 15…whoops!

The same running buddy put out a call to our small ‘sole sisters’ group about running this morning and I committed. I told her I couldn’t go for a long distance but I definitely needed to run. Unfortunately when I got up this morning she had texted late last night that she couldn’t run this morning as she was given horse feeding duties – she’s an avid horse lover.

Now, I could’ve easily said “yay, now I don’t have to run” (believe me the idea definitely entered my mind), but I decided to stick with the plan…except I waited for the rain spritzing to stop ūüėČ

I opened my C25K app and used the intervals I had loaded from last time – 2 min run, 1 min walk – and I’m glad I did! I wasn’t exhausted at the end but my breathing was a bit labored. Luckily we’ve got a little cold front at the moment and the temps were only in the upper 50’s, there was also a significant breeze so I didn’t have to worry about getting over heated.

My pace and overall time wasn’t too bad…a little slower than when I stick to a routine…but I’m happy with it. And when I got back to the house I took the dog for a short walk while I cooled down…yay, extra steps!

5.6.17 rd

Cannoli 5k

Last week was a bit of a blur for me due to traveling – I get call out of sync when I’m out of my ‘natural habitat’…lol!

It actually started the week before when we went to Myrtle Beach on Thurs thru Sat. I was home all day Sunday and then flew to Columbus, OH for a business meeting on Monday. I returned Wed evening and it took me until yesterday to really feel back in rhythm.

All that said, I didn’t do any of my planned running on Tues or Thurs. Before we went to MB, a few of my running buddies had signed up for a local 5k ¬†on May 21 and urged me sign up…so I did. Even though I hadn’t run during the week I was pretty sure I’d have no problems doing a 5k and this one was supposed to be really fun because it was part of an Italian festival and they were giving away cannolis at every mile!! The other bonus was it didn’t start until 9am…kind of late if you’re used to running organized events at 7am.

The only down side was the weather, we’ve been getting a lot of rain and it’s been coming in bouts of downpours. Once I got up I checked the weather and it looked like we’d be fine for the run. I ate breakfast and headed over to the event to meet up with my buddies. After a quick prayer the horn sounded and we were off. The planned route was actually a 1 mile loop so each time around you could pick up a cannoli – I did it on the first loop and after eating that one I knew I’d waive off the rest. They were only mini but I just didn’t want to take the chance of upsetting my stomach.

I had on my Garmin watch and on the second loop I could tell I was making pretty good time but my legs were also starting to let me know they didn’t appreciate working this hard after being off a whole week. I pressed on and during the last .25 mile I realized I could possibly get a new PR if I really pushed it…so I did…and I did!!

Official race time: 36:54 (sent in email, results are not posted online yet)

Garmin time: 36:49 (the distance is not quite 3.1 so I’ll go with the official race time!)

5.21.16 garmin

I’m pretty surprised I got a new PR – my former best was 37:49…boom!

My next race is the Lake Wylie Splash Dash 10k…it’s all HILLS…ugh! Not looking for any PR there, I just want to finish before they close the course!!



Turkey Trot 5K

As mentioned in my previous post, I decided not to get up early to run an organized Turkey Trot, instead I waited for the temps to warm up and ran my own Turkey Trot around the neighborhood.

I planned to make this an ‘easy run’ so I didn’t push too hard during the run segments but as I got close to 3.1 I realized I would finish under 40 minutes so I picked up the pace in the final run segment ūüėČ


Let the ‘feasting’ begin ūüėÄ


Kind of bummed

My training run was supposed to be 6 miles today but I cut it short because of the weather.¬† I had planned to run a local 5K and afterward was going to run the same route again however mother nature had other plans.¬† I knew there was a chance of rain this morning but I was hoping it would hold off so I could complete 6 miles.¬†¬†I was really looking forward to getting a preview for the 10K so I was¬†a bit bummed that¬†I only¬†got in three miles¬†before the rain started pouring down.¬† If the temps had been warmer I would’ve kept running but I really don’t want to take a chance of coming down with a cold just a few weeks before the big 10K, so I opted to be content with¬†the 5K and call it a day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be better, 60’s and no rain so I’ll try for 6 miles again¬† ūüôā


Getting better

Woohoo, I’m so excited about the run I had tonight!¬† The RFG group met tonight and afterward we went to a local elementary¬†school to run together for our prescribed 3 mile Tempo run; that means I should be running at my 5K pace.¬† I started out feeling pretty good and I was pacing another runner that was about 20 feet in front of me.¬† I ran for 1.25 miles before I needed to slow to a walk for a couple of minutes.¬† I caught my breath and started running again and this time¬†I didn’t stop to walk¬†until I had reach 2.2 miles.¬† I slowed one more time at 2.8 miles and then finished strong.

I used the Mapmyrun app to track tonight because I didn’t want to schedule my run/walk segments, I wanted to run for as long as I could and then walk for just a short time.¬† My overall¬†pace was just slightly better than my last 5K, I can’t complain about that!!¬† ūüôā


Keeping up with the group

Although the Run for God 5K program ended with our 5K¬†run on¬†12/7, many of us have kept in touch through Facebook and continue to meet for runs.¬† Yesterday one of the ladies posted that she would be running at the middle school tonight so I sent her a message that I’d meet her there; a few other folks responded as well.¬† About an hour before our scheduled time, she had to cancel due to work commitments but I decided to show up anyway and see who else would be there.¬† Two other ladies showed up and we put in 3 miles…yay!¬† The temp was about 55 but there was a pretty strong wind which made it feel a bit colder but nothing unbearable.¬† I had to stop for several walk breaks…why is it some days are so much harder than others!?¬† If it wasn’t for the other ladies there I’m sure I would’ve thrown in the towel and ended early.

Overall, I still had a pretty decent time.


5K to 10K…really?

Well, I did it!¬† I committed to joining the next Run for God program which is to run¬†a 10k or Half…oh boy!¬† I told them that I may not make that distance but I wanted to keep training with a group to keep me motivated.¬† I’m also going to join the local Anytime Fitness club so I’ll have plenty of options for cross training or running inside if the weather is too cold for me.

I think I had already made up my mind a few days ago when I purchased the 5k to 10k program through RunDouble and then proceeded to ‘test out’ Week 1 Day 1 on Saturday at the gym.¬† The workout was to run 5 intervals of 8 minutes with a 1 min brisk walk in between.¬† I also decided I would start out slow and try to increase my speed with each interval…nothing major just a little bump each time.¬† I started out at 4.8 and increased to 5.2 – the first two intervals were OK but by the third I was getting pretty tired so I had to stop and walk half way through.¬† For the 4th & 5th intervals I only ran for 3 mins and walked the rest.¬† That dang pesky Target Heart Rate poster was staring me down again and each time I checked my HR I was above ‘my’ zone so I slowed to a fast walk at 4.5.¬† Overall, it wasn’t a bad workout and I’m happy that I finished it…including the WU & CD it was just shy of 4 miles…not too bad.


Treadmill time…

It’s just been too cold and wet for me to run outside for my last two workouts.¬† I was in Maryland¬†last weekend with the temps in the 20’s (wind chill in the teens) and I’m a big sissy when it gets that cold!¬† At these times, the treadmill is my friend ūüôā


For my Run with God group meeting on Tues, it was in the low 40’s and driving rain…no way was I running outside (and the rest of the group felt the same).¬† Although, I must fess up: I was supposed¬†to run on the treadmill when I got home from the meeting but my ‘lazy evil twin’ talked me out of it – dang her!

So my last run was yesterday morning¬†– and although it wasn’t raining, I chose to run on the treadmill in the garage.¬† The outside temps were in the low 30’s but it was a toasty 54 in the garage so I was quite comfortable.¬† The program has us running for 30 minutes now however I still need to stop for short breaks, still overall my pace is not bad.


Next weekend (12/7) is our group 5K¬†so I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!


Electric Run – Charlotte

Well, I did it!¬† I completed the Electric Run 5K in under 40 minutes which was my goal…but first let me tell you about the run itself.¬† It was quite a spectacle, from people wearing all kinds of glow-in-the-dark clothing to face and body paint and beyond.¬† I would have to agree with the promoters, it was a pretty happy place to be.¬† The weather turned out to be great, low 80’s and low humidity which made it all that more enjoyable.¬† As the crowd of thousands filled the starting chute they sectioned us off into waves so that everyone wasn’t starting at the same time – oh and by the way, this was not a timed race.¬† I was in the second wave and when they let us go it was pretty slow going at first, as you can imagine a few hundred people at the same time might be.¬† After a few minutes I was able to make my way around the walkers and fall in to a relatively slow pace.¬† I’m not sure exactly how long my first run interval was but I know it was close to 3/4 mile (!) because during¬†my first walking interval I passed the 3/4 mi mark.¬† After that I have no idea how long my runs were because I just kept going for as long as I could and then I would walk for a little bit…rinse and repeat.

The course was pretty cool; there was high tempo music piped all along the route and several visual displays of lights and decorations.¬† The course was mapped in and around the speedway in Charlotte and on the last 1/4 mile¬†we actually ran over the ‘finish line’ on the track.¬† It would’ve been even cooler if that was the finish for the 5K but I don’t think the track would allow them to have the after-party there.

I used ‘mapmyrun’ to keep track of my run and it appears the course they created was a little further than¬†5K because I started the app as I crossed the Start Line and stopped it right after the Finish Line.¬† The good news is I definitely finished the traditional 3.1 miles in under 40 minutes…Yay me!!¬† I will say that my hips and feet are feeling a little stiff and achy this morning but nothing that a day off shouldn’t cure.

I would recommend the Electric Run if you want to just ‘have fun’ and are not serious about your finishing time.¬† We didn’t stay for the after party as we were already 1.5 hours from home and we didn’t get a chance to eat dinner before the race (that’s a whole other story!).

7.26.13 Electric Run

electric run