April progress

I’ve got all the parts cut & pieced for the April Color Blocks quilt design and I’ve laid them out on my design wall

Next step is to square up all the blocks and then start piecing it in diagonal rows. Once that’s done I’ll add a 2.5″ border which will make the top 49×60. This QAL is so great because not only does Debby give you the quilt pattern each month, she also suggests a quilting motif that can be accomplished on a domestic machine. This month it’s an all-over swirl in varying sizes, like shown here in her sample


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I swear this is not an ad… I’m getting nothing out of sharing this other than I hope to help save someone else. The only thing to know is that if you use GoodRx instead of your insurance those dollars will not count toward your deductible – that’s it!!

I’m due for a refill again and I’ve already transferred my Rx to a different pharmacy to get the better prices. What boils my blood is… if they can do this at one pharmacy why the H*** can’t they all offer those same prices!!???

Ok, back to quilting related stuff 😀


Actually, that’s all for today! Have a great rest of your weekend and stay safe!

More color blocks

I’m really enjoying Debby Brown’s Color Blocks QAL… each month she releases a new pattern and I’ve completed three quilts so far! For the April pattern she used bright fabrics to offset the color blocks and since I have very similar shades in my stash I’m doing a close duplicate.

Here’s her sample:

…and here’s my color pallete


I made a small upgrade to my design wall this week. Hubby and I put it up when we first moved in (it’s just insulation board covered with white flannel) and I’ve been frustrated every time I hang blocks or a quilt because I can never get it straight or level without several attempts and repositioning… so… yesterday I got out a level and drew some guide lines! So simple but it’s taken me 2 years to do it!! LOL

Now, unfortunately I didn’t plan the size of the squares before I started… I just used the width of the level as my guide so the squares are a smidge bigger than 2.5″. It’s ok, I wasn’t planning to use them as any kind of measurement… just a guide to hang my blocks 😉


In other awesome news… both hubby and I are totally vaccinated!! Yay!!

Hubby’s appt was Tuesday and I went with him. I was scheduled for the next day and when we shared that with them they insisted they could give me my second shot now instead of coming back, so that’s what we did!

The only side effects I experienced were a sore arm (although not anywhere near as sore as with the first shot) and I suffered with a headache starting that night, continuing the whole next day. It finally subsided around 9pm Wed night – whew! Hubby didn’t have any issues at all!


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

Stay safe and

April patchwork block

…ugh, this one was a bit difficult for me…lots of seams and it seems (pun intended) I’m not so good at that!

Let me back up just a bit. I’ve been following along with Tinkerbellknits as she posts the monthly patchwork challenges – you can read about the April block here and also find links to previous months at the bottom of her post.

The April block is called Cat and Mice – it requires cutting half square triangles and then sewing them together in a specific pattern to make a 12″ block – here is my attempt

April Cat and Mice

As I’m sure you can see, there’s an obvious alignment issue with the upper left square where it meets the center block (or supposed to meet!). I’m sure some will gasp when I say I’m going to leave it that way! Since I’m still learning how to do all this, I want to keep my blocks – mistakes and all – and eventually make a ‘Learning Quilt’. I can look back at it in the future and (hopefully) see how far I’ve come!!