Gemstones completed!

Just a heads up…since I buy so much from Amazon I figured it was about time I became an affiliate. So from now on, any Amazon link in my blog will be an affiliate link. It won’t cost you extra in any way if you decide to make a purchase but I’ll get a little spiff in return.


Last week I posted about basting the Gemstones quilt and I ‘thought about’ quilting it all week but I finally got it done yesterday!! Yay!! I struggled with how to quilt it for the whole week and finally landed on an all-over loopy meander. I haven’t done that design in quite a long time so I worried it wouldn’t look good but I fell into a rhythm very quickly and got it done in no time. I also went into my thread stash and pulled out a lovely shade of purple (Aurifil 1243) to use on the top. It blends well will all the colors. I used a basic tan shade in the bobbin to match the backing fabric.

I auditioned several fabrics for the binding and chose a solid purple – I must have been in a purple mood yesterday LOL. I finished it up late last night so no outdoor pictures.

I’ve been working on a different project on & off. I stumbled across an older video from MSQ a few weeks ago for a quilt-as-you-go project and wanted to give it a shot. Their video was for hexagons which required a template but after searching for the original pattern I found they had a tutorial for squares, so I pulled some fabrics and got started. It’s relatively easy but can be a little fiddly so I’m only making a few blocks at a time. It’s basically like making a bunch of 5″ quilts, once I have them all done I’ll zigzag stitch them together and voila’!

I received my fabric order from, I think the floral I chose for my Gather Ye Rosebuds top looks great with it! Now let’s see how long it takes to get it basted πŸ˜‰


In other news, Sammie had a few issues the last time I took her to get groomed so I figured it was about time I try to groom her myself! I bought a trimmer (not made for pets) and it did just ok, of course! It’s not made for pets so I returned it. I decided I should invest in a set that are made for pets so I ordered these Wahl clippers from Amazon.

They’re supposed to arrive later today, I’ll keep you posted on how well they work πŸ˜‰


That’s about all for now, have a great rest of your weekend

A quiet week

I’ve been a little low-key and semi-unproductive this week. I did work on a couple of projects that have been sitting around collecting dust, otherwise not much happening.

The APQ UFO Challenge number for March is 12 and that corresponded to a Cozy Christmas project that has been waiting to be quilted since Christmas. It’s a small project so I tackled that this week; I decided on free-motion twinkle stars (that’s not the official name but that’s what I’m calling it!). It quilted up in one evening and then it took another day to figure out what I wanted to use for binding – I settled on plain red fabric…DONE! And I just love my new labels, makes it look so professional πŸ˜‰



Next up I’ve started quilting on the MQG Fabric challenge mini/wall quilt. I did straight line quilting in the ‘arrows’ but now I’m stuck on what to do on the rest…grrr! I want to use a more dense design to hopefully allow the arrows to stand out but nothing is coming to me so, now it sits waiting…




That’s all the quilting/sewing I’ve done this week. We had a friend come for an impromptu visit so that distracted me a bit. She left yesterday morning and I used the fair weather to go out on the deck and baste the Doggie quilt. The customer chose a lovely dark blue Island Batik, I think it helps balance all the ‘noise’ on the front. Now to decide on how to quilt this…I’m thinking of ‘organic wavy lines’ in my go-to Aurifil Dove Grey 2610…we’ll see if I stick with that idea once I get it under the needle!



I’ve got my Bullet Journal all setup for April – I took some time this week to review which spreads and layouts I’ve really liked over the last few months and what I wanted to adjust. I made a list of those spreads and the order I wanted them in for April and started building…sqweeee, now I’m all excited to start using them πŸ˜‰



As for running, nope. I do want to get back into it – my running buddies have take a little hiatus too so I don’t feel so bad :-/ Β I’ve been doing YouTube cardio videos every morning so at least I’m moving and maybe it won’t be so hard to get back to running…yeah, hopefully!

That’s all for now. What are you working on and how’s it coming along?

Border crazy and free stuff

I finished piecing the Granny Square top last night and found some old skirt hangers to hang it up so I could get a better look (not sure why I didn’t try this sooner!). Once I stepped back and took a few photos, it was painfully clear it needs another border. I’m not sure if I’ll do a plain black border or maybe introduce a pop of color…what do you think?

top completed1
The lighting is pretty bad in this shot but take my word for it, the colors are black, gray and white :-s

I mentioned in a previous post that I had won a $50 gift card for the and after several days of browsing I finally placed my order this morning. I got two large spools of Aurifil Thread (I’ve read so many great things about it and now I’ll get to try it…sqweeeee!). And from a seasonal point of view, I stumbled across an adorable Patchwork Pumpkin table runner on Pinterest so I just had to get some fabric to make it. I’m so excited…can’t wait for that shipment to arrive!

Thanks again toΒ Late Night Quilter!


Have a great day…ttfn