Getting stuff done

I finished up the Trees quilt last week and posted it for sale on Facebook…so far no takers. No worries, I’ll hang on to it for a bit and if it doesn’t sell I’ll probably donate it. I’m not trying to create a business out of making quilts, I do it because I enjoy it…if I make a few bucks at it, well that’s just icing on the cake.



I was feeling the need for a quick finish so I pulled a charm pack I got in a Sew Sampler box and used the pattern provided to make this table runner. It’s not my aesthetic but I like how it turned out. Again, I put it up for sale on Facebook.


I had some half square triangle blocks left over so I’m making a coordinated hot pad to go with the table runner…still in process.


I also started another project with some Jolly Bar precuts from a Sew Sampler box…this time I used the Jolly Bar pattern book from a different box and I’m almost done putting this baby size top together

jolly bar book

2017-12-24 08.20.16

The weather here has been really mild and today will probably be the last day in the 50’s for the next 10 days so I’ll be getting out there the start week 4 of C25K. The running portions of the intervals will now start to increase…I’m excited to see how I’ll do!

And I decided to take the leap and sign up for another Half Marathon – the Myrtle Beach Mini. This is the same race I completed for my very first Half and my running buddies have a tradition of running it every year. I’ve skipped it for the last two years but figured since I’ll be living in MB I may as well sign up. The race is in October so I have PLENTY of time to train!

The rest of today will be spent watching football and later going to a few parties in the neighborhood.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope all your dreams come true!! šŸ˜€


I love learning something new!

I’ve been working on the baby blanket (that I’ve now named Ashlyn after the yet unborn baby girl whom this is for) and I’m almost to the point of starting the applique…eeeks! I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought some fabric; first I found Kona Cotton in Lavender in the clearance bin – SCORE!! I also bought some other fabric in a darker shade of lavender and then I found it…lavender flannel!! And there was just 2 yards left on the bolt which is more than enough for the back. Lastly, I picked up Heat n Bond, which according to all the tutorials I’ve watched is exactly what I need to adhere the letters to the quilt before actually stitching them on.

lavender fabrics

Tonight I played with PowerPoint and found a font that I like…I printed out the letters in lower case (using mirror image) and traced it on the Heat n Bond paper. I followed the instructions for adhering it to the back side of the fabric and then I cut out the letters…I’m so excited because they all turned out great!! I placed the letters on the yellow strip and played with positioning them; alternating leaning left/right…for now straight wins out.

After putting them in place (but not yet ironing them on) I felt like I needed something else to balance it out…so I found a flower pattern and made two; one in a large size the other in a smaller size. Ā Here’s what it looks like so far…

with 2 flowers

I still need to sew on the lavenderĀ borders on the left and right sides and of course iron on and sew the letters and flowers. I have a feeling I should’ve done the applique before I attached the yellow strip to the rest of the quilt…argh…I guess that will be another lesson learned!

I’m really loving the way this is turning out…and hopefully Ashlyn’s parents will love it too!


I’m still sewing and quilting but I haven’t started back running yet…not sure what I’m waiting for šŸ˜¦

I started another baby blanket, this one intended for one of my grandsons…probably grandson #1. He’s really into trains right now but I don’t want to make him a blanket with all trains and have him lose interest so I’m taking a gamble and making him a really bright top with the cars and bikes from the Ready, Set, Go collection. I got these as part of the fat quarter fabric club shipment for February and then used some of the other coordinating fabric to fill out the rest.

I was stumped on what to use for the backing fabric but I really LOVE the remnant piece I got at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago (I don’t know what it’s officially called but I call it ‘cosmic‘) and I wanted to use it … so I decided the top of the blanket would be for his current age (2) and the back of the blanket would be for when he’s a little older … problem solved! I didn’t have enough of the cosmic fabric for the entire backing so I added strips of plain black to get the size I needed.

(my photography skills leave a lot to be desired but hopefully you can get get the idea)

Ready Set Go

Close up

Back w flash
with flash (a little over-exposed)
No flash
No flash

Now I need to baste and quilt it…I’m thinking of running a chevron pattern down each of the strips on top using red thread while having black thread in the bobbin, the idea of it looks good in my head…we’ll see!

It was too late to keep working on that quilt so I started taking left over fabric scraps and began building ‘scrappy blocks’. I have no idea what I’m going to do with these – maybe inspiration will come one day.

Block 1
Block 1
Block 2
Block 2
Block 3
Block 3


New fabrics!

I just joined a fabric clubĀ to start building my stash and I received the first shipment today (squeee!). There are 12 fat quarters and one spool of coordinating thread; the January color scheme is Pinks. I’m so excited to make something but I’m just not sure what to make. I searched the web for some fat quarter baby blanket patterns and I think I found one that should be easy enough and would be fun for a little girl.

Now I just need to be sure so I can start cutting into the fabric…is it just me or does anyone else find it hard to start cutting into new fabric? Oh, the indecision!! Until I can muster up my determination here are some shots of the fabrics:

All piled up on each other:

All new fat qtrs

I was thinking of using the top row and the second row to make the baby blanket mentioned above – each group would make a front and back. Here are some close ups of those fabrics:

Close up top row
Top row
Close up 2nd row
2nd row

The last row of fabrics are a little more sophisticated and I have no idea what I might do with those yet:

Close up 3rd row
3rd row

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!