Little change

Well, nothing has changed with my April Color Blocks quilt! It’s still hanging on my design wall just like this

I need to get it basted along with a few other quilts that have been waiting…but Ugh, basting is my least favorite part of quilt making! So instead of doing that I did a ‘squirrel’!!

I started working on some Safelight case sets for Carole at From My Carolina Home. Each year she puts out a call for assistance making the sets or donations for other supplies that go into the bags. I’ve made 3 sets so far and I’ve got fabric pulled for 2 more. These come together pretty quickly and each set can be made with 2 FQ of coordinating fabrics.


In other news, I’ve been eating pretty good following WW guidelines and I’m down another 1.4lbs. Here are a few yummy lunches from this week.

We’ve been eating out a little more now that we’re both fully vaxxed and I’ve been able to make better food choices and still not feel deprived.

That’s about all for now…hopefully I can get my rear in gear and get those quilts basted this week 😉

Have a great rest of your weekend!!

Villages quilt

Slowly but surely I’ve been spending a little more time in my sewing room this past week. First up, I finished the binding on the Chandelier quilt… while playing chicken with the spool of thread! Ha! I won

Then I pulled out my Plaidish top with all intentions of basting & quilting it…but it’s still draped over my ironing board waiting for attention.

Instead I decided it was the perfect time to start a new project 😮 I’ve long admired the Villages quilt pattern and it’s been on my ‘to make’ list for quite some time…so, why not now?

I pulled out my blue scrap bin and found pieces big enough for the roofs, then I cut enough for the rest of the pieces and before long I had a dozen!! I’m calling it my Blue Neighborhood.

The next day I pulled my green scrap bin and made 12 more houses…and last night I finished up the yellow neighborhood 🙂

Once I have enough houses for the full quilt I plan to put them all in a bin and randomly pull them out to put it all together. Only 8 more dozen to go!!


I made a few more masks for family & friends but otherwise I’m just staying home as much as possible trying not to go plum stir crazy!

Have a great rest of your weekend

Short and sweet…

I was out of town much of this past week for business meetings so I don’t have a lot to share. I left on Monday, returned late Thursday and I was too exhausted Friday to do any sewing. I set my targets pretty low for Saturday – just get Campbell’s quilt basted.

I dragged my ironing board out onto the deck along with my favorite basting spray (not an affiliate link) and tackled that project. Since I had everything all setup, I figured I’d do a few more – so I grabbed another finished top from my pile and just kept going. I basted three more before put everything away.

Of course I didn’t even think to take pictures during the process 😦  The temps weren’t too bad when I started but by the time I finished I was soaked with sweat – ugh! It was SOOO humid – where the heck is Fall?!

Here’s a picture of all four basted sandwiches draped across my couch

(from l-r: Limelight, Squared Out, Moda Love, Campbell’s receiving blanket quilt)

I’ll start quilting on Campbell’s first since I need to have that done before I go up for a visit in early November for her 1st birthday!! My plan is criss-crossed diagonal lines to create a diamond pattern, that shouldn’t take me too long :-p

And that’s all folks… Have a great rest of your weekend!


and now back to Quilting…

For the last couple of weeks I was focusing on running more than sewing because of the half marathon I had coming up; with that behind me I can pick back up where I left off with quilting. I finally got to Hobby Lobby to pickup batting – I bought plenty of extra so I won’t risk running out again 😉

Over the last two nights I worked on cutting and piecing the back out of the light yellow polka dot and incorporated my mini block. While watching The Voice finale last night (I just knew Sawyer would win!) I was able to get it all basted and now I can put my ideas together for quilting it.

Here’s the back all pieced together – before basting.

I basted with pins

Amanda Rolfe of 3and3quarters has posted the next video in her series “Quilt-Along-With-Me” showing how she quilted her blanket and I’ll be doing something kind of similar…but different. I’ve put together a crude example of my initial idea for quilting and I’m liking it! I’m not sure if I will use yellow or cream color thread but since I have much more cream I’ll probably go with that.  On the black borders around each block and the border, I plan to quilt straight lines with black thread so the blocks really stand out. I hope to start quilting tonight!! Weeeeeeeee!

Quilting template v1

I’m still stumped on what to use for binding but I have plenty of quilting time to think about that, LOL.

That’s it for now…

WIPs update

Baby blanket #4 has been basted and is ready to be quilted. I tried a different basting technique this time, I used basting pins – how novel! The few other blankets I’ve made I’ve used basting spray which worked well but I’m a little freaked about using them inside with the fumes and all – and the weather outside has been rainy for the last few days so I couldn’t take everything outside to spray baste.

Because of all that I decided to try pins, plus the blanket is small enough that I didn’t need hundreds of pins so it made for the perfect ‘trial size’. I first lined everything up and gave it a good all over pressing and then laid it out on the floor and started pinning in the middle and worked my way out. It was basted in no time – now it sits on my ‘design bed’ waiting for me to figure out how I want to quilt it.

Pin basted

I just love the all the happy colors on the top as well as the back – and as usual I don’t have an intended recipient. Once it’s finished I’ll post it on FB to see if any friends or neighbors would like to have it for their kid/grandkid.

I’ve also started following a “Quilt-Along-With-Me!” series posted by Amanda Rolfe of 3and3quarters – last night I finished the first block. It’s called the Father’s Choice Block and after watching her tutorial I was so inspired I pulled my fabrics and finished it in one sitting. I still need to make three more and because I was in such a hurry to make it I chose a fabric that I only had enough for one block…so the other three blocks will be made with coordinating fabrics – at least I hope they coordinate! The block is supposed to measure 23″ square…mine’s a little off 23×22 7/8 – close :-p


She gives some really great tips about pressing seams so they ‘nest’ when sewing it all together – I really need to focus on that a little more as I had some issues with my seams not pressed in the right direction. It worked itself out OK but I hope to improve when I make the other three.

That’s all for now…


WIP…Jungle Babies almost done!

I’ve made progress on the Jungle Babies quilt I started at the beginning of the month…although then I called it Baby Animals. I had purchased some animal print FQ to use for the backing so last night I pieced together four of them to make the backing. I inserted a layer of cotton batting and then I basted with pins – not safety pins but regular straight pins 😦 not a good idea!!! LOL! I need to buy basting safety pins but just haven’t gotten around to it and I didn’t want to lose the motivation so I just made it work with what I had – and yes, I stuck myself several times, thankfully no blood!

I decided I would quilt diamonds onto the faces of the animal squares and just stitch in the ditch on the rows of red sashing. I didn’t stitch in the ditch on the columns of sashing because I like the way it looks on the back with just the rows. I used black thread so it would be noticeable on the front but not so much on the back. Before I basted everything together I used a pencil to draw the diamonds on the topper; I’m glad I did because I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it free hand!

I like the way it turned out…now I just need to figure out what I’m doing for the binding and make it happen! Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Hobby Lobby!

Front 1

Front quilting

Back 1

Back quilting

Basting done

My Crossword Puzzle quilt is coming along nicely – I just finished basting it today with basting spray.

I wanted to do it outside so I didn’t have to worry about ventilation but I needed to wait for a day that wasn’t freezing (it’s been pretty darn cold here in SC!) I had seen a video about basting a large quilt using an ironing board and I figured I’d give it a try (I didn’t really fathom the idea of crawling on the floor).

Today got up to 55 so I drug my ironing board out onto the deck and centered the backing+batting+top on the board. I followed the instructions from the video – starting with the backing, moving from the center to one end then the other. I didn’t have the iron setup outside, I just used my hands to smooth everything out. Once the backing + batting were basted I did the same with the top and batting. In all it took about 30 minutes to complete.

I brought everything back inside and gave the entire quilt a good pressing, front and back. It’s all set in place now just waiting for me to muster the courage to start quilting on it. I plan to stitch in the ditch with black thread so the ‘crossword blocks’ will be outlined in black, I think hope it will look pretty good.

I had planned on binding with the same backing material but because I had to add a piece to the backing to make sure I had enough coverage, now I think I may be short of what I need to bind it – ugh. I think I might just buy some basic black for binding…

View from above, laid out on a queen bed
View from above, laid out on a queen bed (can you see the obvious alignment mistake?)

Corner of quilt, a better shot of the fabrics
Corner of quilt, a look at the fabrics

Super close up of corner
Super close up of corner