Quiet Christmas

Not much to report from here… we watched our annual Christmas eve movie “Die Hard” then went to bed. We had a quiet Christmas opening our gifts and called family & friends to check in.

Below is Campbell’s first *positive* experience with Santa…look at that smile!!! ❤

I’ve taken to feeding the wildlife… here are three squirrels enjoying their feast, LOL

I have one more quilt to finish for my friend and I’m absolutely stumped how to quilt it. This is a panel printed with quilt blocks… I was going to quilt vertical lines with snow flakes alternating each line in green & red thread but now I’m not sure. Then I thought about ‘stitch in the ditch’ of all those printed blocks but I’m a minimal quilter and that feels like a lot :-p … help??? All ideas are welcome 😀

That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!

Catching up

I was traveling the last two weekends and missed putting up a post. Not much sewing happened during that time but let’s catch up.

I’ve completed all my blocks for the #grannycabinsewalong with Then Came June. I worked a little ahead because I knew I’d be traveling. Here are all the blocks up on my design wall…ooo I love it!!

I also started on a commissioned project for Christmas Placemats. This is a free paper-pieced pattern but I could not get the pieces to print out at the proper size so I had to draw them myself – eeek!!! Because of that I needed to sew a few ‘tests’ to make sure I got it right so I used scraps from the Christmas fabric bin. The top placemat is a mirror image of the pattern – ‘doh! Didn’t even think about that. In the second placemat I got the angle wrong on the thinner tree and on the outer trees (sheesh!) I’ve made adjustments for that so now it’s time to cut into the fabric the customer sent me…wish me luck!!!

Linking up with Oh Scrap!


I skipped my WW meeting for the last two weeks and honestly I’ve been a bit lax on watching what I’ve been eating so it was no surprise I was up 1.4 when I weighed in yesterday. It’s ok…really, it could’ve been much worse! I’m back on the eating plan today and I’m confident I’ll lose that and more.


Update on our other house: it’s officially on the market as of Friday!! If you know anyone moving to the greater Charlotte, NC area please share this with them. It’s a beautiful home and we were very happy there for 13 years.


And just for some ‘awwww’ factor, here are a few pics of my adorable great niece Campbell at her 2nd birthday party. She shared it with her cousin who turned two in Sept.

That’s all for now…enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

Back in the groove

I failed to mention last week that while visiting my great niece her Momma gave me her old receiving blankets and asked me to make a toddler bed size quilt because she would be transitioning into one pretty soon.

I began thinking of a cute pattern and landed on a simple 4-patch/square design and without even hesitating I cut all the blankets into 10.5 squares and 5.5 squares…too bad I didn’t take a picture of those lovely stacks 😦

Here are the blocks on the design wall…and on the table because I couldn’t get them all to fit on the wall – this is going to be 70×90


I spent all day yesterday piecing it together…while watching US Open tennis matches. Here’s the completed top on my bedroom floor.


The lighting is horrible and the angle is pretty bad too but it was just too humid to take this outside for pictures – seriously, the deck was still damp from the overnight dew even at 6pm! ugh…I can’t wait for FALL!

I didn’t have anything big enough for the back – I didn’t want it to be pieced…so I hopped online to search for 108″ backing and found the perfect fabric! So this project will be put on hold until it arrives.


Speaking of fall, I pulled my September Scrap Attack project…and look at this beautiful picture! Unfortunately it’s just a picture link on Pinterest so there’s no pattern or even a name I can give credit 😦


Oh my…at first it looks like a lot of work but once I dissect it, it’s really just 9-patch blocks with heart applique blocks. I’m not going to make a bed size quilt so I won’t have near as many blocks to make.

I’ve already printed a heart shape from Google


…and I’ve already cut 3.5″ strips from my scraps to sew into groups of three…using a bit larger size will (hopefully) give this a bit of a modern touch – and the fabrics will help with that too 😉 Once the strips are sewn, I’ll cross cut them into 3.5″ strips and assemble them into 9-patch blocks. I’ve also got a stack of smaller pieces of fabric I can cut into 3.5″ squares if I need more.


As if that’s not enough to work on…I have another memory quilt commission – here are three bags of shirts I need to deconstruct and apply stabilizer before determining the layout…she wants it to be random placement :-p


And lastly, just because…here’s Miss Campbell at almost 10 months ❤ ❤ ❤



Baby, Birthday & quilting

My niece sent me these pics last week showing little Campbell laying on the Elephant pillow I got for her…oh, my heart is just bursting at how sweet she looks!!!



I sure do miss my snuggle time with that little girl ❤

It was my birthday yesterday – we really don’t make a big deal about celebrating anymore – we just go out for a nice dinner. I picked a new restaurant for us called Firebirds in Charlotte’s South Park area. It was a nice place and the food was good, although DH has some issues with his prime rib. The manager made it right by giving him another steak of his choice…so all ended well. We snapped this picture on the way out…don’t I look stuffed!!


I pulled out an old ufo last week, basted it and started quilting. I really didn’t know how I wanted to quilt it so I just jumped in, echoing the trees and adding some swirls all around…you can see the quilting better on the back.


I’m halfway done and should finish it up today.


The new house in Myrtle Beach is still coming along but painfully slow – here are a few pictures our friends sent yesterday – the original date was Oct (!) At some point both me & DH are gonna blow our stack at this builder for how long this is taking…maybe after the holidays – UGH!


That’s about all for now…I’ve been doing some 2017 reflection and planning what I want to accomplish for 2018, for me that’s both painful & fun…LOL!

Two weeks worth!

***Fair warning: this is a picture heavy post***

I missed posting last week but I had a really good reason – I was in Maryland visiting my new Great niece!! OMG she is just the cutest, sweetest baby EVER! (Ha, I’m sure all Great Aunts say that…lol). Just look at Miss Campbell Elizabeth:







It was so hard to leave but after 6 days (!) I was ready to get back home. I missed DH and my fur baby…and I was itching to get back to my sewing room too!

First thing I did was finish up an old UFO (unfinished object) I started a few years back when I wanted to learn applique. This was a block of the month I followed from Jacquelynne Steves called Cozy Afternoon. The top had been done for a long time so I finally pulled it out, basted it and quilted all over it.



No specific plan for this – it measures 45″ square…I’ll offer it for sale on Facebook for $70, if there are no takers it’ll sit in my ‘done’ pile until I decided to donate it.

I’ve also started working on a Washington Redskins quilt for DH – after their extremely poor performance Thursday night I’m really not excited about making it but I’ve had it on my ‘to-do’ list for way too long so I’m just going to get ‘er done! Here’s part of it on my design wall, I still need to add a section on the right of the t-shirts. When it’s all done it should measure 75×84…whew!


I took a break today to put up a few Christmas decorations. As you may recall we’re supposed to be moving to Myrtle Beach (yeah that’s taking much much longer than anticipated) and I really didn’t want to pull out all my decorations just to have to pack them up when we move so I’ve only pulled out our pre-lit tree and a quilt I made last year to decorate the living room.


I then realized I didn’t have a Christmas table topper so I went right into the sewing room and made one! When I flipped my wall calendar to December there was an adorable snowman quilt which gave me the idea for this table topper. I pulled out my small bin of Christmas fabric and went to town – I really need to embellish this with some buttons for his eyes and mouth, and for his mid-section 🙂


And to top all that off, I’ve re-started the Couch-to-5k program (again!). The temps here in SC have been pretty mild so it was really easy to get outside. Week 1 Day 1 in the books…and it wasn’t pretty. My lungs are definitely out of condition – I was huffing and puffing through the first 4 intervals and I was only running 60 seconds!!! Ugh! More evidence that I’m sorely out of shape :-/


That’s all for now…have a great weekend and week ahead!! 😀