My Christmas quilt

Gotta say I’m a little surprised I’ve completed my Christmas quilt – especially this year when I’ve had so many stops & starts! It turned out better than I expected and DH has already claimed it as ‘his’ 😀

I received the flannel backing Tuesday; I ordered 5 yards expecting to get one continuous piece however it arrived as two pieces: 4 yds & 1 yd – grrrrrr! Oh well gotta make the best of it :-/ I only needed about 10″ to make it long enough to cut in half and then sew together along the selvedge.

This doesn’t show the whole back but it’s ready for basting…

I haven’t worked with this much flannel before (only on baby size quilts) so I was a little nervous trying to wrangle all this for basting. I laid the flannel pretty side down on my ironing board, carefully placed the batting on top and then laid the flimsy on that. It took a lot of fiddling and finagling but I finally got it all pretty flat. Then I spent the next hour glue basting it… I usually use spray baste on something this big but it was only 36 degrees outside that morning and I was not about to go outside. In the end, the glue baste worked out great… I may just do this from now on instead of dragging everything outside :-p

I had an idea in my head for quilting, a variation on the dot & dash quilting I’ve done before – except I would make the ‘dot’ look like a Christmas ball. Here’s an example of the original quilting motif

And here’s how I changed it on this quilt

Here it is being smushed through my machine LOL

I finished the quilting up early Saturday and quickly found the perfect stripe fabric for binding. I had it all finished by dinner time – YAY!!! but it was already dark outside so I threw it on my king size bed for some pictures

The next morning I went outside for a few more pics

She’s been washed and is now laying across the couch for lots of snuggles!! I’m soooo happy with the flannel backing, it’s so soft and cuddly 🙂

That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

I’ve got a flimsy!

The Christmas Postage stamp quilt top is all pieced – woohoo!!

Once that was done I turned my attention to what I wanted to use for backing… I didn’t have any holiday fabric left in my stash so I was going to have to shop online for something (poor me!). I quickly figured out I wanted to use flannel…there’s nothing like wrapping up in a flannel blanket when it’s cold outside!

I went to many websites looking for what I wanted and I finally found it at JoAnn’s… and it was on sale!!!

Hopefully it will get here early next week… I’ve taken the week off just to use up some PTO and it would be a great time to finish up this quilt 🙂


We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving. I made the traditional holiday dinner with Turkey breast, stuffing, sweet potatoes, limas, corn, gravy, biscuits and we topped it off with a Cracker Barrel pumpkin pie! Oh boy were we stuffed!! LOL We had leftovers the following night and the rest is history. The only thing still remaining is some turkey breast which will make one very healthy sandwich! After dinner we Skyped with my niece for about an hour to chit-chat about everything and nothing.


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend 😀