One more thing on the Crossword quilt

After I thought I was finished with the Crossword quilt I realized that I hadn’t attached a label. I searched the webs to find suggestions and tutorials for creating and applying a label and settled on a mixture of techniques learned here.

Since I don’t have any freeze paper I used my basting spray to attach the fabric to a letter size sheet of paper to feed through my printer. I found some free label designs online and copied one into PowerPoint, then added the specifics about my quilt.

On my first attempt, I used some leftover fabric from the border of the quilt (white with black dots). Unfortunately the black dots interfered with the print so the words and date were pretty hard to read (I purposely tried 4 different colors because I was concerned about that).

1st attempt labels

On my second attempt I attached one white 5″ charm square (my last one!) to the corner of a sheet of paper, chose the label with black text, crossed my fingers and pressed print. Luckily it came out perfect! (in my excitement I forgot to get a picture). I pressed it with a hot dry iron to set the ink and then pressed 1/4″ seams. From there I decided which corner I would attached it to and whip stitched it – that all went very quickly because the label is relatively small – finished size 2 1/4″ x 3″. Here it is attached – now the quilt is complete.



Crossword Puzzle quilt is done!

Yay! O.M.G.! I can’t believe it’s done – woot woot! Can you tell I’m a little excited? LOL

I put the finishing touches on the quilt this evening and it’s now in the washer getting clean (geez, I hope it doesn’t fall apart—LOL!) Here are some pictures of the finished product:

Overhead shot with backing corner turned
Overhead shot with backing corner turned
front over chair
From the front hanging over chair
back over chair
Another shot over the chair
Close up of front and back corner
Close up of front and back corner
closeup quilting
Close up of quilting from the back

I used a zigzag stitch while binding which of course shows on the back, but it blends in pretty nicely since the backing is mostly black. After I was 3/4 done with the binding I realized I was pulling it too far over the front and in many places the binding is almost not visible at all on the back :-/  Lesson learned – but I didn’t have the heart to rip it out 😦

Since this is my first full size quilt and it’s for my Mom, I’m sure she’ll understand…I hope so anyway! We leave Thursday morning for Maryland and I’ll be seeing my Mom on Friday when I take her for her next chemo/radiation treatment. I can only hope this quilt will keep her warm and comfy when she gets home.

Progress and new fabrics

I’m making progress on the Crossword Puzzle quilt…I better be! I’ve got to have it done by Wed so I can take it with us to Maryland on Thursday.

I finished quilting it tonight, whew! I did a simple ‘stitch in the ditch’ on all the rows and columns and then outlined the border. Quilting a blanket this size it a lot of work – I never realized it. The only experience I’ve had quilting was on the baby quilt I finished last week and although that was a little cumbersome it was nothing compared to this quilt. It felt like I was wrestling an octopus…LOL! I can’t even imagine trying to do something more elaborate – egads.

Crossword quilted

Crossword closeup quilted

Now I just need to square it up and apply the binding. I was originally going to bind with the same fabric as the backing but I misjudged how much I needed so it was back to Hobby Lobby earlier today where I bought some solid black fabric. Of course while I was there I had to check out the clearance & remnants racks and just couldn’t pass up getting a few things 😉

A christmas plaid and a spring green
I got a yard each of these @ $3.00/yd
These two are remnant pieces that are just a little larger than fat quarters
These two are remnant pieces that are just a little larger than fat quarters. The baby animals was $2.70 and the cosmic print was $3.00

I also got 2 yards of Kona Black for $10.79 – regularly $8.99/yard but I used a 40% off coupon.

I had to stop for the night because my eyes and back were so tired. I plan to get up early in the morning and finish up the quilt before lunch – fingers crossed!

Basting done

My Crossword Puzzle quilt is coming along nicely – I just finished basting it today with basting spray.

I wanted to do it outside so I didn’t have to worry about ventilation but I needed to wait for a day that wasn’t freezing (it’s been pretty darn cold here in SC!) I had seen a video about basting a large quilt using an ironing board and I figured I’d give it a try (I didn’t really fathom the idea of crawling on the floor).

Today got up to 55 so I drug my ironing board out onto the deck and centered the backing+batting+top on the board. I followed the instructions from the video – starting with the backing, moving from the center to one end then the other. I didn’t have the iron setup outside, I just used my hands to smooth everything out. Once the backing + batting were basted I did the same with the top and batting. In all it took about 30 minutes to complete.

I brought everything back inside and gave the entire quilt a good pressing, front and back. It’s all set in place now just waiting for me to muster the courage to start quilting on it. I plan to stitch in the ditch with black thread so the ‘crossword blocks’ will be outlined in black, I think hope it will look pretty good.

I had planned on binding with the same backing material but because I had to add a piece to the backing to make sure I had enough coverage, now I think I may be short of what I need to bind it – ugh. I think I might just buy some basic black for binding…

View from above, laid out on a queen bed
View from above, laid out on a queen bed (can you see the obvious alignment mistake?)
Corner of quilt, a better shot of the fabrics
Corner of quilt, a look at the fabrics
Super close up of corner
Super close up of corner

Border crazy

Just a quick update on the Crossword puzzle quilt – I got the polka dot border attached and now I think I want to add another border using the backing fabric. I measured what I needed for the backing and I have plenty left over for another border…so I cut the strips 🙂

Below is a picture of the first border attached and the second border strips just laying in place – I had to stop for the night as my lower back was starting to give me a fit. I guess trying to use a bed as a work table is not a good idea!

It’s really starting to come together nicely…I’m getting excited to finish!

Blank Crossword Quilt 1.22.15

Blank Crossword Quilt closeup 1.22.15

Crossword quilt coming along

I’m still working on my crossword quilt. I’ve got the main section all pieced together and now need to add the border fabric. I’ve got it cut but need to seam them together before attaching. I don’t really have a craft area for all this so I’m using the bed in our spare room to lay everything out…and I still haven’t charged the battery in my camera (I never think about it until I’m ready to take pictures and then it’s too late!).

Anyway, here’s a shot of what I’ve gotten accomplished so far…if you look really close you can see the mistakes I made when trying to get all the seams to line up. I’ve come to terms with it because this is my first attempt and if I try to make it ‘perfect’ I’ll never get it done.

main section completed, border not yet attached
main section completed, border not yet attached 

And this picture is a closeup of one corner. I’m not sure where or how I’m going to lay this out when I’m ready to add the back fabric and batting…I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it :-s

Close up of one corner
Close up of one corner

And then there’s the quilting…I’m not even sure if my old sewing machine will be able to handle it but I plan to stitch along the left and right sides of the seams (not in the ditch)…but now that I type that, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t look more like a crossword puzzle if I did ‘stitch in the ditch’? Hmmm… let me know what you think…

Quilt fabric choices

I finally decided on the border and backing fabric for my first ever quilt. Thank you to those that made suggestions, it really helped. These pictures really don’t do it justice but it’s the best I can do for now with my phone (the battery needs to be charged in my real camera).

The colors are black and white (even though the white looks more like cream 😦   ) The section on the left is the crossword squares I’ve sewn together so far; the section in the middle is a really fine black polka dot on white that I chose for the border and on the right is the fabric I chose for the back. I’m also going to use it for the binding.

crossword quilt fabrics distance

Below is a close-up shot that shows the polka dot fabric a little better. I’m really excited to get the top finished so I can add the border. I asked a friend (who also quilts) to go shopping with me the other night so that helped quite a bit. We also chose black thread for the actual quilting…I’m still a little nervous about how that will look but the idea is growing on me.

crossword quilt fabrics1