Doggies are done!

Get ready to be over-loaded with pictures of The Doggies!! I put the finishing touches on this quilt last night so I’ll spare you those ‘bad lighting’ pics. I went outside this morning to get better ones in natural light – ha! I really need to hone up on my picture taking skills 😉

Out back on the deck, the colors are a little muted…



On the front porch in full sun…yep, the colors really sing!


Here are in-progress and up-close shots of the quilting…I decided to go with my standard quilting motif – all over meander!



The only thing left to do is run it through the rinse cycle to get the basting spray out and I’m SUPER NERVOUS, worried the backing fabric (Island Batik in Branch Blue) might bleed so I’ll be throwing in about 10 color catchers just to be safe 😉

I worked on a few other things this week, like one of the Bonus blocks from The Honey Pot Bee QAL. I still need to make the bonus Crown block! I’m using all Blueberry Park fabrics for this QAL…my absolute favorites!2017

While at QuiltCon last month I picked up some free fabric for a mug rug challenge to be entered for more prize giveaways from Marcus Fabrics and Studio 37 Fabrics. I finally pulled that out and made a WINE rug from 4 layer cake squares of beautiful batiks.


[Off topic…speaking of wine, I had my first glass of Pinot Noir while in Savannah and really enjoyed it so now I’m trying different brands to find my favorite (is ‘brands’ the right word when talking about wines?).]


I really love doing a tracker in my bullet journal…it helps me stay focused and when I complete a lot of the tasks it’s just so pretty! For March I used random colors for each habit but for April…


I gave it a little more advanced thought and I’m using a ‘rainbow’ of colors…If I keep up with all my habits this thing is gonna be gorgeous!!!



No running again this week but I started taking my dog for 20 min walks every day…she needs to lose weight too 😦


That’s all for me this week…what have you been up to?





A quiet week

I’ve been a little low-key and semi-unproductive this week. I did work on a couple of projects that have been sitting around collecting dust, otherwise not much happening.

The APQ UFO Challenge number for March is 12 and that corresponded to a Cozy Christmas project that has been waiting to be quilted since Christmas. It’s a small project so I tackled that this week; I decided on free-motion twinkle stars (that’s not the official name but that’s what I’m calling it!). It quilted up in one evening and then it took another day to figure out what I wanted to use for binding – I settled on plain red fabric…DONE! And I just love my new labels, makes it look so professional 😉



Next up I’ve started quilting on the MQG Fabric challenge mini/wall quilt. I did straight line quilting in the ‘arrows’ but now I’m stuck on what to do on the rest…grrr! I want to use a more dense design to hopefully allow the arrows to stand out but nothing is coming to me so, now it sits waiting…




That’s all the quilting/sewing I’ve done this week. We had a friend come for an impromptu visit so that distracted me a bit. She left yesterday morning and I used the fair weather to go out on the deck and baste the Doggie quilt. The customer chose a lovely dark blue Island Batik, I think it helps balance all the ‘noise’ on the front. Now to decide on how to quilt this…I’m thinking of ‘organic wavy lines’ in my go-to Aurifil Dove Grey 2610…we’ll see if I stick with that idea once I get it under the needle!



I’ve got my Bullet Journal all setup for April – I took some time this week to review which spreads and layouts I’ve really liked over the last few months and what I wanted to adjust. I made a list of those spreads and the order I wanted them in for April and started building…sqweeee, now I’m all excited to start using them 😉



As for running, nope. I do want to get back into it – my running buddies have take a little hiatus too so I don’t feel so bad :-/  I’ve been doing YouTube cardio videos every morning so at least I’m moving and maybe it won’t be so hard to get back to running…yeah, hopefully!

That’s all for now. What are you working on and how’s it coming along?

Been a little sick

Ugh…!!! I was so pumped after attending QuiltCon all I wanted to do was get home and make all the quilts on my wish list – HA! Well yeah, I know that wasn’t going to happen but getting a head cold has brought my sewing to a stand still. I got home last Sunday afternoon and have been in bed or on the couch most of the last 6 days – ugh again! Ok, I’ll stop whining now 😉

I did FINALLY get back into my sewing room Friday night and put all my QuiltCon stuff away (I wish I had thought to take pictures of  the fabric I got from giveaways and purchases, but alas nope). I set my sewing machine back in place and did some general tidying up.

I only needed to make 2 more doggie faces to complete the Dog Gone Cute quilt I’ve been working on so pulled the fabric and cut all the pieces…


I was out of energy at that point so I saved the sewing for Saturday…and ta-da, I got them all sewed up.


As a reminder, this is a commissioned quilt top and the coloring of dog faces are modeled after her 3 dogs. She’s been following me on Facebook so she’s seen the progress shots I’ve posted and she’s seemed very happy so far.

After finishing the last two blocks I pulled the rest of the background fabric to make sure I had enough for sashing & borders and OMG I didn’t have enough. I started panicking at this point – what if I couldn’t get more? how the heck was I going to finish this top? and so on. I spiraled out of control for a few minutes then I called Hobby Lobby to have them check the shelf…(cue angels singing) they still had plenty!!! I drove over late yesterday and bought more than I needed…cuz ya never know!!


I’m still keeping up with my Bullet Journal and doing my S-A-V-E-R-S every morning…well, most of them. I haven’t been running at all, instead most days this week I completed a short low-impact cardio video on YouTube; better than nothing, right?

I finished another self-help book this week, The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris


I enjoyed his style of writing and especially liked that he didn’t spout the same old ‘fake it til you make it’ stuff. He delves into some uncomfortable areas and provides real-life tips for dealing with fear and negative thinking. I borrowed this book from the library but I’m seriously thinking about buying my own copy.

That’s about it. I’m hoping I can kick this head cold without it turning into a sinus infection but…if I’m not feeling any better tomorrow I’ll be going to the doctor.



Getting my act together

A couple of things I’ve been working on lately

  1. I started on the commissioned quilt Dog Gone Cute

The client sent me pictures of her three dogs so I could make fabric choices to represent each one. First up is her chocolate mix, this is probably the easiest because it’s the least number of fabrics involved. I’m making 2 sets for each dog – one with ears up and one with ears down. Here are the first two with ears up:


Today I’ll work on ‘ears down’ for this dog. These blocks finish pretty big at 12×18 so I’ll only need a total of 12 to complete this project.

2. Cookbook QAL

I completed Cookbook Blocks 5 & 6 this week; I know that dark fabric looks black but it’s actually navy.

Block 5 is called True North


Block 6 is called Open Sesame…oy, those curves really challenged me!


3. Since I completed my C25K run yesterday, no updates on that today.

4. I’m still using my Bullet Journal and still loving it! If you haven’t heard about Bullet Journaling or haven’t started yet you can check out these resources: from the creator Ryder Carroll himself Kara Benz has fully embraced Bullet Journaling and offers many hints, tips and techniques – she’s also quite creative which provides inspiration.

I’ve gotten so much done in these last 6 weeks  – granted they’re not big, life-changing things but they’re the things I’ve been ‘saying’ I wanted to do for a long time; and now they’re getting done! There’s something magical (for me) about actually writing it down on paper and being able to check it off when it’s done. The Bullet Journal provides a place for me keep everything together – in the past I would write something down but then not look at it again or worse, not be able to find it when I wanted to; no more!

Here’s a look at my spread for next week…now I need to fill it all in with tasks!


5. As part of my new, more organized self I want to start reading more books. They can be of any genre but I’m starting with self-help. I’ve already knocked out two books:

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert has been popping up in quite a few blogs I follow so I had to check it out. I blasted through this book in 5 days; she has a very easy, conversational writing style that I found enjoyable. The book didn’t really have any ground-breaking thoughts but was full of those ideas you know and often forget.


This is my second time reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I had forgotten so many great ideas and practices from this book…argh! There are a few areas I really need to work on so I’ll be getting serious about following this.


Ok, I think that’s enough! ttfn…


Staying on posting schedule

I don’t have a lot of running or quilting updates to share today.

I’m in between quilting projects right now – I need to start a commissioned quilt using the Dog Gone Cute pattern but I haven’t bought the fabric yet. And I have another commissioned t-shirt/memory quilt to make but I don’t want to start on that until I have the doggie quilt done…first in/first out 🙂

Earlier this week I made the 4th block in the Cookbook QAL called Shine…the color is a little off in this picture, the center fabric is more Berry than red



As for running – today is the first C25K running day I’ve missed 😦

We went to Myrtle Beach this weekend to negotiate with a builder to build a house on our lot. We came to terms, which is very exciting!! It’ll be 5-6 months before it will be done so although we have plenty of time to get ready to move – I fear it will creep up on us really fast!

I also got up at 4:30 a.m. the last two mornings to watch the Australian Open Championship matches! Both were excellent but factor all that in with driving back home today and I’m just too wiped out to run…I have zero energy. I think I’ll just skip over W4D3 and pick up the plan on Tuesday with W5D1.


And with that…I’m calling it an early night!


Dog Gone Cute & more

I finished up the Dog Gone Cute quilt last night…those doggie faces are just too stinkin’ cute!!!

4pic finished I posted it on my FB page yesterday offering this “litter” up to a good home for only $30, and by morning I had a taker! Yay! I love knowing my quilts are going to be used & loved 😀


Week 5, Day 3

Instead of following the W5D3 workout, I planned to do a longer 4 mile run alternating 5 min run and 2 min walk. I had no idea it was going to be so warm today – by the time I got out the door at 10:30 am it was already in the low 60’s with 100% humidity!! What the…?

I did pretty good for the first 3 run segments but I just couldn’t get my breathing to fall into rhythm. From the 4th run segment on I changed the interval to run 2 min, walk 1, run 2. I started getting overheated near the end so I was really happy to be done!

12.12.15 c25k

12.12.15 Garmin


I played around in the sewing room this afternoon and made this pinwheel pillow sham for the living room…I seem to have a ‘thing’ for dogs lately! Now I just need to make 4 more for the rest of the pillows!

Christmas Dogs pinwheel pillow sham

That’s about all for now…

Sewing, sewing, sewing

I’ve got a few updates on the sewing front:

  1. Quilt for Baby Rece is done!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the salesperson at my LQS suggested I do the striped binding on the bias and I figured, why not? I was quite nervous cutting and piecing the binding strips as I didn’t want to stretch them out of shape. And then sewing the binding to the front I could tell I had quite a bit of stretch so I was super careful not to tug it out of shape. When I got back to the start and had to piece the two ends together I purposely made the seam a little short so I could use the stretch to make it fit…unfortunately I must’ve tugged a little too much because I ended up with a little overlap…and I left it there.

I flipped the binding to the back and used clips to hold it in place. I added a corner label before I started stitching in the ditch through the front. All went really well until I got to the overlap on the front…of course it created the same overlap on the back…and I left it there too. It’s in the wash now…I just hope the label doesn’t run like it did on my last quilt.


2.  Dog 3 from the Dog Gone Cute QAL is done…my litter is growing! LOL

3 doggies

3.  I completed the September patchwork challenge from Tinkerbellknits. I didn’t follow the directions as printed because I didn’t want to sew all those triangles together – instead I made HST and then cut & sewed them to match the block layout. I also stayed with only 3 colors/patterns instead of using 5 as suggested. It’s not the best…but it’s close enough 😉


Tomorrow I’ll be working on the final block from the Cozy Afternoon series…then I’ll need to figure out how I’m going to turn those blocks into a quilt – because of course I didn’t plan that out in advance!!

That’s about all for now…G’night!