Slow week

Not much to report on the quilting front this week. I’m procrastinating again 😦 I really need to start working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt for my friend but I fear it’s going to be a bear to quilt because the seams are so wonky and nothing lays flat – waaaaah! I need to call my friend and make sure her expectations are in line before I start.

This measures approximately 91×114

I did at least find backing fabric for it at my local quilt shop and bonus, it was on the sale rack! I took one of the left over 4-patch blocks with me to ensure a color match.

I texted my friend and she liked it so I bought it. I needed 8 yards and there were 9 yards left, so I got it all 🙂


In other news, Miss Sammie had a few rough days this week… poor thing got some bug going around and ended up with diarrhea for 2 days. She has only been to the groomer so I’m guessing that’s where she picked it up… poor baby!! I called the vet and we got some meds which are already helping. She’s back to eating normal and, sorry if this is TMI, her poopy is looking better too!! 😀


That’s all to report here… have a great rest of your weekend!

Finishing quilts for a friend

I got started working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt for my friend. Just as a reminder, her 80 year old mother has decided to stop sewing and there are several quilt tops that need finishing. I decided to start with the largest, most difficult one because this top just needed some finishing around the outside. She sent along a baggy of 4-patch units and I thought “Oh, hard can this be?” Um, until I actually sat down to start I didn’t realize it meant I’d be working with Y seams!! (cue me screaming!)

I didn’t take any pictures in progress, it took all my concentration just to get them pinned and stitched into place because the patchwork was not quite precise. I cursed my way through getting those eleven 4-patches added and then laid it out to measure…this puppy is 90×114! And unfortunately…ugh, it does not lay flat… not sure how I’m going to baste and quilt this thing without puckers – eeeeek!!! And some of these seams are SO bulky…I’m going to have to use a quilting motif that will allow me to avoid them!

I would appreciate any and all advice for dealing with this.

I’ll be quilting this on my domestic which will present even more struggles due to the size…I’ll probably need to move my machine to the dining room table to have adequate support for the quilt.

I decided to forge ahead and get the backing ready, when I measured the fabric she sent along with the top I had exactly 7 yards. I did some quick math and it’s not enough!!! 😦

Check me here… the top is 90×114, I like to have at least 2″ extra all around so that’s 94×118. The width of this fabric measures 42″ selvedge to selvedge so I used 41″ in my calculations, that gives me 1476 square inches per yard. 94×118=11,092 divided by 1476=7.51 yards. If I were buying the fabric, I’d get 8 yards just to have some wiggle room… regardless, it’s just not enough for this back 😦 I called my friend to let her know and she said she had found some other large pieces of fabric in her mother’s sewing room so she would check those and let me know what she finds. For now, this project is on hold!


The weather here in Myrtle Beach has been absolutely beautiful the past few days… we’ve been able to go out to eat many times!! We haven’t had Mexican food in so damn long (cuz in my opinion it just doesn’t do well as take-out) so that was the first place we went. They have a small outdoor patio and it was perfect – sunny, 72 degrees with a light breeze!! Yes!!! In fact, I think we’ll go back there today :-p

Otherwise not much else going on… I finally got DH an appointment for his first dose of the vaccine, we go Tues at 2pm. I won’t qualify for a little while longer (there’s a 9 year age difference between us) but that’s ok, I’ll just continue to be very careful.


That’s all for now… have a great rest of your weekend! Stay Safe 🙂