New Phone – Droid Pro

So I got a new phone last week, Droid Pro from Verizon.  I really like it so far but I’m still getting used to it.  One of the first things I did was download the WordPress app so I could blog on the go…but the damn thing doesn’t work, wtf!  I made a post and saved it but it never updated to the web.  I can view the post using the app but it’s not here when I logon to the website.  I guess I’ll post a question to the tech geeks one of these days…until then I’ll just use the app to view posts and comments.

A follow up on my last post regarding Life Coaches; I had a face-to-face meeting with the coach I found online.  He seems pretty nice, very upbeat and he’s sure he can help me.  Isn’t that his job though -convince me he can help -but there’s no gaurantee.  And at $175/hour I think I need more than just his opinion.  I asked for references and he gave me two, I’ll give them a call this week but I don’t expect to hear anything but good comments.  I’ll have to try to read between the lines if there’s anything to find.

That’s about all for now…ttfn

***Update: I figured out why I couldn’t see the posts from my phone on the web…I had saved it as a Draft – duh!!!!***