Back on schedule

I’m back on my schedule doing C25K; I like to run Tues, Thur, Sat.  Today was Week 5 Day 1: three 5 minute run intervals spaced by two 3 minute walk intervals.  My last run was the Electric Run 5K on Friday night so it had actually been three days since I last ran.  I was a little worried that I would have a difficult time but I was pleasantly surprised.  The temps were in the low 70’s this morning with a slight breeze which made it so much better for running.  My first 5 min run was not bad I deliberately tried to pace myself.  The second 5 min run felt really good…but that last one always gets me.  I finished it but as you can see by the distance (785 yds) I was considerably slower than the first or second interval.  I still felt pretty good when I finished which is much better than Week 4 when I thought I was going to give up on the last run interval each time.  It proves that I’m getting better – dare I say more fit – so I’m happy.

7.30.13 c25k

I still haven’t seen any change on the scale which is a little frustrating.  I would think it would’ve moved a little bit…grrr.  I guess I’m going to have to really buckle down on my eating although there isn’t too much room for improvement.  I’m already staying around 1200 calories a day – I really don’t want to drop much lower than that.  I’ll just give it a little more time and see what happens.  Till next time…


Electric Run – Charlotte

Well, I did it!  I completed the Electric Run 5K in under 40 minutes which was my goal…but first let me tell you about the run itself.  It was quite a spectacle, from people wearing all kinds of glow-in-the-dark clothing to face and body paint and beyond.  I would have to agree with the promoters, it was a pretty happy place to be.  The weather turned out to be great, low 80’s and low humidity which made it all that more enjoyable.  As the crowd of thousands filled the starting chute they sectioned us off into waves so that everyone wasn’t starting at the same time – oh and by the way, this was not a timed race.  I was in the second wave and when they let us go it was pretty slow going at first, as you can imagine a few hundred people at the same time might be.  After a few minutes I was able to make my way around the walkers and fall in to a relatively slow pace.  I’m not sure exactly how long my first run interval was but I know it was close to 3/4 mile (!) because during my first walking interval I passed the 3/4 mi mark.  After that I have no idea how long my runs were because I just kept going for as long as I could and then I would walk for a little bit…rinse and repeat.

The course was pretty cool; there was high tempo music piped all along the route and several visual displays of lights and decorations.  The course was mapped in and around the speedway in Charlotte and on the last 1/4 mile we actually ran over the ‘finish line’ on the track.  It would’ve been even cooler if that was the finish for the 5K but I don’t think the track would allow them to have the after-party there.

I used ‘mapmyrun’ to keep track of my run and it appears the course they created was a little further than 5K because I started the app as I crossed the Start Line and stopped it right after the Finish Line.  The good news is I definitely finished the traditional 3.1 miles in under 40 minutes…Yay me!!  I will say that my hips and feet are feeling a little stiff and achy this morning but nothing that a day off shouldn’t cure.

I would recommend the Electric Run if you want to just ‘have fun’ and are not serious about your finishing time.  We didn’t stay for the after party as we were already 1.5 hours from home and we didn’t get a chance to eat dinner before the race (that’s a whole other story!).

7.26.13 Electric Run

electric run

A little easier but still not easy

I completed Week 4 Day 2 this morning and I have to admit that the running segments were easier, although still not easy.  I got up a little earlier this morning because I wanted to finish the workout and be ready for work by 8:30 a.m.  I’m glad I did because there was just enough cloud cover to keep the temps in the low 70’s and there was a small breeze.  I completed the first two run distances in the appropriate amount of time and I even did better on the last two run segments than in W4D1, but it appears I’m really slowing down on the walking segments…what’s up with that!?  I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned because as the program continues the running segments will get longer and the walking segments shorter but it still kind of bugs me.

7.23.13 c25k

My running routine will be a little different this week because I’m doing the Electric Run 5k in Charlotte, NC on Friday night.  Instead of running Tues & Thurs I’ll replace Thurs with the Friday night run.  It should be fun and hopefully good weather.  DH will be going with me, although he’s not a runner so he’ll be waiting for me when I cross the finish line.  Wish me luck!!

W4D2 – bah! humbug

I’m so disappointed…I had another rough run today.  I made it through the first three run intervals but for that last 5 min run I just couldn’t muster the energy to do it without walking.  I’m bummed.  I was hoping Day 2 would prove to be a little easier for me to complete since I mapped out a relatively hill-less route.  But of course the sun decided to shine this morning (it’s been overcast for the last two weeks) and the temps soared really fast.  I guess I can use that as my excuse – regardless, I’ll be repeating Week 4 until I can do all three days without stopping to walk.

I have a 5K scheduled for next Friday night (Electric Run in Charlotte!), I’ll do my best to run as much as possible knowing full well that I’ll need to walk some.

7.16.13 c25k