Esmerelda finished

Not only did I finish the commissioned Esmerelda quilt but it’s already been mailed and received…and good thing too because baby Lucy made an early arrival!

I’ve never used flannel for binding and it was a little tricky…it kept wanting to slip and slide all over the place, because of that I was a little unhappy with the finished look – but after it gets used and loved I’m sure I’m the only one that will notice! 🙂

DH’s cousin was over the moon happy when she received the quilt and sent me the most heart-felt message…got me a little choked up ❤ I can’t wait to see pictures of Lucy laying on or wrapped up in this quilt!


While I watched the US Open this week I made a few more scrappy improv blocks. I’m pulling my color bins and just putting scraps together until I can cut a 10″ block. It’s kind of fun having no pattern or instructions to follow :-p



Hurricane Dorian blew through Myrtle Beach on Thursday but we were spared the worst of it because the eye wobbled a bit more East than North – Thank God!! We still got gusts around 60mph and a ton of rain but we didn’t have any damage and never lost power – wow! That was our first hurricane living here and I’m not looking forward to any more!!


My WW studio was closed most of the week due to the impending storm but opened back up on Saturday, my weigh in day. I couldn’t believe that I actually dropped .4! I was so stressed out from the storm I was eating way too much but at least it was WW friendly food – I guess that helped! lol

That’s all for now…have a great week!!


I’m almost done with the Esmerelda commission baby quilt. My DH’s cousin picked this pattern out of the choices I gave her – this will be for her 3rd grandchild due in October. I’ve made 2 other quilts for her other grand children.

She had a specific color scheme in mind and wanted flannel. I gave her the fabric requirements, asked her to go JoAnn pick out the fabrics and send them to me. I think she did an awesome job!

Here’s the top with just the center quilted, I’ve since added orange peels in the outer squares and the binding is sewn to the back. Later today I’ll finished sewing it down to the front with a simple zig-zag so it can withstand years of washing 🙂


No other sewing this week – I wanted to prioritize getting this done and mailed out to her for the baby shower in mid-Sept. Also, we’ve got a little storm called Dorian bearing down on us next week…ugh…our first Hurricane season living in Myrtle Beach!


I went to my weigh in yesterday, I was up .8. Not horrible but I thought I was going to be the same as the last time I weighed 2 weeks ago. It’s ok, I’ll just keep plugging away. Also, my neighbor decided to join WW and I gave her my code for the referral so I’ll get a month free once she’s been on the program for a few months. It will be nice to see the program through the eyes of a ‘newbie’ again.


I needed a little brightening up so I had highlights put in my hair yesterday. I wanted it to be a little more blonde but this is so much better than my natural mousy brown color!


That’s about all for now… enjoy the rest of your long weekend!!


A little more progress

I finished the Esmerelda top this past week and I even got it basted yesterday…I plan to spend a good part of today knocking out the quilting and maybe even get it bound. I would really like to get it in the mail next week 😉


I also made a receiving blanket with some of the left over fabric!


Even though I have so many projects in flight…I couldn’t stop myself from starting a new scrappy project – ugh!! I didn’t have enough energy to work on one of those projects but I wanted to sit down and sew…so… I pulled out my yellow scrap bin and just started sewing some of the scraps together. I kept adding pieces and strips until I had a piece big enough to cut a 10″ square. And then I made more… 6 in total! I have no idea where this is going but it sure is fun!



The last two weeks of visitors caught up with me and the scale…I knew I was going to be up by a few pounds so I chickened out and skipped my WW meeting!! I’m already back on track and I’ll feel better about weighing in next week :-p


That’s about all for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend!



I didn’t get much done on the Esmerelda quilt because I had more company…this time I really enjoyed it!! My niece was here for 4 days, we just hung out and did whatever we wanted – it was so relaxing 🙂

I did get all the pieces traced, cut out and adhered to the background…and I even got the elephant stitched down last night. Now I need to do all the little pieces :-p

Before applique

I plan to get the rest of the applique done today and unless something unexpected comes up I should be able to get the 5″ squares pieced and have the top all completed too!!


Another successful week with WW, down 1.6!! I’m unofficially down 10# since I started but because I didn’t officially weigh-in until a week after I started they have me at 7#. That’s ok…as long as the number keeps going down I don’t care how we count it!! lol


Speaking of my niece…we didn’t take a lot of pictures and some of them were in pretty bad lighting but we had a nice time with her and that’s all that really matters. We’ll be going to MD in October for the baby’s 2nd birthday – it will be DH’s first time meeting her!


DH traveled back to the other house last weekend and delivered the memory quilt to my customer. He said she was a little emotional and she sent me a very nice text after ❤


That’s about all for now…enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Visitors and misc

Not a lot of sewing going on around here. I finished the memory quilt two weeks ago and I thought I would jump right into finishing my Meadowland quilt or my Rainbow Postage Stamp quilt…but both are still sitting there untouched 😦 I did piece batting and the back for the Meadowland so I guess that’s progress, lol

We had friends from Maryland visit last week and it was exhausting!! I won’t go into all the gory details, suffice to say they argue constantly and we were very happy when it was time for them to leave. I don’t think we’ll be inviting them back – ever again! With all that angst we still captured a few good pictures

DH on the right

The (un)happy couple

I’m on the left

In other news, we’re redecorating DH’s bedroom (yes, we sleep in separate rooms). His bedding and curtains were an ugly dull brown and he (finally!) decided to lighten things up a bit. He saw this coverlet on Evine and asked me to order it – needless to say you could’ve knocked me over with a feather, but I got on the computer right away 🙂

Next, we ordered a navy blue bedskirt and navy blue blackout curtains from Amazon…the bedskirt is elastic and kind of wraps around the boxspring instead of having that gauzy material that goes under the whole mattress – wow, it was so easy to put on! We haven’t hung the curtains yet.


I have started a new quilting project, my husband’s cousin reached out to me a few months back to ask if I would make a quilt for her next grandchild due in October, I said Yes! I love making baby quilts!! 🙂 She had a specific color palette in mind and wanted something with elephants so I got on Pinterest and sent her a few examples of quilts I felt I could replicate or offered a pattern. She loved this one (and it was secretly my fav too!)


She wanted it to be all flannel so I gave her the fabric requirements and she went to her local Joann’s, bought what she liked and sent them to me (she lives in WV). I’ve had those fabrics for about a month and yesterday I started working on the project by cutting the 5″ squares, piecing together the template for the elephant, tracing it to Heat ‘n Bond and affixing it to the fabric. Next up is cutting it out and appliqueing it to the background.




I didn’t drop any weight this week…in fact I’m up .4 but I expected that with having company most of the week. We ate out a lot and I had a few more ‘adult beverages’ than usual.


My niece is coming for a visit next week and I’m so excited! She’s like a mini-me in many ways – appearance, personality, world view. We often joke she should be my kid!! (Ha, she’s not a kid anymore). She celebrated her 40th Bday earlier this year and I wasn’t able to go up to MD at that time so we’ll do something while she’s here to mark the occasion.


That’s all for now…enjoy the rest of your weekend!!