I started!

I finally decided on a quilting design for the Double Wedding Ring quilt I’m finishing for a friend. I searched images online for far too many days but I found one that I think will work well. It’s a quilt I found on Etsy

This one is echo quilted inside and outside of the rings and it has a decorative flower in the large open space. I sent the link to my friend and she liked it too so… I got started basting. Whoo boy, what a feat! As a reminder this measures 90×114.

I pulled my oversized ironing board out into the living room and started basting the top side. Eeek, there are a lot of ripples and warped seams… I did my best to make it work. I basted the center 60″ on the front & back and then turned the quilt 90 degrees to baste the overhang on each side.

I’ll be doing FMQ for the echoing and the flower but I decided to make a template of the flower that I could outline with water soluble marker.

It’s just enough to give me guidance so the flowers will all look similar 😉 I may draw in a few extra dotted lines on the first couple, just until I get in a groove.

I plan to get started while I watch the Men’s French Open Final this morning. It’s Novak Djokovic vs. Stephanos Tsitsipas…in my mind it’s an even match that could go either way.


And now for a little bit of ‘awwww’… I captured this picture last week of two ducks resting in our front yard! There is no water anywhere near our yard so I can only imagine they were just tired!

Have a great rest of your weekend!!

Beating the heat

This weekend we’ve experienced pretty high temps – 94 & 96 with lots of humidity in the mornings. I went to church this morning and to the grocery store after lunch but then decided it was best to just stay indoors…so, I went to my sewing room and started working on a few projects.

A couple of months ago, I bought a whole bag of zippers from a FB quilting community and they’ve just been sitting there – staring at me, LOL. Bag of Zippers

I decided to pull up one of Jenny Doan’s tutorials and make a few zippered pouches. I actually started making them yesterday and have four completed so far. I’ve used scraps to make all of these except for the green floral print in the first picture – that came from a new FQ; everything else was scraps…Hooray for scrap buster projects!

pouches outside

pouches lining





These pouches are remarkably easy…the hardest part is remembering to move the zipper head before cutting the zipper! Yep, I made that mistake and had to trash that zipper! Ha!

I’m not really loving the black & yellow pouch, I think it’s a little too tall…but it can hold two bottles of water, so I guess it can be used for something! I’ve posted the first two on my Etsy page along with the 1 Hour Baskets I made last week…fingers crossed, maybe I can start a little side business 😀


Where did I leave off…

Oh yeah, I’ve got a few updates regarding my running and sewing escapades for the last several days.

Unfortunately I haven’t made any progress on the yellow & black lap quilt because I still haven’t made it to Hobby Lobby for more batting…ack! I have however been working on a few other things. I’ve been following two different folks as they complete their ‘block of the month’ challenges and I’ve fallen a tad bit behind, so this weekend I finished the April block for one of them. I have no idea what the name of this block is…anyone know?


I’m not really loving the fabric choices I made but it’s done and now I can move on to May. I have two blocks to make and the rest of the month to do it so I think I’ll be fine.

I also decided I would add some quilting to the baby blanket I posted about last week. It’s not a traditional quilt in that I sewed it together like a pillow case and there is no batting because I used flannel for the back. I decided I would follow the diagonal lines on the front which gives the flannel a bit more interest on the back. I also added a zigzag stitch around the border to help disguise the start/stop of all those lines.



Now all I need to do is add a label and then offer it up to one of my friends or put it up for sale on my Etsy page.

Yes, I’ve still been training for the Half marathon – it’s coming up this weekend…wow! My last long run was on Saturday and as luck would have it I ended up doing it alone. One running buddy, L, had to make a trip to Raleigh so she couldn’t run and the other buddy, K, hurt her heel and didn’t want to press her luck by trying to run 10 miles! So, I mustered up the motivation and hit the pavement around 8am Saturday morning. I decided to do an out & back from my house – I mapped out the course and even allowed for a stop/water refresh at my local Anytime Fitness.

The first 4 miles weren’t too bad, there was a little shade and a light breeze which made it feel pretty comfortable. I turned around at that point and headed to AF where I used the facilities and refreshed my water bottle. I left there and ran the next couple of miles in a neighborhood behind AF which offered quite a bit of shade. Around mile 7 I was back on the main street and in full sun…ugh…it was really, really hot. My energy was draining quickly in the heat – even the GU gels I had didn’t seem to make a difference.

As I turned down my neighborhood street, I knew I had about 1.5 to go so I talked myself up as best I could and finished the 10 miles…it wasn’t pretty but I did it. And what’s even better, at the 10 mile mark I knew I could’ve kept going if I had to (i.e. another 3.1 to the finish line) so I’m pretty hopeful I’ll do OK this weekend.

I had two issues with my tracking devices:

1. I forgot to start my Garmin until 2+ mins into the first run segment so it looks like I didn’t complete a full 10 miles…but trust me, I did! And even though the temp says 66, with the humidity and full sun it felt more like 106!


5.9.15 garmin

2. I set the C25K app for 35 intervals (3/1) and it stopped recording right before I hit 10 miles…grrr…note to self: add extra intervals next time 😉

5.9.15 c25k app

I had another training run this morning, only 4 miles because I’m tapering. It was another hot/humid run but thankfully I had a bit more shade today. The C25K app could not get a GPS lock this morning so I used it just to cue the 3/1 intervals and relied on my Garmin for distance. I did pretty good until that last mile…then I did a bit more walking than running.

5.12.15 garmin

I have one more training run on Thurs..only 2 miles…then the Half marathon on Saturday. It’s going to be a girls weekend, we’ve rented a house on the beach (there’s 5 of us running the race) so after the race we can crash on the beach and recover…woohoo!