Another finish!!

Watch out…I’m on a roll, lol. After (finally) finishing the commissioned t-shirt quilt I decided to pull out a UFO that I basted many months ago. To my surprise the spray baste was still holding so after a quick ironing I jumped into quilting it.


I did big loops in a meander across the top


I finished it up today, binding and all…woot woot. It measures 47×60




I have one more quilt waiting in the basted pile…maybe I can get that one done too 😉



Mixed bag

Not a whole lot of quilting going on this week, instead I worked on a few smaller things. I finally made the December block for the Honeypot Bee – now I just need to do November and I can start designing the layout. I love Blueberry Park fabrics so I’m really looking forward to seeing this quilt completed.


A friend posted a link on my Facebook page last week suggesting I make some Soup bowl cozies. I’ve actually been wanting to make some of these for myself but hadn’t purchased the 100% cotton batting to do it (that way they’re microwave safe!). Well, that nudge on FB was all I needed! I ordered two packs of ‘Wrap N Zap’ from Walmart and they arrived on Thursday. I spent yesterday morning putting these lovelies together 🙂


I pulled coordinating fat quarters from my stash and cut 10″ squares which gave me two cozies from each set of FQ.


I’ve posted them on her FB page as $8 each or $15 for two. She’s coming by later today to make her choices. I made these six cozies from one package of Wrap N Zap; I still have the other package unopened so I can make six more if they’re really popular!


That’s all the sewing for this week. I have a tshirt quilt project that I need to start but I’ve been procrastinating – ugh – why do I do that!!!!? I’ve looked through all the shirts/clothes that my neighbor gave me…I just need to start cutting. This week, yes THIS WEEK I will get started 😉


I did not go for my C25K run yesterday [[[hangs head in shame]]] and it’ll be too cold (for me) to go out today. Our weather will be a mixed bag for the next 7 days but there will be plenty of opportunities to get out for a run.


I need to remember my word for 2018…maybe I should print out this graphic and post it in my office, my sewing room and anywhere else that is necessary!


ttfn 😀

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Ah yes, this time of year almost everyone I follow online is reviewing 2017 and making goals for 2018…and being the ‘follower’ that I am, I jumped right on board!

Here are the 2017 goals I posted at the end of last year:

  1. Finish two commissioned quilts in January – The Kittens & Dog Gone Cute DONE
  2. Participate in a block swap – this would be a first for me and scares the jeepers out of me NOPE
  3. Make a quilt from my sketches and possibly publish a pattern for it – something else that scares the jeepers out of me! NOPE
  4. Blog at least once per week…I used to post several times a week when I was running more regularly so I know I can do it. DONE
  5. Finish my WIPs – Black & White DONE; 2 Halloween quilts DONE; Sugar Block club 1/2 DONE; Splendid Sampler NOPE
  6. Make quilts from my bucket list #2 DONE
    1. Elephant Abstractions quilt (Violet Craft)
    2. Charlotte Skyline quilt (Shannon Brinkley)
    3. Vast quilt (Jeni Baker) using Fleet & Flourish fabric

Looking back I’d say I hit about 50%…not horrible but clearly I could’ve done better. As I think about why I didn’t complete some of these, I noticed I stopped reviewing my goals about halfway through the year…ugh. So, note to self: put a reminder in July 2018 to review your goals and get back on track!

I used a couple of goal setting programs to plan 2018: Design Your Destiny 2018 (DYD2108) hosted by Kim Job of Sublime Reflection and Best Year Ever (BYE2018) from Mel Robbins. The DYD program was spread over 5 weeks, each week progressing through reflection on last year and identifying what’s important for 2018. The BYE worksheets were provided all at once and focused on 4 areas of life: Health, Love, Fun, Work. This kind of deep reflection always makes me feel a little weird…I have a hard time with forward thinking and visualizing what I want my future to look like. That said, I worked through both and have identified 3 areas I want to focus on:

  1. Have fun: DH and I haven’t had a vacation in over 2 years. I mean a real vacation which to us is at least 10 days in the Caribbean…and it doesn’t look like we’re going to make that happen in 2018 so we need to find other ways to have fun.
  2. Lose 25 pounds: I’ve had this on my wish list for a long time now…I’m not getting any younger so I need to get serious about it. I want to be healthy and fit enough to travel more often and of course continue my quilting adventure.
  3. Visit with family: I want to make visiting with family a bigger part of my life but that doesn’t always mean traveling, there’s this thing called Skype that I need to embrace! We have two grandsons and a new great niece that we want to spend more time with and all of them will have no problems with technology.

Seems do-able. I’ve already planned tasks for the first quarter of 2018 and put them in my Bullet Journal to help me stay accountable. Now I just need to follow through…which leads me to the Word of the Year I’ve chosen:


All too often I start things but inevitably I don’t follow through…so FINISH will be the theme for me in 2018.

I wish you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2018!