Let’s start off with the most fun topic…my great niece! She’s 9 weeks old and her parents just posted these pics. Awwwww, my heart is so full for this little red-haired cutie pie ❤



She was only 18 days old the last time I held that little bundle…hopefully I can get back up there soon.

I’ve been doing a little sewing this week – I finally completed the last block I needed for The Honeypot Bee, this is from November. There were multiple block options each month but sometimes I didn’t make either and other times I made both…I ended up with a total of 21 blocks.

hpb nov

I put them up on my design wall this week just to get an idea of what I had and where I was going to need some sashing and/or fillers. This is not my final layout but you can see I still have my work cut out for me to make this cohesive :-s

all hpb blocks

We also had a winter weather event here last week…we got about 2-3″ of snow and it stuck around for a few days until the temps finally climbed back to normal yesterday.  I enjoyed watching it come down since I work from home and didn’t have to worry about going out in it, but down here in SC most people just stay home anyway when this happens.


I did get a few orders for bowl cozies after I posted pics on FB & IG of the ones I made last week. Here’s one set for a neighbor:


That same neighbor took the other cozies to her work and not only sold those but one of her co-workers asked for more in specific colors. These are almost done, just need to top-stitch around the outside.


I did make a very little bit of progress on a new tshirt quilt commission. This is for a different neighbor whose daughter turned 12 recently. She’s provided shirts from baby to pre-teen sizes and a few gymnastics leotards too. This is going to be interesting!! Here are the few shirts I’ve cut so far


And lastly, I’ve also taken another new commission – this one is going to be very tricky for me. Yet another neighbor asked me to take her wedding dress and make two small quilts out of it for her two daughters (one in college the other in high school). She was quite adamant that she does not want either of her daughters to wear her dress but wants to use it to give them a memento…so…I’ve been scouring Google and Pinterest for ideas. Here’s the front & back of the dress

There’s plenty of fabric to work with but I’ve NEVER worked with this fabric before…so if you have any pointers or suggestions, PLEASE help a girl out!! 😀

That’s about it for now…I’ll be watching football later today – here are my pics:





Catching up on BOM

Since my two favorite football teams weren’t playing today (both had Bye’s) I figured I’d try to do a little catching up on the Block of month sew alongs I’ve been participating in this year.

First up, Sugar Block club with Amy Gibson. We’re on our 11th block – one more and we’ll start putting it all together…yay!

I pulled up the instructions for the November block and quickly realized the template that was provided was not correct – I did some math and made my own template so I could make the block today.

Unfortunately the picture is a little blurry – I took it with my phone and then cropped it to zoom in…that didn’t turn out so good.

This block is called Hello Sunshine, I could see making a whole quilt out of this one!


I also completed three Splendid Sampler blocks…I started with the most recent and worked backward (great tip from Pat Sloan!)

#77 Prism


#76 Little Things


And then I skipped back to #73 +Love…I promise this block is not as wonky as it looks in this pic :-s


I still have many more Splendid Sampler blocks to make…hopefully I can do a few extra each week and get caught up. I’ve decided I’m not going to do anymore embroidery blocks…it’s just not my thing and I’m not going to feel guilty about it 😉

That’s about all for now…G’night!

Superbowl Sunday

Let me just start by saying “I LOVE FOOTBALL”! I have ever since I was a kid, my family would always gather around the TV on Sundays to watch as many games as were televised (there was no NFL package waaaay back then, lol). So, needless to say I’ll be watching the Superbowl today for sure 😉  Although I live in the Carolinas I won’t necessarily be cheering for the Panthers – I’ll really just be cheering for a competitive game. Blow-outs are so boring…yawn.

I started my day off with the Super bowl 4 miler race – I finally got to run with my buddies again!! Yay!! We met at our local church and carpooled into Charlotte. The race started & ended at Panther’s stadium which was kind of cool and as you might imagine there were a lot of people wearing Panther’s jerseys and colors. I was all layered up because the temp at the start of the race was only 36 degrees…brrrr! The last layer was my New England Patriots Tom Brady jersey and I also wore my Washington Redskins fleece headband – a little conflicted but warm.

I had not been out for a run all week due to my toe/toenail issue. I really could’ve run on Thurs, Fri or Sat but opted to just wait for today. Good news, no toe issues today – yay!

After we parked and headed to get our swag I realized I had forgotten my ear buds – geez, you’d think I wouldn’t forget stuff after all the running I’ve done :-s  We picked up our bibs and they gave us nice long sleeve shirts and a pint glass with the Super bowl race logo (similar to what we got last year).

Long story short, I felt great throughout the run and when I crossed the finish line I realized I beat my time from last year by almost a whole minute…woohoo! My training IS paying off!!

I stopped my Vivofit2 right after the finish line but completely forgot to shut off my phone app (probably because I didn’t have my earbuds) so it ran on for another hour or so, lol! Looking at my run segment times I can’t believe I had a few in the 9’s & 10’s…what!?!

2.7.16 rd

2.7.16 vivo

A first for this year, we got medals – yay! BLING! And the post-race area was filled with booths of food and beer – yay! BEER!


I came home, showered and then went to lunch. Afterwards I went to the grocery store and then laid down for a 40 min power nap. Now, I’m ready for some football!!!!


Half Marathon training begins

I’ve been following the Zero to 10K program to kick-start my half marathon training and I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been able to maintain my average pace for the last few weeks. Now it’s time to jump off that program onto the Half training program.

I’m using a ‘beginners’ plan and if I count backwards from the Half Marathon date of March 5th (Dasani Half in Myrtle Beach), I’m at week 3. Since I ran on Friday, I saved the Saturday run for today. Beginners Half Marathon Training

The weather this morning was a little chilly – it was 39 when I left the house at 10am but thankfully it warmed up to upper 40’s while I was out. I layered up accordingly, started out wearing gloves but had to peel those off around mile 2. Since I haven’t been running anything longer than 3ish miles I haven’t been using any of my GU, but that changed today. I had forgotten how good the Salted Caramel flavor is, it was worth the longer distance!! And it gave me just the kick I needed to finish the last mile.

I programmed my app for 7 reps of 8 min running, 2 min walking which would carry me through 5 miles…and I did pretty good for the first 4 reps. After that I alternated 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run until I hit 5 miles.

The only concern I had today was with my technology…there was a difference in calculation between the c25k app and my Vivofit2. Before I left the house, I mapped out my route using the MayMyRun website so I had an idea where I would finish 5 miles but the Vivofit2 hit that mark earlier than the app…weird, not sure what’s up with that. I kept running until the C25K app hit 5 miles.


1.3.16 garmin


1.3.16 rd


I didn’t do any sewing today…after lunch I planted my butt on the couch and watched football for the rest of the day. I have the HST Sampler quilt all ready for some FMQ, I guess I’ll work on that tomorrow 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving

I’ll be spending the day sewing, running, watching football and hanging out with friends.

I finished up the third and last double pot holder (using this tutorial except I extended the length to 35″) for the friend we’ll be having dinner with today. She bought the fabrics a few months ago and finally decided which would go together. I also made her some finger pot holders too…great for holding handles and lids.



This isn’t the finished shot, but I turned these two into finger pot holders as well

I’m doing my own ‘turkey trot 5K’ today because I didn’t want to get up at 6am to run in the cold. It’ll be in the 50’s by lunch time so I’ll head out then 😉

Lastly, I’m making broccoli casserole to take to dinner around 4pm. We’ll hang out with friends from the neighborhood and their relatives while we fill our bellies with delicious food and watch football. Then we’ll come home and watch more football and recover from our ‘food coma’.

If I can muster the energy, I may wander back into my sewing room later this evening to start a new project…yeah, we’ll see…

I hope all my US friends have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to stop and think about all you have to be grateful for, it really does make you feel better ❤