Rinse & repeat

It seems January was on constant repeat, meaning I’m in the habit building stage so every day consists of many of the same things – walking, cleaning, quilting.

I’m happy to report 2 out of 3 went very well…the cleaning one, just eh! I’ve been walking every day – even when it’s been a bit chilly. There were several days last week in the low 40’s and yesterday was a gray, chilly, drizzly mess…but I walked 🙂 As for quilting, I’ve been doing something every day and in just one month I’ve pieced a new flimsy top (Plaidish) and completed two UFO’s that have been basted for more than month. As for cleaning, my plan is to spend just 15 mins a day/5 days a week cleaning a section of the house. It sounds super simple and it is, but most days end up putting it off 😦


This is my Granny Cabin quilt before washing. I quilted an all-over meander motif and used a grey print for binding. It finished 58″ square.

This is my Rainbow Improv quilt before washing. Since the fabrics and design are so dominant I wanted to down play the quilting with simple diagonal lines. I corralled all that color with a medium grey binding. This one also finished 58″ square.

Next up, I’ll be finishing my Meadowland quilt…here it is all ironed & ready for quilting. I searched Pinterest & IG for quilting ideas and I think I’m going to do all-over random swirls. That should play nicely with all the angles. This one will finish 48×64.

I have no specific plans for these three quilts…I’ll probably post them for sale on FB and if there are no buyers they’ll likely go to charity 🙂


I went to WW yesterday for my weigh in and I’m still .2lb away from a 10# loss…UGH!! I’ve been see-sawing back and forth with the same couple of pounds for months now. I haven’t been great at staying within my points so it’s no surprise…I’m just not sure how to get my head in the right place but I’m going to keep trying!


I finished watching the Australian Open this morning with the Men’s final match and yesterday was the Women’s final. If you don’t want to know who won…stop reading!!

In the Women’s final it was American Sofia Kenin vs Muguruza from Spain. Kenin dropped the first set and it looked iffy as she started the second but in the end she fought it out and won her first Grand Slam title! Congrats Sofia!! Today in the Men’s final it was Novak Djokovic vs Domonic Thiem. It was a tough 5 set match and momentum swung several times but in the end I guess experience won out…Djokovic broke Thiem early in the 5th and never looked back. Congrats Novak!


That’s all for now, enjoy the Superbowl later today! I’ll be cheering for the Chiefs but either way I’ll just be happy if it’s a good game 🙂

Getting back into it

Our little Sammie girl started her chemo & steroid pills this past Monday and so far she’s doing very well. The chemo pills are pretty scary because they come with warnings that we need to wear gloves when handling them! If I can’t even touch them what the heck are they doing to my fur baby!? I was a complete & utter nervous wreck when we gave her the first dose – I was so worried she was going to have a bad reaction. The Dr said if she was going to have a reaction it usually happens within the first few hours. As you can imagine, I was watching her like a hawk…several hours later I finally started to calm down and by the next day I had regained my composure. Clearly, it’s a good thing I didn’t have any human children ;-p

Six doses in and she’s still acting like her normal, playful self. The only difference we’ve noticed is her drinking (and peeing) more often. The Dr told us that is to be expected with the steroid. I’m relieved that she’s not had any adverse reactions and I can only pray the meds will do their job and help my baby live a long happy life ❤


In other news, I went to WW yesterday and I was down 1lb which is a minor miracle since I baked cookies last week and of course had to ‘test’ several! I’m so close to hitting the 10# mark I really, really need to buckle down!


I’ve been finding it hard to get back into my sewing room…I guess I was feeling down (and sorry for myself) with Sammie’s diagnosis but I forced myself to get back in there last night and again this morning to finish the backing for my Granny Cabin top.

I know this doesn’t look like much but it’s one vertical seam shy of a completed back. I pulled 14 low-volume FQs that have been sitting in my stash for far too long and sewed them together in a random layout. I finished that last seam this morning before the football games started. Now all I need to do is cut batting, get it basted, quilted and bound – Ha!

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

Making Progress

In my last post I was looking for my mojo and I think just the act of writing about it made it show up! Later that day I went in to the sewing room and knocked out two more colors for the improv blocks and continued to work on it throughout the week.

I now have a finished top! It measures 57″ square

I’ve already cut the batting and I’ll be piecing the back today while watching football! I’d really like to get this quilted and bound in the next few days – I REALLY need a finish :-p

I’ve also signed up for the Granny Cabin sew along hosted by Then Came June on IG. This is the first week so there’s still plenty of time to join in if you’re interested. I pulled my fabrics from my FQ bins following the same color themes in the pattern but using prints

I’ve already had to switch out the #1 fabric because I realized it wasn’t a complete FQ – I had cut into it at some point for a different quilt 😦 It’s ok, I had plenty of dark navy choices!

One of my neighbors asked if I could make some golf seat covers to be used as giveaways for her club. I had made a couple for her a while back so I had the basic pattern. I went to my local quilt shop last week and picked up a few yards of golf themed fabric and a neutral green flannel for the back.

I knocked out these two yesterday


Any Downton Abbey fans here?

I’ve been impatiently waiting on the movie to release, I’ve missed that show so much!! ❤ My local theater hosted a Paint Night event before the movie and yes! we painted a Downton Abbey scene! It was so much fun, they played DA Trivia while our background scenes dried a bit and the theater gave away 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes for their favorite painting…and guess who came in 2nd? Woohoo! I got 2 movie passes, 2 popcorns and 2 sodas – Nice!

Here’s the prize winning painting :-p

I was so pleased with the movie – it was like visiting with old friends again!!


I splurged quite a bit this past week so I decided to ‘skip’ my WW weigh in yesterday… ugh, I hate going when I know I’ve gained 😦 I’ll get back on track this week so I’m not tempted to skip any more!


That’s all for now – enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 🙂