Hands2Help 2022

Here are the quilts I’ll be donating to Little Lambs Foundation this year for the H2H challenge. I started some of these quilts back in 2018 and thought they’d be perfect to include this year! I’ll show them in order of age 😉

  1. This quilt is called “Velocity”. This was part of a scrap attack challenge in 2018

2. Moda Love from 2018

3. Limelight from 2018

4. Trip Around the World from 2020

5. Back to the Garden from 2021 (Part of Color Blocks Challenge)

6. Gemstones from 2021 (Part of Color Blocks Challenge)

7. Woven Star from 2022 (Part of Color Blocks Challenge)

If you’d like to learn more about Hands2Help, visit The Academic Quilter

Hands2Help 2021

Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict hosted the eleventh year of the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge. During the months of March, April & May she encourages quilters to make quilts to donate to charity. Sarah offers scrappy patterns of her own and ideas from guest bloggers she invites to share their tips, tricks and quilts. She also provides a list of charities you can send your quilts to or you’re always welcome to find a local charity.

Here are the four quilts I made and donated for H2H this year. I’m participating in Debby Brown’s Color Blocks QAL and each month she releases a new pattern to use for the 16-patch blocks we make from our scraps.

I followed her patterns for Jan, Mar and April but I decided to do my own thing in Feb and made ‘Fish Tails’ 😉

These quilts were boxed up and shipped on Monday to Little Lambs Foundation. In case you missed the announcement, they just signed up to partner with Givebackbox.com so any package you send them (less than 70lbs) only costs $15 to ship!

It’s always a pleasure to participate in H2H and it helps to use up my scrap stash – win/win!! ❤

Another quilt finish!

I put the finishing stitches in the binding after last week’s post and went outside for some pictures. Really happy with how this turned out 🙂 This was April’s pattern from the Color Blocks QAL, called Cheer.

The quilts I made in Jan, Feb and Mar and now this April one are all in a box waiting to be shipped out tomorrow to Little Lambs Foundation as part of the Hands2Help Charity drive.

I also made a few more blocks for the May pattern called Gemstone. I’m making 7 blocks from 5 colorways of scraps… so far I’ve got sapphires, emeralds, rubies and amethyst. One more color to go and I’ve decided I’m going to use white/gray to represent diamonds. I’m still deciding what I want to use for background but I know I want something dark so I’m planning a trip to my LQS to do some browsing 😉

I made the blue & red blocks using my new Singer Patchwork and she worked beautifully – but I used my Pfaff for the purple ones cuz I just needed to sit down and sew. I’m going to have to find a place for my Singer where I can sit & sew if I want to use it for more than just a few blocks – because standing & sewing is just not for me 😦


Look at these cute nails! These are Impress Press-on nails (not an affiliate) and I’ve been using them since the pandemic started. I just love how easy they are to apply (the glue is already on the back, just peel & stick) and they last me about 2 weeks – depending on how much dish washing I do 😉 They have so many cute colors and designs and run from $7-$10. You can also get them at local stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. As you can see from the background, they also carry a selection of OPI colors!


I had a great week on WW… I was down 1.8lbs!!! Woot woot! Not sure what I did for that big win but I’ll take it ;-p


That’s about all for now…. have a great rest of your weekend 😀

Moving and sewing update

Let’s do the moving update first:

We still don’t have the furniture moved yet – UGH! I drove back down to Myrtle Beach (MB) early last week with a car load of stuff and I plan to stay through Easter. DH came down late Thursday with his car loaded…not sure how long he’s staying. He mentioned our next step was to rent a small truck to bring down ‘non-furniture’ items and I asked him why the ‘next’ truck couldn’t be the furniture and save the last truck for everything else. This made him think for a minute and he didn’t have a good answer so I think I won!!! hahaha! Time will tell 😉

As for sewing, I’ve been working in my sewing room almost every day. I’ve finished the Criss Cross top and squared up the top & bottom edges. I’m going to wait to square up the sides because there are quite a few bias edges in the strips and I think it’s stretched in the middle…ugh, we’ll see how quilting goes!


This quilt is going to be donated to one of the charities from the Hands2Help challenge coordinated by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. It’s not too late to join in!!

While I was taking a break I started scrolling through IG and came across a post from littlequiltsong with the cutest heart quilt… of course that meant I had to follow the links, print out the pattern and start making my own!! Ha! So now I have another quilt to donate 🙂


When I read the pattern details it said the 6″ heart was fat eighth friendly and I knew I had a bundle that had been collecting dust far too long so I pulled it out and got started. I need a total of 25 hearts…I’m about half way there! I wish I could remember the name of this fabric line but for some reason I opened it and didn’t keep the wrapping 😦 If you recognize it, let me know…I appears to be some spin on Alice in Wonderland…?

[Edit I found the fabric online: Wonderland by Rifle Paper Company for Cotton and Steel Quilt Fabric]

And next up is a new fabric purchase…ahem, yeah I need more fabric like a hole in the head but when MSQ puts up a sale on Alison Glass Sunprint 2019 layer cake I just could not resist!!


That’s about all for now…I need to get Criss Cross basted and start quilting on it…the H2H deadline is May 19 so I have a little breathing room but I’ll also be away on a business trip the whole week of 4/29.

Have a great rest of your weekend!




Weekly summary…

Lots of sewing and quilting going on here!

First up: As I’ve mentioned before, Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict is hosting Hands2Help again this year and there’s still plenty of time to join in the fun! I’ve had my leaders/enders sitting around for quite some time and they were supposed to get addressed back in February when the APQ UFO Challenge pulled #8 but, ahem…nope. So, I decided to pull them together and use them for the H2H event.

At first I was going to sew them all together for one rather large quilt but Sarah suggested I could make two smaller quilts and double my donation…BRILLIANT! This first picture is when I tried to get them all up on my design wall – ha! I couldn’t even get it all in the pic and I still had two more vertical rows to add to the left.

big scrappy

Once I decided to make two quilts, I divided them up and chose border fabric. This beautiful teal green is left over from a 8 yard purchase from a Craftsy sale – I think it adds a bit of a masculine touch (eh, maybe?). This now measures 61×65 and is ready for quilting.scrappy1

And for the second quilt I chose a light purple border, this definitely has a more feminine vibe – it also measures 61×65. I’ve got lots of quilting in my future!! LOLscrappy2

I also finished up my MQG Fabric Challenge using Creative Rockstar from Riley Blake. I put the finishing touches on the quilting and binding yesterday – took pictures and submitted it for consideration! This is the first time I’ve ever submitted any of my work – I’m both excited and very nervous!!

I titled this “Go Your Own Way” after the Fleetwood Mac song and that’s exactly what I did with the design and the FMQ…I stitched whatever I was feeling at the moment!

It’s a mini size quilt measuring 30″ square…no idea what I’ll do with this but it does look kinda good on my dining room table!


Along with all the charity tops that need to be quilted I’ve taken on a friend’s request to quilt a gift she made for her grandson’s college graduation. I’ll share pictures once I get started but I’m a little nervous because we chose a quilting design I’ve never done before…I call it meandering squares…looks kinda like this (not my drawing):


I’ll need to practice on paper and on a practice sandwich before I put needle to quilt!


I strained a muscle in my back earlier this week (ironically while I was exercising!) so that limited my movement for a few days…needless to say, no running again this week 😦 I tried to do a little bit of exercise each day by pulling up a ‘walk at home’ video on YT. I couldn’t do some of the twisting moves but I got through the rest ok…at least I was moving, right?!


Still going strong with my bullet journal (bujo), I start and end my day by reviewing what needs to get done in the morning and in the evening I check off what I completed and make a list for the next day. It’s really keeping me motivated!

As you can see I didn’t get much ‘strength training’ in after straining my back but I was able to keep up with very light cardio 😉 Love how my rainbow is coming together but I gotta do better with the bottom half, lol

[sorry about the blurry pic]


Next week’s spread is ready to be filled in…nextwk

That’s it for now…what’s going on in your world??





Hands2Help Charity Challenge

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is hosting the 7th annual H2H challenge. You can get all the details here.

I was late to the party and participated for the first time last year. It’s a very well organized and fun event and there is plenty of time baked in to finish your quilt and get it shipped off.

Last year I made a lap size quilt using diamond shapes in earthy tones so it would be suitable for male or female; I chose to send my quilt to the Happy Chemo charity.


If you love to make quilts and want to help out some great charities (and have a chance at some wonderful giveaways) you really need to click over to Sarah’s blog and get signed up!