Hands2Help 2021

Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict hosted the eleventh year of the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge. During the months of March, April & May she encourages quilters to make quilts to donate to charity. Sarah offers scrappy patterns of her own and ideas from guest bloggers she invites to share their tips, tricks and quilts. She also provides a list of charities you can send your quilts to or you’re always welcome to find a local charity.

Here are the four quilts I made and donated for H2H this year. I’m participating in Debby Brown’s Color Blocks QAL and each month she releases a new pattern to use for the 16-patch blocks we make from our scraps.

I followed her patterns for Jan, Mar and April but I decided to do my own thing in Feb and made ‘Fish Tails’ 😉

These quilts were boxed up and shipped on Monday to Little Lambs Foundation. In case you missed the announcement, they just signed up to partner with Givebackbox.com so any package you send them (less than 70lbs) only costs $15 to ship!

It’s always a pleasure to participate in H2H and it helps to use up my scrap stash – win/win!! ❤

Another quilt finish!

I put the finishing stitches in the binding after last week’s post and went outside for some pictures. Really happy with how this turned out 🙂 This was April’s pattern from the Color Blocks QAL, called Cheer.

The quilts I made in Jan, Feb and Mar and now this April one are all in a box waiting to be shipped out tomorrow to Little Lambs Foundation as part of the Hands2Help Charity drive.

I also made a few more blocks for the May pattern called Gemstone. I’m making 7 blocks from 5 colorways of scraps… so far I’ve got sapphires, emeralds, rubies and amethyst. One more color to go and I’ve decided I’m going to use white/gray to represent diamonds. I’m still deciding what I want to use for background but I know I want something dark so I’m planning a trip to my LQS to do some browsing 😉

I made the blue & red blocks using my new Singer Patchwork and she worked beautifully – but I used my Pfaff for the purple ones cuz I just needed to sit down and sew. I’m going to have to find a place for my Singer where I can sit & sew if I want to use it for more than just a few blocks – because standing & sewing is just not for me 😦


Look at these cute nails! These are Impress Press-on nails (not an affiliate) and I’ve been using them since the pandemic started. I just love how easy they are to apply (the glue is already on the back, just peel & stick) and they last me about 2 weeks – depending on how much dish washing I do 😉 They have so many cute colors and designs and run from $7-$10. You can also get them at local stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. As you can see from the background, they also carry a selection of OPI colors!


I had a great week on WW… I was down 1.8lbs!!! Woot woot! Not sure what I did for that big win but I’ll take it ;-p


That’s about all for now…. have a great rest of your weekend 😀

Monkey Wrench

The March Color Blocks quilt is complete. The design is called Monkey Wrench and I added the borders at the top & bottom using the bonus HST’s from making some of the blocks. I decided to follow the suggested quilting design and even though it’s just a smidge too dense for my liking I think it turned out great.

It was a tad windy the day I took these photos so it was pretty hard to get a good picture. This quilt is now sitting in the pile to be donated. Speaking of…

I’ve participated in the Hands2Help challenge hosted by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict for several years. Visit her blog for all the details on how to participate… I think this year I will find a local charity to cut down on the shipping expenses.

In the past I’ve made quilts from the designs Sarah suggests but I just loved the idea of using up my scraps in the Color Blocks QAL so all these quilts will be sent off for Hands2Help. It’s not too late to join the QAL…it’s going on all year long 🙂


The pollen here has exploded over the last couple of weeks and it’s no fun spending time outdoors. Everything is covered in a layer of yellow/green dust… we need some rain really bad 😦 I’ve been wearing a mask when I walk to cut down on the amount of pollen I breath… ick. Later today I’ll be hosing down our back patio even though I know it’ll be covered again in another week; at least it will cut down how much we track inside.


Yesterday we drove back to our old neck of the woods to attend a memorial service for a dear friend. We did it as a day trip because we didn’t have anyone to keep our dog overnight. We left at 9am and got back around 6:30pm. Our neighbors came over to let Sammie out about every 3 hours and gave her treats. She was so happy to see us when we got home… poor thing was so confused!!


That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

Stay safe and…

Finishing mode

Every now and again I get on a kick to finish projects I’ve left untouched and it appears I’m having one of those moments. In my last post I said I was itching to start a new project and I not only started one but I finished it too!!

Several months back I dug into my scrap bins and cut a ton of 5″ squares, since then I’ve made several quilts but I still had many squares left. I pulled them out last week and sorted them into light and dark and laid them out in an offset pattern; within a few days I had the top finished!!

The next day I pulled a beautiful purple print from an old Denyse Schmidt line out of my stash for the back and got it all basted.

I didn’t want to use my standard Dove Gray thread color so I pulled a pink from my stash and used that for the top and in the bobbin. It blends in pretty nicely on the back while giving a little pop to the top. Since I had all those perfect squares to fill, I went with a Heart Strings quilting motif and I love it!

I squared it up and used the same Denyse Schmidt fabric for the binding. This finished at 49″ square and will be going off to Quilty Hugs for the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge 2020.

Next up, I pulled out this “Trip Around the World” experiment I started last month and got it glue basted with a pale blue print for the back. I plan to start quilting on it later today.

[These photos were taken before it was basted]

That’s about all for today…have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

Two finishes!

I’m slowly getting my mojo back and I finished two baby quilts this week! Whoop whoop! These are destined for the Hands2Help charity challenge hosted by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict. My last post shows all the quilts I’m sending off this year, more than half of them were made many months ago but they fit the need so off they go!

The first finish this week is the Disappearing 25 patch, this tutorial was posted on Sarah’s blog at the beginning of April and I’m sure I would’ve had it finished long before now if Greta hadn’t needed her annual cleaning. I used fusible polyester batting in this one because I happened to have it left over in my stash and it was the perfect size…BUT I hated every minute of quilting it so I won’t be buying any more of that crap! Luckily once washed, it was soft and squishy – whew!

I did a simple all over meander quilting motif, then I auditioned several fabrics for binding before landing on this solid lavender. This finished 44″ square.

My next finish is a quick project called Deep Blue Sea by Erica of Kitchen Table Quilting. She offered a free pattern & tutorial on her blog and I just had to give it a go! I finished this top the night before Greta went into the shop so it sat on my design wall the whole time, just calling to me!! After I finished the D25P, I cut batting and made the back for this one. I knew I wanted to do wavy lines for quilting so it finished up very fast.

The colors are truest in this first photo

I found this fabric in my stash with blue birds but I didn’t have quite enough so I added the organic vines…the colors are perfect! This finished 38×48

I’m contemplating pulling out some other UFO tops and getting them done but I hear the siren song of starting a new project calling me!! Oh what will I do…

Oh and there is LIVE tennis to watch this weekend!! A few weeks ago the guys played a round-robin tournament in West Palm Beach, FL and now the ladies are doing the same this weekend…the final is today!! I love to watch tennis while I sew – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Have a great rest of your long weekend…

Hands2Help quilts

I participated in the Hands2Help quilt challenge again this year. The challenge is hosted by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict and this is the tenth year!!

I made six quilts to be donated to Quilts of Compassion and Quilty Hugs charities Sarah has highlighted – these will be mailed off by the end of the month.

  1. Granny Cabin

2. Rainbox Improv

3. Meadowland

4. Squared Up

5. Plus 1

6. Plus 2

I have one more quilt in progress that should be finished this weekend – it’s called Disappearing 25 patch:

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Hands 2 Help finish

The annual Hands2Help Challenge hosted by Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict has come to close this year and I’m happy to report I have three quilts made and will be sending them off tomorrow…whoop whoop!

You can read all about the annual event and the wonderful charities included this year by visiting Sarah’s blog

These first two quilts are going to Jack’s Basket:

I found the Simple Hearts pattern through an Instagram post and when it said it was fat eighth friendly I remembered I had a bundle of Wonderland by Rifle Paper Company for Cotton and Steel that had been sitting in my stash for far too long and before I knew it, I had a finished quilt!


The second quilt came about quite by accident from the left overs of the Criss Cross quilt I’ll talk about in a minute. I had triangles left over and just started sewing them together to make blocks and then worked with them for a few days until I ended up with this design.


The third quilt is going to Happy Chemo. I found this Criss Cross pattern through Angela Walter’s Midnight Quilt Show and immediately knew I wanted to dip into my solids stash to make it!


The cutting and sewing went really fast but I will add a little caution…once you get the ‘blocks’ made you’ll need to handle them carefully as there are A LOT of bias edges and they can get a little wonky. I had a little bit of that happen but thankfully not too much!


And that’s my contribution this year. I absolutely love participating in this event every year and Sarah is a great host ❤ If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in the past I highly recommend you follow her blog and mark your calendar for next March when she gets things kicked off.

A day late…

I usually post on Sundays but I spent the day in my sewing room so I’ll get caught up today!

I finished my Simple Hearts quilt for Hands2Help2019, this will be sent to Jack’s Basket. I quilted hearts within the hearts on a string down the quilt.


I had a 1 yard cut of a Cotton+Steele blue diagonal dot fabric so I added another blue (not shown) to the bottom of that for the back. It’s all washed and ready for mailing.


Next up I should’ve been working on a back for my Criss Cross quilt, instead I pulled out the bonus blocks I made from those scraps and started playing with layouts…


Option 1 – this looked busy and I needed to figure out how to make it bigger

Option 2 – still busy on the eyes and not big enough

This is not an Ad, but I finally got to use the Bloc Loc ruler I purchased last year and WOW does it ever make it easy to trim HST!! Just line up the diagonal seam in the slot and trim the sides. Never knew how much I needed one of these until I got one and used it!! Highly recommend 🙂


…And here’s the finished top for all those bonus blocks. This will also be sent to Jack’s Basket.

Final top measures 37″ square

I also worked on getting my new sewing room organized this past week. DH assembled the bookshelf I bought and I immediately started sorting my scraps by color and used some old baskets to hold them. This is not the final storage layout but it works for now! I’m also thinking about getting another bookshelf for the other side of the window.


We also got two 4×8 Insulated foam board with our Lowe’s delivery this weekend to be used for a new design wall – squeeeeee! Thanks to Christa for posting such a thorough tutorial. I can’t wait to get started but I need a few more supplies first – like duct tape, a staple gun and a flannel sheet. The duct tape and staple gun are still at the other house and I’m going to order the flannel sheet today!

Ok, that’s enough for now…have a great week!






Hand to Help 2018 Challenge

This is my third year participating in Sarah’s H2H challenge and I must say this year was a bit of a challenge for me! We’re moving in a few months (the date keeps getting pushed back) so I’ve been living in limbo and haven’t been nearly as productive as I would like to have been. Because of all that, I haven’t finished any of the ‘scrappy’ quilts I planned to donate so I’ve decided to pull a few finished quilts from my stash to send off to the charities this year:

  1. Jolly Bar Baby quilt

This quilt will be mailed off to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.


2. Black & White Granny squares quilt

This quilt will be mailed off to Emily of Em’s Scrap Bag for people undergoing chemo.

b&w done

Please visit Sarah’s link up page to view all the beautiful quilts being donated this year!!


Progress and a setback

I finished a couple of tops this week – first up: the tshirt quilt top…yay! This puppy measures 70×74 😮


Not the best picture but it’s finally all pieced. In my last post I shared that I ordered the backing fabric and when it arrived I realized I’d made a measuring mistake – AACK!! Because the tone on tone text is directional I needed more fabric to piece the back so the text wouldn’t be going in various directions…smh!! I put in a new order and it should be here early in the week, needless to say I did not get any basting done, ugh!

Instead I focused on getting my Feb scrapattack2018 top completed. You may recall I was putting together blocks for a Stoplight quilt…and because its scrappy I found it all just a bit too busy for my liking. I played with some layout ideas and finally landed on adding a sashing row in between and a border. I think this gives the blocks a little room to breath 🙂  The top measures 63×73


I’m going to wait to finish this quilt for the Hands2Help challenge put on by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I also have a few other completed tops that I can pull out and finish up for the challenge…we’ll see.

The next big monster to tackle is the wedding dress quilt {{{cue screams of horror!}}}.

I mentioned this project back in January – one of my neighbors has asked me to carve up her wedding dress to make two quilts for her two daughters. The thought of cutting up her wedding dress has just got me paralyzed…what if I can’t make it work? what if she hates the quilts? what if, what if, what if!??? I really can’t procrastinate on this any longer – I need to pull on my big girl panties and JUST DO IT!

So…stay tuned for an update next week…until then have a wonderful rest of your weekend!