Posting directly from the app

I completed Intervals 8 x (3 min, 1.5 min) (2.69 miles), in 33:03, pace 12:17 min/mile, with @RunDouble


I noticed today that I could upload to WordPress directly from the C25K app so I tried it. What you see above is all it shows…that’s OK but I like to see more detail without having to click another link so I’ll just keep posting my run detail manually.

I wanted to get out for a short run today but still wanted it to be challenging so I ran the ‘hilly’ route again…but this time I did two loops of the hills! What was I thinking!!?? Clearly I need to do this more often to strengthen my legs cuz they just about quit on the last hill – quite literally! I had to walk the last half of segment 6, my legs just couldn’t run uphill anymore!! But somehow they recovered nicely in segment 7 🙂

I think I’ll keep running this route at least one a week until I can conquer those hills.

3-29-2016 4-40-14 PM

I’ll be sewing again tonight and will share more tomorrow…ttfn!

Hills…on the treadmill

I skipped my long run this weekend (for no good reason) so I really needed to get my run in today. The weather here is pretty crappy – 39 with drizzle – and I’m a big sissy when the temps dip below 50 so I decided I would get up this morning and head to Anytime Fitness. As if on cue, that little voice in my head came up with about 1000 reasons not to go but I fought them all off. I reasoned with that little voice that I would just get dressed, go to the gym and if I only felt like walking on the treadmill that’s what I would do. Aha! that at least got me out the door!

Once at the gym I started my warm-up walk and decided that I would follow the same run/walk interval I did last week (5:30/1:00) and during the first run interval I decided I would add a little ‘hill’ work to the run by increasing the incline to 2.0 for the last 30 seconds of each run interval. It wasn’t terribly difficult but it added another layer to the workout which helped the time go by more quickly.

I actually covered another .48 if you count the warm-up and cool down 🙂


A break in the weather

Wow, what a beautiful morning today…64 degrees, 68% humidity…a girl could get used to this!!!

I had planned to do speed work yesterday but it just did not happen and I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ for it today either so I decided I would do some hill work again.  I picked a route that was a 1 mile loop and ran it three times.  There were a few small hills and one pretty steep hill that I wasn’t sure if I could repeat three times but I decided I’d give it a go.

The first time through didn’t feel too bad but I definitely had to walk after that steep hill.  I followed the same plan as last time, I could walk when needed just not on the hills.  When I picked up running again I tried to ‘hurry’ a little to keep my average down and it appears to have worked…on the first lap.

The second lap was a little slower since I took more walk breaks and by the final lap it was all I could do to get to the top of the hill without stopping – whew! I’m glad that’s over! LOL

I’m happy to see my overall pace was under 13 min/mile…that’s good considering the steep hill and all the walking!!


7.17.14 pace


This post will be a little short because we’re leaving for the beach in an hour and I still have to get cleaned up!

Since I’ve got a few weeks before my Half training starts I decided to borrow some training ideas from The Blog Runner and add a little ‘hill’ work to my runs.  Now just to be up front & honest, I hate hills…well maybe hate is a little too strong but I certainly don’t love them!  I decided my run today would be all about hills, I changed my route just to make sure I would hit more hills and some pretty ugly ones that I usually avoid at all costs.  My goal today was to run all the hills, I could walk any other time I needed but not the hills.  And to my utter shock and surprise – I did it!!!  My overall pace wasn’t too shabby either – wow!!


7.10.14 pace

My next run will be a long, slow day just to get some distance but I plan to add speed workouts next week…we’ll see how that goes!!