Making changes

I decided to make a change, actually its more of an addition, to my March Color Blocks quilt top. When you make the ‘Tri block’ you’re left with bonus HSTs; I already have some left over from February and I didn’t want to add to that. As I was scrolling through the FB group I happened upon a top another quilter made for March where she put her bonus HSTs into a border…. ah-ha!!!

I had to use quite a bit of math to get these borders to come out right – oy, not my strong suit. In the end they were about 1/8″ off but I made it work, LOL! I’ve got it basted with a pretty blue floral fabric and will start quilting on it today.

I’m going to use the suggested quilting motif Debby Brown included with the QAL – a loopy flower meander – here’s a sample of it on her finished quilt. I usually stick to neutral thread colors but this time I’m going to use blue thread for quilting, cuz why not!! 🙂

Regarding the Double Wedding Ring quilt I’m finishing for my friend… she ordered some pretty Henry Glass Prairie Vine in Teal and had it shipped to me. Unfortunately when it got here it’s a bit more blue than it appears online 😮 She’s not thrilled with it for the back…so she’s going to keep shopping!!


I’ve been continuing with my plan to walk 20 minutes a day – most days. It’s been a little chilly here (for Myrtle Beach) so instead of walking outside, two days this week I used YouTube to pull up a Leslie Sansone 20 min walk and did that!!

Nothing else much happening here…

Have a great rest of your weekend!! Stay safe and…

Still Playing Around

I’m still playing around with the design idea I started over two weeks ago. I made almost zero progress last week so I didn’t even bother posting. I found some motivation this week and moved things along.

The inspiration for this came from seeing posts with Mountain blocks – I wondered what it would look like if I sewed the cut strips end to end instead of into the mountain blocks.

I started with 9″ blocks cut from 12 FQs, paired them with blocks cut from silver gray yardage and got two 8.5″ HSTs from each set. I then cut 2.5″ strips changing the angle for each HST – there is very little waste.

I arranged the strips in a pleasing color order then on the second stack I moved the top strip to the bottom, on the third stack I moved the top two strips to the bottom and so on. From there I pulled a strip from each set to make a stack of 8, this made 9 stacks.

And here’s what I have so far! I have one more set of 9 stacks to piece then I’ll play with layout. I have no idea what to call this, any ideas???

I pulled out my Fall decorations yesterday and put a few things out…not really in the mood :-/ The temps dipped into the 60’s-70’s last week but they rebounded to muggy 80’s this week.

The French Open started today – I’ll be watching as I piece the strips sets. With the time difference in Paris, most matches will be finished by early afternoon Eastern time and then there’s Football!

That’s about all for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

Quilting update

I just realized I haven’t posted anything since 7/5…whoops! I can tell you that I have not been running (surprise, surprise!) but I have been sewing!

After I finished the Quilt for Pulse quilt, I got it in the mail…and the coolest thing happened! Alissa posted a picture on Instagram the next week and I actually spotted my quilt in her living room (upper right, circled in red)!! What are the odds of that 😉


Isn’t that just the coolest picture…so much hand-made love ❤

Once that quilt was finished I was left with a bunch of HST so I started putting them up on the design wall trying to figure out which layout I liked best…and landed on this one…it sure is bright!

HST quilt

I decided to do some swirls with echo and before I knew it, it was all quilted.

HST quilted

Since there was so much color on the top I went with a black and white butterfly print for the back.

HST backing

I had a teal solid left from the fat quarters used to make the border and it became the binding. Finished measurement 40″ square. No destination for this one yet…I’ll post it to FB to see if any friends would like to buy it.

HST completed

I also worked on some BOM & QAL blocks for Sugar Block club and The Splendid Sampler

Block 42 doneblock 43 done

July done

And last but not least…I’m almost done with the T-shirt quilt!! I got DH to help me baste it yesterday and I spent last night and today getting it quilted! Whew…my shoulders are exhausted!


I know these pictures have bad lighting but the quilting actually shows up better that way – go figure! The client chose the purple backing fabric from a few online choices I provided.IMG_3242

I finished cutting & piecing the binding so all that’s left is sewing it on…that will be tomorrow night! The shade/color is a little off in this binding picture but you can see the design in the fabric much better.


That’s about all I have for now…G’night!


Quilt for Pulse – update

As I mentioned before, I’m working on a charity quilt for the Orlando shooting victims, families or first responders (learn more here). I finished making the last heart tonight and couldn’t wait to lay them out…omg…isn’t it so pretty (what a shame it’s for such a somber reason)!


I know the lighting sucks and one of these days I’ll do something about it :-/

Here are a few other angles and the unintended bonus of making these hearts…HST’s!



I don’t know what I’m going to do with the HST’s yet…but I do have 2 extra hearts that I think I’ll incorporate into the backing.

That’s all for tonight…I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m closing down and going to bed early.

ttfn and…G’night!

Scrappy Jacob’s Ladder

Wow, 3 posts in one day…I think that’s a record for me.

I put the finishing touches on my scrappy project earlier today and just needed to share!

I started this project many months ago by making the 4-patches with my blue & yellow scraps…then set it aside to wait for the white & gray fabric I ordered. And when that came in…it all sat some more.

Last month I got around to making the white & gray HSTs needed to complete the pattern and pieced it all together. From there I decided on the backing fabric and finally got it basted. And…it sat for a little bit more while I contemplated how I wanted to quilt it. Several ideas came to mind but I just couldn’t decide…until last night…I ended up doing a large meander all over. That seems to be my default motif 😉

After the quilting was done, I cut the strips for binding and finished it off…Oh my, I just love that striped binding – it matches the blues and yellows on the front perfectly!!

Here are pictures I took outside today…the first two are in full sun, the others are from the front porch this morning while it was still overcast.

IMG_3159 v2IMG_3160 v2IMG_3149IMG_3150IMG_3152

HST Sampler done!

I put the finishing touches on the binding this evening and I’m calling this done (save for the label)!

I made this quilt following along with Amanda at 3and3quarters who started the QAL back in October. This is my second quilt made with Amanda – I just love her designs and her teaching style is easy to follow, never intimidating.

I purchased a layer cake of Michael Miller Happy Dots from Missouri Quilt Co and used Kona White from my stash for the background. When I was almost done making all the blocks I bought the backing and the binding fabric from She offers good quality fabric at very reasonable prices (as the name states).

I’m just so tickled with how this turned out!! I did free motion stippling in the blocks and used a straight stitch on the sashing and borders to create a frame for each block (thanks for that suggestion Amanda!). I decided to cut the binding on the bias to add a bit of movement on the edges…this was quite nerve wracking as it was my first time cutting & sewing with bias binding but I think it worked out very well.





Now I just need to decide if I’m keeping this one or offering it for sale…either way this definitely gives me confidence to pull out one of my unfinished ‘sandwiches’ and do more free motion quilting…weeeeee!

ttfn and…G’night

2016 Finish

I’ve already finished my first quilt this year 😉 I started it last weekend and I just couldn’t stop until it was finished.

I purchased a book of baby/crib size quilt patterns called “Fat Quarter Baby” from the Fat Quarter Shop – O.M.G! These quilts are just too stinkin cute!!!

I flipped through the pages about 100 times before deciding on which one I would make first – Andrew, was my choice. It’s a cute little whale shape repeated three times and I had just the right fabrics in my stash to make it…in fact I made it completely from stash fabric, backing and all! I had some blue & white dot fleece left over from another quilt which was the perfect size for this quilt and I used the left over fat quarter pieces to make a scrappy binding…win, win, win!

IMG_2914IMG_2919I quilted this using a Scallop stitch on my Pfaff and modified it as large as it would go to mimic the look of water…I Love It!!!IMG_2915(sorry about the poor lighting – I really must do something about that!)IMG_2917This quilt doesn’t have a home yet but I’m sure I’ll get some interest when I post it on FB.[2.25.16 Edit: Andrew the Whale quilt was sold to a friend in Maryland]

I’m still working on finishing the HST Sampler QAL from 3and3quarters. I’ve got it basted and it’s next in line for quilting. I think I’m going to try FMQ stippling on each of the blocks and leave the sashing alone…at least that’s my plan for now, I might feel differently once I get started :-p


Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!!


Mojo oh mojo…where did you go?

I’m not sure if it’s the time change or the weather change or something else altogether but I just can’t seem to find my running mojo. I haven’t run since Oct 31 when I put in a hard fought 3 miles – it wasn’t so hard from a physical perspective as it was the mental perspective. The whole time I was running I was cursing myself for not being more consistent and fighting back the gremlins that kept telling me it was ok to stop at 1 or 2 miles. Ugh…why does my brain do this?

Every day since then I’ve been trying to pep-talk myself into a run but it just hasn’t worked…the gremlins have won. About two weeks ago I re-joined Weight Watchers, after a 3 year hiatus, and I’ve been making better food choices but I haven’t fully committed to that either. I’ve been trying to focus on “why” I want to lose weight and be more active but that hasn’t resulted in finding my mojo. Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂


On a brighter note, I’ve been getting caught up on some of my sewing/quilting projects. I finished and mailed the Christmas Tree table runner and I’ve gotten caught up on the HST Sampler QAL from Amanda at 3and3quaters. There are nine blocks planned in the series…here are my first 6:







I chose to use a Michael Miller layer cake called “Happy Dots” and I really love how fun and pretty the fabrics are…the only issue is I don’t have enough of each color/print to make some of the blocks because there were only a few duplicates in the stack. I’m going to have to check my stash for some other dot fabric, if I don’t have any I guess I’ll just have to buy more!!

That’s about all for now…as I said above, if you have any suggestions to spark my running mojo I’d LOVE to hear it.

Finished Object and new beginning

For the last month I’ve been working on my first commissioned quilt – a friend asked me to make a baby blanket with the name appliqued. This was the first time someone paid me and the first time I tried applique. Of course I was very nervous since this would be going out as a gift for new parents and I wanted it to be just right (not perfect, cuz we all know that just aint gonna happen!)

I put the finishing touches on it Tuesday night and I mailed it off yesterday. The finished measurements are a little big for a baby blanket (39×60) but it will allow her to grow into it 😉 Overall I’m very happy with how it turned out 😀





DH has been reminding me that I’ve made several blankets over the last six months but none for my own grandsons. I told him that I wanted to ‘practice’ on these other quilts before I made theirs…so, now it’s time.

While at Hobby Lobby last week I picked up fabrics to make two quilts…for Grandson #1 I got Thomas the Train and for Grandson #2 I got Planes. I also bought some red fabric with a Mickey Mouse silhouette and some basic white fabric. I wasn’t sure what patterns I wanted to use so off to Pinterest I went to browse. I found a block called ‘friendship star‘ and thought that was a nice vibe so I started making blocks last week for Grandson #1.


After I made the first block I wasn’t sure what it would look like once I put all of them together…it’s looking rather patriotic, which isn’t a bad thing – just not what I was going for. Anyway, I charged on and last night I finished up the rest of the blocks. They measure 12.5″ each so when I put them all together I’ll have a top that measures 36×48. That’s a good size but now that I’ve got them all laid out on my ‘design bed’ I think it needs a border…and DH agrees.


When I step back from all this I can see many other patterns emerging…sometimes I like that and other times I’m not really sure about it. However, I’ll continue on with my original plan because it all usually works out in the end (at least that’s been my limited experience). These pictures don’t really do it justice – these colors are quite bright – so a solid blue border should calm it down and bring some order to it all. I also need to figure out what I’m going to do for backing…I always fail to plan for that in advance – so while I’m at HL for border fabric I’ll see what strikes me for backing.

Now that those blocks are done I need to start thinking about a pattern for Grandson #2. I don’t want to use the exact same pattern but I’ve already cut the red & white fabric into 4.5″ squares to make HST so I need to keep with that thought or decide to use them in another way…back to Pinterest I go!



I haven’t been running this week…it’s just been too hot. The temps in the morning have been in the mid to upper 70’s with really high humidity so I’ve just decided I’ll wait until the weekend to run. A couple of days off won’t hurt 😉


May BOM challenges

I’m finally caught up on the blocks I needed to make for the two Block of the Month challenges I’m following.

First is from Tinkerbellknits called Box Kite. This one was a little easier for me, maybe because I’ve got more experience now with HST…but I’m not getting cocky, cuz those things are still very tricky and they can get out of shape very easily! I did a little better job matching seams this time too…yippee!


Next BOM is from countrycouponlady who I found on YouTube but I’ve been getting the blocks through Instagram as she’s a little behind posting them on her channel. Her May block was a little more challenging because there were so many pieces and seams but I think I did OK. I don’t know the name of this block so if you recognize it please let me know.

May w flash

I’m still working on the quilting from the quilt along with 3and3quarters but I’ve chosen a more elaborate design so it’s taking me a little longer. I plan to share updates this weekend.

That’s all for now…