Week 7 Day 3

I procrastinated my run until late this afternoon and boy did I pay for it. Yes, the humidity got me again!!

I had to work today and instead of ‘stealing’ time this morning for my run I put it off until 4pm. The skies have been threatening rain all day but nothing really developed. I checked the radar before heading out and it looked like there was a good hour before anything would be close…ha!

I loaded up the modified interval that equals the total time for Week 7 Day 3 and off I went. I could tell from the first run segment it was going to be rough…I just couldn’t seem to catch my breath and get into any rhythm…grrrr!

I got through run segment three and had to start taking walk breaks after 2 mins. I was just finishing run segment 5 (of 6) when the skies decided to open up. Luckily I was only a block from home so I cut my run short instead of getting my new(ish) shoes soaking wet.

The timing is a little off between my Garmin and the app but that’s because I couldn’t get the app to shut off, so I just let it run until I was inside.

12.28.15 garmin

12.28.15 rd

According to the Weather Channel we’re supposed to finally have a seasonal cool down this weekend…

12-28-2015 8-14-39 PM

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I can’t wait! I’d rather run in the cold instead of this humidity…Ok, that’s enough crying :-p


Battling humidity

I usually complain about humidity all summer long…never thought I’d be complaining about it in December but here I go:

Ugh, I can’t believe how humid it’s been these last few days – we’re in some tropical jet stream here in the Carolinas and although I’m loving the warmer temps I’m not loving the humidity that’s come with them.

Staying with the Zero to 10K program I needed to get in Week 7 which calls for 4 x 8 min run-2 min walk segments. Since my comfortable run segment time seems to be limited to 5 mins, I altered Week 7 to be 6 x 5 min run-2 min walk with an extra 2 min run at the end.

I got out there on Christmas Eve in the early afternoon and boy was it rough – it felt like I was running under water!! I didn’t look at the humidity percentage but I’m sure it was near 100 between the rain/thunderstorms. I found a break in the rain and was able to fit in my workout with only a few showers…near the end I was praying for a down pour but of course that doesn’t happen when you really want it to.

My average pace suffered a bit with the humidity and I found I was pretty much drained by the end of the workout – but I got it done and that’s what really counts.

12.24.15 c25k12.24.15 garmin

We went over one of my running buddy’s house after Christmas Eve services and I had a few drinks and appetizers. Service was at 6 and unfortunately we didn’t plan well so we didn’t have any dinner that night…I guess that helps offset the calories I ate and drank at her house, LOL.


Week 7, Day 2

I decided to get out this morning for my run hoping it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable but at 9:30 am it was still pretty darn humid! I altered the program again to 6 x 5 min run/2 min walk and I got through it much better today 🙂

12.26.15 weather

12.26.15 rd12.26.15 garmin

Dog Gone Cute & more

I finished up the Dog Gone Cute quilt last night…those doggie faces are just too stinkin’ cute!!!

4pic finished I posted it on my FB page yesterday offering this “litter” up to a good home for only $30, and by morning I had a taker! Yay! I love knowing my quilts are going to be used & loved 😀


Week 5, Day 3

Instead of following the W5D3 workout, I planned to do a longer 4 mile run alternating 5 min run and 2 min walk. I had no idea it was going to be so warm today – by the time I got out the door at 10:30 am it was already in the low 60’s with 100% humidity!! What the…?

I did pretty good for the first 3 run segments but I just couldn’t get my breathing to fall into rhythm. From the 4th run segment on I changed the interval to run 2 min, walk 1, run 2. I started getting overheated near the end so I was really happy to be done!

12.12.15 c25k

12.12.15 Garmin


I played around in the sewing room this afternoon and made this pinwheel pillow sham for the living room…I seem to have a ‘thing’ for dogs lately! Now I just need to make 4 more for the rest of the pillows!

Christmas Dogs pinwheel pillow sham

That’s about all for now…

A little run

I mentioned in my post last night that I was going to try to get a 4 mile run in today…WTH was I thinking!? I haven’t run that far in weeks so I must’ve been pretty tired when I posted that…lol!

I did go out for a short run this morning using 2:2 (run/walk) intervals; it was extra soupy humid and I was DONE after 30 minutes. The 2:2 intervals seems to be a good combination for me – just as I’m getting overheated it’s time to walk. My average pace wasn’t too bad but I really wasn’t trying to go at any certain pace, just whatever was comfortable. The last .25 segment pace looks really good but it was all downhill 🙂

7.18.15 garmin


The rest of the day will be spent in my sewing room working on Block 3 in the Cozy Afternoon series. I’m getting a little better at applique so I would say this effort is paying off.



I just realized I haven’t posted since last Sunday…lots of updates to share.

I’ve gotten in two runs this week – it’s been so dang hot & humid that I only ran once during the week and our ‘long run’ this weekend was only 3.25 miles. Not much else to say except I was taking it easy so I wouldn’t get overheated…but that happened anyway 😦  Here are the stats:

Wed 6/17:

6.17.15 garmin

Sat 6/20: 

You can see that I walked a good part of mile 3…ugh!



One the sewing front, I made another pouch and I’m almost done with the baby quilt for Ashlyn. The pouch was for a friend who asked if I would make her one…I said “Sure!”. Her favorite color is blue so I pulled a fat quarter from my June shipment (which just happened to be blues/aquas) and some starlight blue from my stash and made her this:

JoJo outside JoJo inside

I even zigzag stitched the seams to make it look more professional 😉

Speaking of the June FQ shipment…aren’t these fabrics just gorgeous!!

June Fabric shipment

Last but certainly not least, I’ve been making great progress on the baby quilt. I finished appliqueing the name, I sandwiched and quilted it (straight lines) and I’m almost done putting on the binding…whew!

before binding


This is my hand-me-down Singer (she still works great), does anyone else put their binding roll on the extra spindle while sewing it to the quilt? I can’t claim the idea but I don’t recall where I saw it…it works great! It keeps the roll neatly out of the way and I just give it a gentle tug as I move along.

I’m hoping to get the binding turned and sewn down (stitching through the top seam) tonight…we’ll see. I’ve already got the label printed; I plan to stitch it in the corner while I’m sewing down the binding…we’ll see if I can do all that at the same time! LOL

That’s about it…ttfn…

Same focus, different day

My focus continues on running and sewing…I took a little break from the baby quilt I’m making and whipped up another 1 hour basket – I think I’m procrastinating the applique step for the letters and flowers!

First up, I got in a 3 mile run yesterday – oh man, it was a soupy, humid, overcast morning but I didn’t let that stop me. I got out the door at 7:30, a little earlier than I had been, and I was able to finish just as the sun was popping through the clouds. I’ve stopped using the C25K app for GPS tracking and only using it for the 3:1 interval cues (it’s been taking forever to find a satellite and it keeps adding extra tenths to my distance); I have my Garmin for distance and time tracking.

I had a banana and a GU packet before I left the house, figured I would need a little extra energy with the mucky weather. I started the 165bpm music, the Garmin and the app…and away I went. The first two miles weren’t too awful, in fact I was able to keep with the 3:1 intervals pretty closely. The last mile was a bit tougher – I was close to the house and thought about just ending the run at two miles…but I told myself that I could finish 3 miles even if I had to walk the last one. I finished it using 2:2 intervals…so not too bad.

6.9.15 garmin

This is actually my best overall time for 3 miles since January…WIN!


Now on to sewing – I did finally iron the letters and flowers to the baby quilt, it doesn’t look like there is much difference but trust me they are ironed on!


Now the next (daunting) step is to applique them on. I’ve decided to use my machine to do the stitching so I whipped up a ‘test’ piece last night just to see how I would do…um, I think I need a little more practice. I didn’t take a picture of the test piece but it wasn’t a total fail…just not as pretty as I’d like so I think I’ll do some more testing tonight. The problem is my machine is pretty old and the only speed control I have is the foot pedal (or manually turning the wheel). It’s ok when I’m on a straight section but when I need to do just a few stitches it’s hard to not go too far on the pedal. Practice will help.

While I was stewing about the applique I decided to make another 1 hour basket. This time it did only take about an hour…woohoo! I pulled out some animal prints & the In-R-Form plus and away I went. I remembered almost the whole pattern but double checked myself so I would make the right size this time!

Measures 9" wide x 7" tall
Measures 9″ wide x 7″ tall

Inside tiger print

Stuffed full of fabric goodies
Stuffed full of fabric goodies

I think I actually like the first basket better…it was about 1/2″ shorter in height and seems to be a better size for all the fat quarters I have. I guess I’ll just have to make another one that size to make a final decision 😉


I’m still running

I’ve missed posting for the last two weeks, not because I haven’t been running but because I just haven’t sat down long enough to pull it all together. I won’t bore you with all the weekday runs as they’re just normal stuff, but I want to share the last two ‘long runs’ from the weekends.

September 13 – Hit the Brixx 10K

As a part of the Half Marathon training we signed up for a few races, last week was a 10K. After running 9 miles the week before the thought of 6.2 miles was refreshing – that is until mother nature decided to turn up the humidity again, UGH!

Before I get into the running details I have say that I was quite disappointed at the organizers of the race – typically Run For Your Life does a better job. Believe it or not we had a difficult time finding the starting line (huh?) and once we were there we couldn’t spot anyone that was controlling the start. The start time was supposed to be 7:45 but the sea of people started to move around 7:30 however we quickly realized they were just moving everyone to the actual starting line. About 7:50 the sea of people started to move again and this time it was the actual start…there was no gun firing or anyone with a megaphone…it was just really different from many other races I’ve run. The other issue I had was that the last 2 miles of the race was not marked very clearly, many times I wasn’t sure which way to go but because I could see other runners ahead of me I just followed them. The last complaint was getting out of the parking garage – we sat for almost 40 minutes even though everyone had validated parking. After all that, I don’t think I’ll be signing up for that race again.

Now on to the actual running. As I stated the humidity was just unbearable, it felt like I was running in soup. I ran out of ‘steam’ after 4 miles and took several walk breaks before finishing strong the last .25 mile. At mile 4 I had to stop and stretch because my glutes felt like the were cramping up on me; I had water with me and there were two water stations during the race so not sure what was going on with my glutes :-s


9.13.14 pace

September 20 – 10 mile training run

After the issues I had at the end of the 9 mile run I was a little apprehensive about doing 10 miles. The one major difference today was the weather – thankfully the temps have dropped and so has the humidity – YAY! The temps this morning were in the mid 60’s with little humidity – what a blessing!

We met up at the same location and ran the same route as before since we knew it actually covered 10 miles. I did pretty good until 5 miles, then I started taking a few extra walk breaks. At the beginning of mile 9, mother nature called and thankfully there was a Bojangles right there for a pit stop (I figure that added about 5 minutes to my overall time; I didn’t stop the Garmin because I wasn’t sure how to resume it… so mile 9 stats look pretty bad). After the pit stop I got a second wind and finished the last two miles pretty strong; in fact my legs felt pretty good and I knew that I could’ve done a few more miles – that’s a great sign!!

During the 9 mile run I stashed a bottle of water at the turn around point but this time I tried something new. I had read several articles that having chills during a run on a hot day signals early signs of heat exhaustion (whoa!) so I wanted to make sure I was refueling my electrolytes. I found tablets called “Camelback Elixir” which when mixed with 16 oz water provides all the electrolytes needed. I mixed that up the night before and stashed that bottle at the turn around…I wonder if that had something to do with my second wind?

The first stats below are from the C25K app – I was able to pause it during my ‘pit stop’ so the overall time should be pretty accurate. It’s encouraging to see my overall pace under 14 min/mi…woohoo!

9.20.14 c25k



9.20.14 pace



Holiday Runs

Even though it’s a holiday weekend I still completed my training runs…yay!

August 30: Planned workout 5 miles alternating 5 min run/1 min walk

Unfortunately the hot, humid weather didn’t take a holiday…ugh! I met up with two running buddies and we went to the path that runs along the Catawba River; at least it was mostly shaded at 8am. The humidity was thick and I could literally see it hoovering above the water. I paced myself pretty well trying to stay between 12:30-13:00 min/mile except for the couple extra walk breaks in miles 4 & 5. I forgot to start my Garmin right at the beginning so I had to run an extra .2 to hit 5 miles – it’s the OCD in me!!


8.30.14 pace


September 1: Planned workout 35 minutes alternating 6 min run/1 min walk

The humidity just won’t seem to let go of us and I  couldn’t muster the mental fortitude to run outside this morning so I went to Anytime Fitness. This weather is one of the main reasons I have the membership! After a 5 min warm up, I set the treadmill at 4.8 and started the workout; I slowed to 4.0 during the walk segments.  When I had completed 35 mins I was close to 3 miles that I kept going – again, the OCD in me!!

9.1.14 mmr

Groundhog day?

Today’s run was a repeat of Monday’s – 36 min alternating 5 min run, 1 min walk.  Unfortunately, today’s weather was a repeat of Monday as well…72 degrees, 100% humidity…geesh!

I donned my Garmin, set the RunDouble app on my phone for the interval cues, started my music and I was off.  I mapped a little bit different route today so I would have a few more hills…cuz I need to get better at hills!  Today luck was on my side because both times on the same hill I hit a 1 min walk segment…whew!  It didn’t get me all the way to the top but I got enough of a break that I could keep on going.

I had one issue at the beginning, I forgot to start my Garmin on the first run interval so I started it on the first walk interval.  Because of this I’m using the RunDouble stats in this post as it reflects the entire run.  With the additional hills and an extra walk break in segment 3, my average pace was still below 12 min/mi!  Wow… I really feel like I’m making good progress.    🙂

8.6.14 rundouble

The weekend forecast shows a drop in temps (high 75) and a drop in humidity…I sure hope they’re right!!

Hello again Humidity

I feel like a broken record going on and on about the humidity but other than the short break we got over the weekend, it’s just been brutal this year!  I went out this morning for the prescribed 36 minute run and I could feel how difficult it was trying to breath…of course I knew the humidity was up but Garmin says it was 100% again, ugh!

The plan today: alternate 5 min run and 1 min walk x 6 = 36 minutes.  I had gotten used to the 4/2 split and wasn’t sure if 1 min was going to be enough to catch my breath before starting to run again.  I was OK until the 5th and 6th segment (mile 3), about half way through on each one I had to walk for about 30 seconds.  Even with the extra walk breaks I still clocked a faster overall pace than any of the previous workouts!!  Woohoo!  Take that, humidity!!


8.4.14 pace elevation