Using my tools

I’m plugging away making all those houses for the Village quilt…after I had made several dozen it dawned on me that I had tools I wasn’t using – ‘Doh!

While I was constructing each house I would finger press the pieces until I attached the roof – then I set it aside. After I had a dozen houses I would get up from the sewing machine and take them to the ironing board to press. This got old pretty fast and I was losing motivation to continue…then it dawned on me…

Last year I bought a mini iron from Amazon when they had a really good sale and I had never even turned it on (smh!) – I also bought a wool pressing mat (which I’ve used several times). I put the wool mat beside my sewing machine and now I can press as I go without getting up – Eureka!!

That little iron is amazing – I’m not an affiliate, I’m just impressed! It gets really hot and sets the seams very well. It also has ability for steam but I’m not using that. If you’re sewing small pieces, having a setup like this is a real time saver and my blocks look really good too!

I’ve worked on the houses each day…here are the shots I’ve been posting to Instagram

All the color block houses are done (according to my scrap bin colors) so I spent yesterday cutting the pieces for the two dozen scrappy color houses and I put a few together last night (sorry for the bad lighting!)

Once the rest are made I’ll start putting the groups together according to the pattern. I’ve already cut the necessary sashing pieces so I’m all set!


In other news…it looks like Hurricane Isaias is going to be heading right towards Myrtle Beach – UGH!! As if 2020 isn’t already stressful enough, now this 😦 Thankfully we live about 7 miles in from the coast so we won’t see any storm surge but we’re expected to get 4-5″ of rain within a few hours time. We didn’t have any flooding issues last year with Hurricane Dorian so I’m hoping we fare just as well this time!


I haven’t written much about Sammie lately – thankfully she’s still doing well. She’s taking daily chemo pills and that seems to have stalled the lymphoma. She also takes a prednisone pill every other day which makes her body temperature run warmer than normal. She doesn’t run or play as much as she used to because she gets hot but she still gets around just fine. The only other issue she’s having are these bump/warts that are popping up all over her body.

I’m not sure what the official name is for these but the poor baby has them all over, luckily they don’t seem to bother her… except for the one on her back right paw.

The Vet looked at it last month and said due to her age and the lymphoma they don’t recommend putting her under anesthesia to remove it (or any of the others) so she suggested cryotherapy – freezing it. We did that and it got a little better but still bugged her so we went back Friday and had it done again. I’m hoping it will shrink to the point it won’t bother her anymore, finger crossed!!


That’s about all that’s been going on around here…have a great rest of your weekend!

Weathering the storm

I live about 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC and for the past week we’ve been preparing for the effects of Hurricane Florence. This storm was traveling so slow it felt like it was never going to happen but Friday the winds started to arrive and yesterday we got heavy rain on and off. Last night the winds picked up a bit and we got even more rain…which is supposed to continue for the rest of today. We’re fortunate enough to live on very high ground so flooding won’t be an issue; rather we’re more worried about falling trees and losing power – so far, so good.

Of course I spent most of the time in my sewing room trying to keep myself occupied from my worries and I’ve got another small finish. I started this tumbler quilt several weeks ago when I finally broke down and bought the Accuquilt Tumbler die, I wrote about it here.

I’ve got about 4 quilts waiting to be basted but between the hot, humid weather and now this storm I just can’t get outside to use the spray basting…and I refuse to get down on the floor to pin baste! This tumbler quilt was the perfect size to glue baste on my ironing board so that’s what I worked on!

Here it is after I finished the quilting. I didn’t initially plan to quilt it so much but once I got started with the swirls I just kept going.


And a little close up


The backing is a flannel I picked up in Myrtle Beach earlier this year…I have to say, this made the FMQ a bit difficult because the backing would ‘grab’ or ‘stick’ to my sewing table/tray from time to time; it was the weirdest thing!


And here it is all trimmed and bound – I stepped out on the front porch to snap a picture with natural light; it finished 34×43.



That’s all for this week…once the weather clears I’ll be focused on getting four quilts basted so I can get some quilting done. My first priority is the receiving blanket quilt for my great niece.

Have a happy day wherever you are!