5 miles – check!

The 10K training program I’m following called for 4.5  mile long, slow run yesterday.  I had a ‘run date’ with two ladies from the RFG group and they planned to run 5 miles, so I did too!

It was a great morning to run, mid 60’s and low humidity however most of the route was in full sun which made it feel much warmer.  As we started the run I tried to pace myself better at the beginning so I wouldn’t feel so ’empty’ at the end.  I had plans to run the first two miles without walking but I didn’t quite make it, I slowed for a walk around 1.8.  I slowed for another walk shortly after the halfway mark, around 2.75.  Once we got past mile 3, then came the hills – ugh!  I kept telling myself that I really need to do some hills training so it isn’t this difficult to keep going, thankfully having running partners pushed me but I still had to take few more walk breaks before we were finished.  I did feel better at the end – not so exhausted – so I must be getting better!

I’m still trying to figure out how to train so I can maintain a similar pace from beginning to end…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated  🙂



I’m looking at running my next 10K on July 4th…maybe I can get my ‘run dates’ to join me!